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 Israel policy of the George W. Bush administration

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updated Sat. January 20, 2024

If Israel could not find the political wherewithal to finish the barrier around Ariel during the Bush administration, why would it do so now? Furthermore, why would the Palestinian Authority assume control over hitherto ungovernable areas of East Jerusalem without guarantees of future independence?

Israel's policy was to maintain the status quo, but this status quo was intolerable to the Arabs. .... Prominent in this camp are senior officials in the George W Bush administration like Elliott Abrams, the more hawkish parts of AIPAC, the American Enterprise Institute, the Weekly Standard, Commentary, and the ...
... figures on the far right: John Bolton, a neoconservative who promoted the invasion of Iraq as a member of the George W. Bush administration; Dore Gold, a close ally of Israeli ... The one marginally oppositional voice was that of Michael Koplow of the Israel Policy Forum – a liberal Zionist organization.
In his September 17 speech to the UN General Assembly, Netanyahu declared, “Israel's policy toward the nuclear deal with Iran is very simple: ... Although the Middle East is very different today than during the George W. Bush administration, some parallels can be found in comparing Trump's policy toward ...
An individual who can help understand the nuanced way that these different communities approach everything from Israel policy to the charitable tax deduction is extremely helpful. Equally as important is that diverse strands of the American Jewish community have an individual in the White House who is ...
One of the most striking aspects of U.S. President Donald Trump's first months in office has been his focus on solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Trump has often referred to a peace agreement between the two antagonists as the “ultimate deal,” and so far he has put as much time and effort into getting ...
As the visit approaches, Trumps Israel policy remains a mystery to many, including the top ranks in both Jerusalem and Ramallah. Lacking a clear and .... McMasters deputy is Dina Powell, a former Bush administration official who was born in Egypt and is fluent in Arabic. Shes considered close to Trumps ...
The appointment of David Friedman might be seen as a honeymoon in Jerusalem, but it's a bold divorce from decades of U.S.-Israel policy. By Aaron ... The Bush administration dismantled the special Middle East coordinator's office; I was given a new title — advisor on Arab-Israeli negotiations. The only ...


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