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updated Wed. May 15, 2024

More and more these days, the focus of the White House seems to be on foreign policy. President Trump has had a mixed record on his domestic agenda, but like many of his predecessors, going abroad lets him act as more of a free agent. We may about to see more of this, so let's “brunch” on that this ...

I also can't see Trump skillfully managing tectonic geopolitical change the way George H.W. Bush handled the fall of the Berlin Wall. Bush 41 knew that it was important to lay the groundwork so that Russia and its former satellites could prosper in the post-communist era. Trump's foreign policy is based on ...
The two leaders discussed a number of foreign policy issues, including the Iran nuclear deal. ... This photo featuring four former presidents -- Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush -- along with first lady Melania Trump and former first ladies Michelle Obama, Laura Bush and ...
What if I told you that you could talk with and learn from some of the brightest minds in foreign policy, including two recipients of the Presidential ... He chose to put country before politics when he` decided to forgo investigations of President Reagan and President George H.W. Bush in the Iran-Contra Affair.
Why was George H.W. Bush's generation -- who fought and won World War II, when wars ended in victory and not in quagmire; who went into politics to ... Russia through the fall of the Soviet Union, Bush and his team were planning to codify their tactics and morals of foreign policy into rules for the future.
... a habit of saying, 'all options are on the table,'” The country's foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, said in an interviews on CBS's “Face the Nation” Sunday. The Iran nuclear deal was President Barack Obama's signature foreign policy achievement and is therefore, not surprisingly, reviled by Trump.
Barbara Bush funeral: George H.W. Bush wears special socks in literacy campaign tribute ... HOUSTON — Former President George H.W. Bush is known for wearing festive socks. He wore ..... “The President deserves to have a Secretary of State that agrees with him or her, in general, on a foreign policy direction,” said Sen.
WASHINGTON — Well, it's not quite Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen or Sean Hannity, but there is plenty of Trump-related drama on foreign affairs ahead of this afternoon's joint news conference featuring President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in ...
I try to imagine Trump doing something like that, and I can't. I also can't see Trump skillfully managing tectonic geopolitical change the way George H.W. Bush handled the fall of the Berlin Wall. Trump's foreign policy is based on "America first" selfishness and whether foreign leaders flatter him or not.
Former US President George H W Bush is in a hospital intensive care unit with an infection, a week after the death of his wife, Barbara. In a statement, a ... His term in office between 1989 and 1993 was defined by foreign policy, coming at a time when communism was collapsing in Eastern Europe. Mr Bush ...


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