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Tribune-Star/Joseph C. GarzaBright-eyed boy: When he was a newborn, Clayton Gard, now two-years-old, was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, Sodium Channel Neuropathy 8A (SCN8A), then known to exist in only about 100 people worldwide. Here, Clayton plays in the front room of his family's ...

Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General Robert Gard Jr. testified that the system had an inability to discriminate an incoming warhead from debris created by a partial interception, noting that “radar and infrared are simply incapable” of a high level of discrimination. Despite that, the senate voted unanimously ...
As Robert Gard Jr. tells Burns and Novick in an interview, “If body count is your measure of success, then there's a tendency to count every body as an ... In maybe the most egregious example, body count enthusiast Major General Julian Ewell, commanding Operation Speedy Express, led a 9th Division ...
General John R. Allen, USMC (Retired) General Robert W. Sennewald, USA (Retired) Vice Admiral Donald Arthur, USN (Retired) Lieutenant General Robert Gard, USA (Retired) Lieutenant General Walter Gaskin, USMC (Retired) Vice Admiral Kevin P. Green, USN (Retired) Lieutenant General Arlen D.
Despite the wishes of two key Congressmen, more nuclear weapons in Eastern Europe is a bad idea. You may have missed it, but last month two key members of Congress asked the military to move additional U.S. nuclear weapons and dual-capable aircraft into Eastern Europe. Reps. Mike Rogers, R-Ala.
As Lt. General James Kowalski, Vice Commander of the U.S. Strategic Command, stated in 2013, a Russian nuclear attack on the United States is such “a ... As Gen. Mark A. Welsh III, Air Force Chief of Staff, explains: “[t]he cost of modernizing the nuclear infrastructure is not small. So I think that will lead to a ...
... patrol in Baghdad's Adhamiya district, on April 18, 2013. By Robert Gard Read bio. July 14, 2014 ... During a press conference on July 3, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Staff Martin Dempsey stated that “political inclusiveness” in the Iraqi ... Lt. General (USA, Ret.) Robert G. Gard is senior military fellow at the Center for Arms ...
It is difficult to understand why the U.S. administration is willing to negotiate with Iran on its nuclear program but not with North Korea. Lt. General Robert Gard (USA ret.) is chairman of the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, a combat veteran of the Korean War and the former president of National ...
A strong U.S. military is indispensable to our national security. As retired military officers, we have dedicated our careers, on active duty and retired, to that end. We have been involved in crafting and teaching national security strategy, of which military strategy and use of military force are vital components.


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