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updated Fri. December 29, 2023

So, development, alongside diplomacy and defense, I think, was an early Bush doctrine. Whatever you feel about the war in Iraq, [the HIV/AIDs fight] is a monumental achievement by the people of the United States. It is akin, honestly, to the heroism of Omaha Beach or the intervention in the Second World ...

Notorious "neocon" Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard, once hated for promoting the Bush Doctrine in Afghanistan and Iraq, is now a liberal darling for leading the #NeverTrump movement. Mitt Romney, once smeared by Democrats as a misogynist with "binders full of women," is now the responsible GOP ...
However, the Bush Doctrine proved to be a disaster for both Iraq and the United States. As National Security Advisor, Bolton will once again advocate a preventive attack, this time against North Korea. In a September 3, 2017, Fox News interview, Bolton declared that the only option left to address the North ...
The 11-S was seen by many of its lead actors as the opportunity to implement this magnificent project and update the democracy promotion agenda – established in the Bush Doctrine of 2002 –in terms of clash of civilizations. This was a war of almost biblical proportions in which the Arab-Muslim world, with ...
However, the changing war aims in Afghanistan, the super weak and dubious pretext for Afghanistan invasion, the illegal and inhuman Guantanamo Bay imprisonment and the refusal to obey the imperial nation's orders receives the following treatment from Coll: “Under the emerging Bush doctrine, Omar's ...
Michael Flanagan: I think foreign policy from this administration is still going to be very much about Trump. You're going to have a great deal of difficulties finding a Bush doctrine, a Reagan doctrine or a Clinton doctrine inside of this foreign policy. It is very personally driven and he needs assistance, helpers ...
“You are with us, or you are against us,” was part of the Bush Doctrine. I would not call Democrat Barack Obama's policy of killing adversaries with cruise missiles a dovish act. Democrat Bill Clinton correctly engaged the USA in military action in the former Yugoslavia, putting an end to Serbian aggression in ...
They still believed that the legal rationale behind the Bush doctrine was solid. And this was a view that was held by both Bush and Obama administration lawyers. As John Bellinger III, the Legal Adviser to the National Security Council at the White House (2001-2005), and the Legal Adviser to the State ...


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