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updated Wed. April 4, 2018

Stephen Dobson, Maddox's lawyer and a former assistant U.S. attorney who specializes in white collar criminal defense, is a shareholder in the firm. He raised $151,863 for a state Senate run in 2020, though nearly all of the money was rolled over from his 2016 campaigns for school superintendent, ...
COVINGTON, Ky. (April 2, 2018) - Robert K. McBride has joined Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP as a partner in corporate compliance and white collar criminal defense, the firm announced today. McBride will work out of Taft's Northern Kentucky office. McBride is a senior trial attorney with experience ...
President Donald Trump has elevated a little-known lawyer with scarce experience in white-collar criminal defense to a leading role on his legal team in the Russia investigation. The lawyer, Andrew Ekonomou, has a doctorate in medieval history and has significant experience fighting religious freedom ... US Attorney
Her mission was twofold: to raise awareness of the stigma and financial ruin facing the families of white-collar criminals, and to help guide women through their trauma and legal morass. She wishes she had something like this when she was going through her ordeal. As she quickly discovered, the wives of ... US Attorney
White collar criminals often share certain personality traits that make them experts at conning their victims, who often have a hard time seeing their victimizer as a bad person, according to a FBI special agent ... French added that investigating a white collar criminal case can easily take at least three years. US Attorney

The city also has retained Mark Calloway, a former U.S. prosecutor who specializes in white collar criminal defense, McDonald said Wednesday. Calloway sat in during the closed session and introduced himself to the City Council, according to several people who attended the meeting. City Manager Doug ... US Attorney
Surprisingly little is understood about the choices that lead to white-collar criminals' downfall. What the author found was that white-collar criminals spend surprisingly little effort thinking about the consequences of their actions. “They seem to have reached their decisions to commit crimes with little thought ... US Attorney
This is an unfortunate reality, said Eugene Soltes, an associate professor at Harvard Business School and the author of “Why They Do It: Inside the Mind of a White-Collar Criminal,” in an email. All too often “a spouse — like their partner — will engage in motivated reasoning and miss the warnings signs that ... US Attorney
How are white-collar criminal cases different and more difficult from homicide and other, say, more traditional criminal cases? Crumb: White-collar cases in general are all about sentencing. In homicide, it's a whodunnit. It's usually pretty clear in white collar who did what. I love bank records. They're DNA. US Attorney
The white-collar criminal case is one of just a few nationally to arise from the remains of the Great Recession. Prosecutors told jurors on Monday that the former executives a decade ago used a second set of books to scrub from financial reports a growing wave of "past-due" toxic loans that totaled hundreds ... US Attorney
Balsiger hired prominent El Paso defense attorney Sib Abraham Jr. “and paid him $1 million to represent him in this complicated, document intensive, multi-defendant, multi-count, white-collar criminal prosecution,” the appeal states. The case dragged on for seven years, and Abraham died on July 4, 2014. US Attorney
Freezing orders substantially restrict a white collar criminal from dealing with their assets, up to a value specified by the Court. For example, a freezing order could restrict an individual from dealing with $1 million of their assets. This is regardless of whether that individual actually has total assets worth more ... US Attorney
The reason white collar criminals aren't sent to prison is because they don't pose an immediate threat — Addy compared it to the failed war on drugs. “We tried that ... Putting white-collar criminals behind bars will keep them from paying their restitution, he said, since they won't be able to earn any income. US Attorney
New Zealanders should be far more concerned about white-collar criminals and the perpetrators of domestic violence than they are about gang members, an academic says. Professor Greg Newbold, a Canterbury University criminologist and sociologist, spoke to RadioLive about what could be done about ... US Attorney
DOJ Surprises Everyone By Jailing A White Collar Criminal – America's Lawyer. By Mike Papantonio -. February 25, 2018. Share on Facebook · Tweet on Twitter. To learn more about this topic, visit AL.Law · America's Lawyer Mike Papantonio highlights a case in which a mobile phone executive will serve 5 years in prison ... US Attorney
The Presidential Commission appointed to investigate into Treasury bond issuance in 2015 and 2016 was able to unearth irregularities taken place during this period. Its recommendation in the final report, to conduct a forensic audit examination of the Treasury bond issuance from 2008 to 2014 is a ... US Attorney

