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updated Sat. January 6, 2024

Andino told EFE that the next episodes will expand the setting to other countries after the first was set on the Honduran streets of Tegucigalpa, despite the fact that Andino continued his research in San Pedro Sula, the second largest city in Honduras. In his graphic novel, Andino includes the influence of the ...

Police in San Pedro Sula being chased by a small mob just before 18-year old Cristopher Portillo was shot in the head. | Photo: Cofa Derchos ... A young man was fatally shot in the head in the streets of San Pedro Sula in Honduras Thursday, while he was helping his mother sell street food. RELATED:
San Salvador and San Pedro Sula have improved, although they remain among the most violent city in Central America: San Salvador in 17th place globally improved by ten positions compared to 2016, ... Honduras' San Pedro Sula showed the biggest improvement, going from the world's third most violent city to the 26th.
Cementos del Norte (CENOSA) is investing HNL700m in its cement plant in Bijao community, Choloma. The investment will increase the works' production capacity and storage as well as increase its ability to process alternative fuels in its kilns, according to Edwin Argueta, the company's general manager.
Un bus de la emprea Impala fue incendiado por la mano criminal de al menos dos sujetos en la 15 calle, 8 avenida del barrio Medina de San Pedro Sula, en la zona norte de Honduras. Los pasajeros, el conductor y su ayudante fueron amanezados para bajarse de la unidad cuando estos transitaban por ...


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