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updated Tue. July 23, 2024

And if those dangers lead to an international confrontation (think of a Cuban missile crisis), or we suffer a major terrorist strike (think of another September 11), or the nation's energy and communications infrastructure experiences a catastrophic failure (possibly resulting from Russian hacking), we will all ...

"For example, in some hospitals, because of the communication infrastructure and facilities available to them, only the medical records component has ... that is going to take care of getting the latest, most up-to-date information, and keep that data no longer as a patient. hospital, but as a citizen of Cuba.
A few years ago, shortly after stepping down as Assistant Attorney General for National Security, I published a long article called Law Enforcement as a Counterterrorism Tool. As its title suggests, the article's central thesis was that law enforcement methods are useful in combating international terrorism.
Havana, Dec 29 - The adoption and implementation of a policy for the computerization of the Cuban society marked the life of the country in the past year, ... agencies of the Central State Administration and software development companies to create conditions and capacity of communications infrastructure.
The US territory remains in crisis: Islanders are still waiting in long lines for food, water, and fuel; the power grid and communication infrastructure is still mostly down; and the death toll is ... (Dominica, the US Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands, and Cuba were also seriously banged up in the storm.).
Hurricane Irma menaced and devastated the eastern and northern Caribbean, striking Cuba from September 7-10, resulting in significant and widespread damage. Accompanied by massive flooding, its sweeping destruction encompassed housing, communications, infrastructure, agricultural equipment, ...
The Cuban government controls all the communications infrastructure in the country. (Until 2008, it banned ownership of computer equipment and DVDs). The Internet has long been viewed by the authorities as a “Trojan Horse” for US infiltration, and the US embargo is constantly blamed for Cuba's poor ...
President Trump is right in that the Obama administration's opening to Cuba failed to produce any human rights or democratic changes on the island, but I'm afraid that Trump's announcement that he will partially reverse existing policies will backfire. Trump's partial reversal of Obama's opening to Cuba, ...


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