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updated Tue. January 30, 2024

Indigenous communities residing in remote areas of Honduras have suffered the most from the dam projects, including members of the Lenca and Tolupan peoples. Not only have entire communities experienced illegal evictions from their homes, many of which were destroyed, but military officials also ...

... men, according to local media. Mayor Rodriguez said that while no motive or suspects have yet been identified, police have launched a full investigation. The Tolupan are one of the nine major Indigenous groups in Honduras, making up almost 10 percent of the Central American country's population.
Members of the Tolupan indigenous community who live in extreme poverty were shot at and killed when they were peacefully protesting the mining and logging of their land. Five people were killed and no arrests have been yet been made. Villagers were threatened after they challenged the construction ...
Others such as Tolupan indigenous leaders, Armando Funez Medina, Ricardo Soto Funez and Maria Enriqueta Matute were shot and killed in 2013 when taking part in a peaceful protest against the passage of logging trucks through their territory. While the threats and violence took many forms, the report ...
“Unfortunately, this is not an isolated situation, and similar human rights abuses have been reported to me in the context of other hydro-electric projects affecting Lenca people, mining and logging concessions affecting the Tolupan people or tourism and infrastructure projects in Garifuna lands,” regretted ...


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