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updated Fri. December 9, 2022

“So we do need to understand whether there is something bad going on at Cambridge University overall that will require a stronger action from us.” What's curious ... In a statement provided to TechCrunch yesterday, the University expressed surprise at Zuckerberg's remarks to the house. “We would be ...

The University of Wyoming is looking to expand some of its staff base again after budget cuts in 2016 and 2017 resulted in the loss of roughly 370 positions. ... The Laramie Boomerang reports that while the university doesn't plan on replacing the positions lost through vacancy eliminations, separation ...
Every year, US News & Reports releases its ranking of the top universities in the country. These schools are renowned for their rigorous academic and research programs, professors and faculty members with resumes packed with accomplishments, and beautiful campuses — but they're not easy to get into ...
Florida International University and a think tank have been selected by a federal government agency to host an annual cybersecurity conference amid efforts to secure the national cyber infrastructure. A division of the U.S. Department of Commerce granted FIU and New America, a nonprofit, nonpartisan ...
What can colleges do to fix high schools? At Trinity Washington University, where more than half of our undergraduate students are low-income women of color from the D.C. and Prince Georges school systems, we have deep experience with the challenges posed by low-performing high schools.
Farran Powell is an education reporter at U.S. News, covering paying for college and graduate school. You can follow her on Twitter or email her at ... full bio » ...
WASHINGTON — The Justice Department is probing whether colleges and universities are violating antitrust laws by exchanging information about ... In 2016, Amherst's dean of admissions told U.S. News that the college and about 30 others shared lists of students admitted through early decision, and that ...
To help prospective students maximize their time on campus, U.S. News asked college officials to share some useful questions to ask during a college's ... At colleges or universities with large student bodies, graduate students who serve as teaching assistants, or TAs, may teach some courses, Harvey said.
Spies Target US Colleges, Universities ... In the book, he gives examples of spying at U.S. colleges and universities. ... “There's a lot of research and development at major universities in the United States that a foreign government would look to exploit by sending students to study at these universities.”.


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