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updated Sat. June 11, 2022

On average, that means that freight railroads have spent more on rail infrastructure than most state departments of transportation spend on highway infrastructure each year. That's good ... On average, a rail shipper can move the same amount of goods by railroad today for about half the cost as in 1980.

Focused on stimulating local and private funding by using federal money as a catalyst, Trump's recent budget and infrastructure proposals would cut, and in some cases eliminate, ... He was “mystified” that the administration's budget priorities don't match the president's own vision of “gleaming railroads.
The credit — available exclusively to short line railroads — enables these small businesses to meet the significant investment needs associated with safely running a railroad. Railroads are sometimes referred to as an outdoor assembly line, a manufacturing sector serving other manufacturers, as well as ...
Zink's Red River Valley and Western Railroad relies on what's called the "45G tax credit" to keep these trains rolling. “45G has allowed us to invest in our track in our infrastructure out in those areas that was not getting the attention it deserved,” said Zink. Under the tax credit, railroads get 50 cents back for ...
WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - Railroads drove a massive spike in the growth of our country, but a shortage in federal funding could leave the industry in the past. Some rails in South Dakota are 126 years old. For Mark Wegner, it is a reminder of much needed updates to infrastructure. Trains that ride these ...
Union Pacific Railroad's 2018 capital expenditures program will include $122.3 million for maintenance projects in California, the Class I announced yesterday. Among UP's investments in the state this year include $90.8 million to maintain track and $14.2 million to maintain bridges. Key projects will ...
As the US Department of Transportation put it, “The current system of railroad regulation … is a hodgepodge of inconsistent and often anachronistic regulations that no longer correspond to the economic condition of the railroads, the nature of intermodal competition, or the often-conflicting needs of shippers ...
UP plans to spend $3.3 billion across its network in 2018, including $103.6 million in Illinois. Photo – Union Pacific. Union Pacific Railroad will spend $103.6 million this year to maintain track and bridges in Illinois. The Class I's 2018 capital expenditures program includes $40.8 million to maintain track and ...


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