He went on to attend UConn's School of Law, and interned in the area of white collar criminal defense. It was there he learned the mistakes of public figures can cost them dearly, including their friendships, marriages and careers. “These are people who make mistakes, but who aren't necessarily evil,” ... US Attorney
This 2014 file photo provided by the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office shows Shannon Egeland. (Multnomah County Sheriff via AP, file)This 2014 file photo provided by the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office shows Shannon Egeland. (Multnomah County Sheriff via AP, file). (Newser) – A white-collar crook ... US Attorney
Usually white collar criminals don't spend large amounts of time behind bars, but the experience and sentencing can be devastating to their career and income. The Wall Street Journal reports that the White House, under President Trump, has seen an unprecedented 34 percent turnover rate in its first year. US Attorney
Samford University law professor William G. Ross, an expert on legal fees, believes that the total fees in a complex defense white-collar criminal case like this “could exceed a million dollars” since partners in New York law firms can charge upwards of $1,000 per hour. He also doubts that the law firm would ... US Attorney
... housing plan British Columbia Premier John Horgan's government unveiled Tuesday will begin to expunge the pathologies that have turned Metro Vancouver's real estate market into an international housing affordability basket case and a global playground for white-collar criminals and fentanyl tycoons. US Attorney
The Presidential Commission appointed to investigate into Treasury bond issuance in 2015 and 2016 was able to unearth irregularities taken place during this period. Its recommendation in the final report, to conduct a forensic audit examination of the Treasury bond issuance from 2008 to 2014 is a ... US Attorney
As a white-collar criminal defense lawyer with many years of experience, due process runs in my veins. I sometimes rail against prosecutorial abuse of the system, but not when it comes to credible allegations of violence. I therefore write this in the hope of furthering the national conversation, a conversation ... US Attorney
Without speculating about the Percoco case in particular, he said that total fees in a complex defense white-collar criminal prosecution “could easily exceed a million dollars.” The question of who is picking up Mr. Percoco's legal tab is of particular interest because of his close relationship with Mr. Cuomo, ... US Attorney
Publicly now, the company seems livid over the fact that, my gosh, they had to pay $100 million to the state. But it's a great deal and BP knows it, considering the money they ripped off from the public. Again, corporate thieves pay their way out of jail. It pays to be a white collar criminal in America today. US Attorney
“Someone who puts a link containing child pornography online, emails that link or sends that link in any fashion, electronically or otherwise, can be charged with the distribution of child pornography,” Michael Bachner, a former prosecutor and current white-collar criminal defense lawyer at New York City ... US Attorney
It's not enough that Lt. Gov. Mike Stack III doesn't have the public support of the incumbent governor, that he's facing an eye-popping six primary opponents. What's more, Mr. Stack's legal bills are piling up — and one of his biggest campaign contributors is his mom. Mr. Stack, an heir to one of Philadelphia's ... US Attorney
Llanes joined Lowenstein Sandler Law Firm in 2013 and is a member of the firm's Litigation Department and White Collar Criminal Defense group,where he focuses on corporate and government investigations as well as data privacy and cybersecurity. A resident of Montclair, New Jersey, Llanes is the son ... US Attorney
The prison houses not only non-violent and white collar criminals, but also some of the most violent. There are two high-security penitentiaries on the Coleman campus. But where Corrine Brown will serve her sentence is the minimum security satellite camp that houses female offenders. Brown has declined ... US Attorney
Miami, FL - January 29th, 2018 - Federal white collar criminal defense requires not merely experience but the acumen to close the case as fast as possible. Seitles & Litwin, the Miami based attorneys have earned precisely this reputation for successfully representing their clients and defending a range of white collar ... US Attorney
(MENAFN Editorial) Miami, FL - January 29th, 2018 - Federal white collar criminal defense requires not merely experience but the acumen to close the case as fast as possible. Seitles & Litwin, the Miami based attorneys have earned precisely this reputation for successfully representing their clients and ... US Attorney
In addition, in most cases, South Africa's top legal minds provide expertise, at very high rates, to white-collar criminals. There is nothing that prevents the NPA from employing outside expertise to prosecute complex cases, as it did in its case against tax dodger David Cunningham King. To prevail in the ... US Attorney
The candidate, a well-regarded former federal prosecutor and white-collar criminal-defense lawyer named Geoffrey Berman, was later appointed to the post on an interim basis and is expected to be nominated for the permanent position. Presidents rarely interview U.S. attorney candidates, and yet Trump ... US Attorney
