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updated Wed. March 13, 2024

Since October 2017, Cepeda has been seen watching volleyball matches in Sancti Spiritus, confirming his release. It is unknown if Cepeda will have a future playing volleyball with the Cuban National Team following his crime. It does not look bright following a statement from the Cuban VF following the ...

In Cuba, “Yarobys Garcia is the undisputed leader today, there's no doubt about it, an exceptional climber who is committed to taking on the challenge of making new routes and continuing the teaching tradition,” explains cubaclimbing,com, a website dedicated to promoting mountain climbing on the island.
Photos in Pinar del Rio, Vinales, Sancti Spiritus, Camaguey, Ciego de Avila, Cienfuegos, Santa Clara; photos in poor neighborhoods, cemeteries, mountains, ... This doesn't really need to be explained if you bear in mind the fact that the average monthly salary in Cuba is 740 Cuban pesos (about 30 CUC).
In the event, scheduled from March 5-8, 2019, the members will discuss issues as inequality, young women in Cuba, the FMC role in the process to update the Cuban ... Amarelle urged all women to celebrate their international day on March 8, hosted by the central province of Sancti Spiritus, according to a media report.
Sancti Spiritus, Cuba, 23.- The first robot with artificial intelligence that arrives in Cuba, known by the name Paro, grabs the attention of the audience to the Technology Fair La Guayabera 5.0, an appointment and luxury that comes with "all inclusive" in the field of culture and technologies. It is thus that Paro ...
If you think driving in Miami is scary, consider this: drivers have a higher chance of dying in a car crash in Cuba than in Florida. Cuba reports a traffic accident every 47 minutes, even though the island has one of the smallest fleets of vehicles in the region. And every 12 hours, a Cuban dies on the road.
Cuba record over one million cattle benefited in 2017 with the immunogen GAVAC against cattle tick, the highest in the 20 years of implementation of the ... For Karel Fragoso, a member of a Cooperative of Credits and Services in the province of Sancti Spiritus, the employment of GAVAC, in conjunction with ...


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