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updated Fri. May 13, 2022

Her grandfather, Richard Cody, served as master of ceremonies for a past Beaux Arts Ball, and her great-grandfather, the late Willard Cody, was master of ceremonies ... Patron and general tickets for the Art Association's major fundraiser will be available at the JHS Bowl prior to the coronation on April 28.

Patron and general tickets for the Beaux Arts Ball will be available at the JHS Bowl prior to the coronation, which will begin at 7 p.m. April 28. The traditional reception for participants will immediately follow the coronation at The David Strawn Art Gallery. Dancing will follow the reception, continuing until ...
A 21-year-old Michigan man shot himself in a successful suicide just moments after accidentally shooting his best friend to death, police said. Zachary Woodcock was celebrating his 21st birthday in Merrill when he shot his best friend Richard Cody Skillman, also 21, in the chest while playing with a gun.
The Third Annual McKeon Leadership Forum will be held at the Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center, located on the college's Valencia campus, at 6:30 p.m.. The keynote presentation by Cody is titled, “21st Century Geo-Political-Military Challenges and Leadership.” “General Cody was a strong leader in ...
UNICOI COUNTY, TN (WJHL)- A man at the center of a multi-week crime spree that terrorized several communities is now in police custody. Unicoi County's Chief Deputy Frank Rogers said they arrested Richard Cody Powers in Erwin Monday after working around the clock for weeks to track him down.
“This is our 247th home we've built across the country for soldiers, airmen, Marines - to be able to give them the freedom back that they fought so hard for us,” says Richard Cody, a retired general. “But more importantly it gives them an opportunity to rebuild their lives.” When the couple received their keys ...
As retired Army General Richard Cody, a vice president at L-3 Communications, the seventh-largest U.S. defense contractor, explained to shareholders in December 2015, the industry faces a historic opportunity: following the end of the Cold War, peace had “pretty much broken out all over the world,” with ...
Gen. Cody, then the commanding general of the 101st and Fort Campbell, allowed me to accompany him and area government leaders to Kosovo to visit with Soldiers on a peacekeeping mission. Following the trip, the general, obviously pleased with my stories and photographs, presented me with a ...


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