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updated Tue. November 28, 2023

“We need your support and your understanding because these are trying times for us. “It is because there is Nigeria that we have a Guild and that we are seated here peacefully to perform this ceremony,'' he said. Mohammed said that the President Muhammadu Buhari led administration was on course and ...

Trachtenberg also claimed the 2002 AUMF authorized the U.S. to “to assist the government of Iraq both in the fight against ISIS, and in stabilizing Iraq following the destruction of ISIS's so-called caliphate.” Such goals are outright nation-building efforts and have not been authorized by any congressional ...
"We have countless women who continue to amaze us by doing incredible things in their “We have countless women who continue to amaze us by doing incredible things in their respective field. our women today occupy major roles in various industry sectors. they continue to rise up and show the world ...
The United States appears ready and all too eager to bind its fate to one uncontrolled actor in a complex civil war without understanding how the other actors will respond. Russia has blasted the U.S. effort to establish a local Kurdish authority in eastern Syria, and believes Washington's ultimate aim in Syria ...
U.S. nation-building in the Syrian territory it has “quietly built up” a presence will complicate the ongoing proxy war in Syria and could prolong the search for a lasting peace agreement, according to a piece by Kareem Shaheen, a Middle East reporter for The Guardian. The United States has deployed ...
(One denizen of the fever swamps assures us the attack was for the purpose of killing Americans and was approved personally by Russian President Vladimir Putin!) So, naturally, in “self-defense,” American planes and artillery struck the “advancing aggressor force,” killing dozens, perhaps hundreds, ...
Gen. Michael Hayden is a retired four-star Air Force general who served as Director of the National Security Agency and head of the CIA under Presidents Bush and Obama. Hayden spoke yesterday at the opening session of the National Grocers Association convention in Las Vegas. His 45-minute speech ...
"Perhaps it is the food, the culture and the laughter that unite us in festive celebrations like the New Year," he said. "But I believe it has been ingrained in us since independence. We live harmoniously as one regardless of race and creed. It has become a way of life and this bond between us is what I believe ...
Obama, according to this thesis, had a penchant for nation building at home as opposed to nation building abroad, was skeptical of the value of U.S. alliances (“free riders aggravate me”), and showed a disdain for the advice of the foreign-policy establishment — all impulses that Trump has, in various ways, ...


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