He has also conducted white-collar criminal investigations. His clients include Oracle, Microsoft and Ruckus Wireless. The last US promotion is Emily Tabatabai, who works in the Washington, DC, and Houston, Texas offices. Her experience includes representing companies in private litigation and in ... US Attorney
It suggests — wrongly — that Mueller is treating the president unfairly. If the president commits perjury or false statements, it will be because he chose to lie — not because he was caught in a "trap." Randall Eliason teaches white-collar criminal law at George Washington University Law School. He wrote ... US Attorney
The mayor of Dakar is standing trial for corruption. The case is politically charged, as Khalifa Sall, who has been in jail for almost a year, was still elected to a seat in the National Assembly in July and is seen as a presidential contender in 2019. Now all eyes are of the courthouse, where Sall's trial began ... US Attorney
McSwain focuses his practice at Drinker Biddle on white-collar criminal defense. His representation of Chester County Magisterial District Judge Mark Bruno during the 2014 Philadelphia Traffic Court ticket-fixing trial resulted in a total acquittal for Bruno. As an assistant U.S. attorney in Philadelphia from ... US Attorney
Defense attorney and former Cooley law school professor Ron Bretz told me that's probably the safest place for him to be. "White collar criminals, this is the kind of inmate that populates the federal prison, very few murderers, frankly its a safer group of inmates if you can imagine such a thing," said Bretz. US Attorney
Law360, Los Angeles (January 24, 2018, 6:45 PM EST) -- A former Holland & Knight LLP Los Angeles office managing partner has joined DLA Piper as a partner in its litigation practice, where he will focus on white collar criminal defense, securities litigation and other complex civil cases, the firm announced on Tuesday. US Attorney
“There is a demand for white-collar criminal defense lawyers who are comfortable working in any jurisdiction.” Bracewell has seen several litigation partners leave in the last year, including former securities litigation co-chairman Michael Hefter and partners Seth Cohen and Ryan Philp, all of whom moved ... US Attorney
Gardai have again claimed that vigilante groups are a “cause for concern”....they're right there, especially to the perverts. But on the other hand, vigilantes may have even greater worries that paedophilia and child abuse are not a cause of concern for State agencies, especially the justice system. US Attorney
The Central Bank has called for a dedicated investigative team to tackle white-collar crime and for new criminal sanctions for top bankers in cases of serious mismanagement. The recommendations, which politicians said could herald a new era of accountability in Irish business, include extending the ... US Attorney
Regulator Says White-Collar Criminals Should Face Harsher Punishment. By Li Mingming and Liu Xiao. Jiang Wei, the former CEO of China's largest methanol trader, was sentenced to two and a half years in prison on June 5 for manipulating futures prices. Jiang was the first in China to be barred for life ... US Attorney
Currently, being labeled a felon is a lifetime sentence, without any chance of redemption. White-collar criminals have the lowest recidivism rates so, why not, after a person has repaid their debt to society, remove the stigma of the Scarlet F so that they can become a contributing member of society again? US Attorney
Price left prosecutorial work to become the director of the Hawaii firm Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing, focusing on white-collar criminal defense. Two of the other Trump nominees announced on Friday, Timothy Garrison and David Joseph, are currently working as prosecutors in the districts they are nominated to ... US Attorney
The former federal prosecutor built a career on tackling drug traffickers as well as white-collar criminals, and he has no intentions changing his hard-hitting approach now that he is running for Congress. “I think that two of the biggest problems in the country right now are Donald Trump and the people who ... US Attorney
Former U.S. Attorney William "Bill" C. Killian has joined the Chattanooga law firm of Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel, P.C. Killian will concentrate his practice on regulatory investigations, white collar criminal defense and governmental law. Killian has been trying cases for more than 40 years and has ... US Attorney
The firm employs 141 lawyers worldwide who are engaged in white-collar criminal defense and investigations practices, including 42 partners and five who hold firm leadership positions, including Steve Immelt, the CEO of Hogan Lovells since 2014, and a former assistant U.S. attorney in Maryland. US Attorney
A freedom of information request to the chief City watchdog revealed just how little was done to stop white collar criminals in their tracks. In the past five years, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has prosecuted just eight cases of insider trading, resulting in a mere 12 convictions. In comparison, more ... US Attorney


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