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updated Wed. April 4, 2018

Corsi's book opens in 2017 with a review of the political mainstream and continuing explanations about the Deep State, formerly known as the Establishment. If you get your news from major newspaper or television media, with the exception of Fox news, most of this book is a page turner and mind changer.
For the most part, this deep state exists at the state and national levels -- supported and exploited by lobbyists and the rich and powerful. But at all levels of government -- including our city and township halls and school districts -- it's simply a permanent governing class. It's a world of ...

Once again, Claudia Tenney embarrasses us, this time blaming the “deep state” for Housing Secretary Carson's lavish spending. The so-called deep state has always been with us, but without the conspiratorial meaning that Tenney and other Trump apologists give it. The old term is the bureaucracy. Jerome Corsi
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte said Saturday that he believes there's a small group of politically biased federal law enforcement officials, rather than a vast "deep state" of longtime bureaucrats. "This is about a small number of people, we don't know exactly how many," Goodlatte, ... Jerome Corsi
Local news audiences may have seen some familiar far-right faces on television recently, warning about a “deep state” trying to take down President Donald Trump. That's because Sinclair Broadcast Group — which owns 193 TV stations nationwide — has been requiring each of its channels to play ... Jerome Corsi
The United States' largest owner of television stations, Sinclair Broadcast Group, mandated that its outlets run a segment on the so-called deep state that was produced by a former reporter for the Russian propaganda outlet RT, according to a new report. The "must-run" piece aired on March 21 and ... Jerome Corsi
Denizens of the Deep State fear Bolton for mostly predictable reasons. A nationalist with little patience for the pragmatic realism of the G.O.P.'s old guard or the democracy promotion that defined the early Bush years, Bolton is expected to tell Trump what he has been waiting to hear: that he should ditch the ... Jerome Corsi
"Somebody in the deep state – it was not one of his people apparently – ordered a table, like a conference room table or whatever it was for a room, and that's what the cost was," Tenney said. The "deep state" refers to a conspiracy theory that deeply entrenched government employees are working to ... Jerome Corsi
Even though Mark Zuckerberg has finally apologized, the ongoing Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal continues to reveal information about the right-wing data harvesting operating and its effect on the 2016 presidential election. According to a former employee, Cambridge Analytica is responsible for ... Jerome Corsi
This thought about the deep state there seems to be. A lot of confusion about what it actually is what it mean and so you know there's historical meaning and obviously there's many contemporary meaning some of that word as well. Yeah I mean I mean for a lot of people. If these days. And certainly the way. Jerome Corsi
President Trump did not follow specific warnings from his national security advisers Tuesday when he congratulated Russian President Vladimir Putin on his reelection — including a section in his briefing materials in all-capital letters stating “DO NOT CONGRATULATE,” according to officials familiar with ... Jerome Corsi
WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) - Concerns seem to be growing over a possible overreach of power within the federal government. A Monmouth University Poll asked a bipartisan group if they felt “national policy is being manipulated or directed by a “deep state” of unelected government officials. A combined 74 ... Jerome Corsi
The addition of diGenova—a longtime Clinton antagonist who recently argued on Fox News that the president is the victim of a deep-state conspiracy—suggests that Trump is looking to take a more aggressive stance against Robert Mueller. According to The Washington Post, many of Trump's advisers ... Jerome Corsi

Andrew McCabe was a 21-year veteran of the FBI who, by most accounts, had a storied career. But if you're a Fox News viewer, you would know him as something else altogether: a corrupt “deep state” villain who was out to depose President Trump. McCabe, the former deputy FBI director, was ... Jerome Corsi
Is the government secretly being controlled by an unelected group of officials — a so-called “deep state”? The majority of the country seems to think so, according to a Monmouth University poll released Monday. Once thought of as the domain of conspiracy theorists (and, later, the president of the United ... Jerome Corsi
The majority of the country believes a group of unelected government and military officials secretly manipulate national policy, according to a Monmouth Poll released Monday. Of the 803 adults polled, 27 percent said they believe the unelected group known as the deep state definitely exists. An additional ... Jerome Corsi
Not many American writers have delved so deep into Pakistan's “deep state” like Coll has. It appears that as an unbiased observer and chronicler of the so-called war that America waged on the Taliban and al Qaeda, Coll leaves behind an impression – that while considered to be perfidious in its ways – the ... Jerome Corsi
However, since 2016 the average Democrat has been consuming media that associated Trump and other Republican references to a "Deep State" with the term "paranoid." The average Democrat might not have known that perhaps 90 percent of the Department of Justice attorneys serving Jeff Sessions ... Jerome Corsi
Just wondering where the Deep State meets for lunch -- and whether they have any budgets to advertise on TV. You need to have a meeting place where liquor is available as a lubricant to get your hate on. Or love. You may ask: How deep is your deep state love? TV is the place to get your word out. Jerome Corsi
“Deep State is a timely, and addictive, thriller that fits perfectly into Epix's growing portfolio of premium original programming. With Matthew's smart storytelling, an excellent cast led by Mark Strong and a fantastic production and design team, we're very excited to bring this quality drama to an American ... Jerome Corsi
Espionage is a global business, and Mark Strong and Joe Dempsie's spy thriller “Deep State” has accordingly been acquired by several international broadcasters. Epix has landed the series for the U.S., NBCUniversal for France, and DR for Denmark. The eight-part series is the first original drama from ... Jerome Corsi
Reddit drew the ire of far-right users on Wednesday night when it banned r/CBTS_stream, a subreddit dedicated to speculating and discussing the posts of “QAnon,” an internet user who some believe is a leaker within the so-called “deep state.” The subreddit, which stands for “Calm Before The Storm,” had ... Jerome Corsi
Deranged whacko — or con artist, take your pick — Alex Jones reacted to Rex Tillerson's farewell speech live as his show aired and, of course, was able to use his Secret Wingnut Decoder Ring (free with a purchase of 10 boxes of Crackpot Jack) to detect secret messages Tillerson was sending to the ... Jerome Corsi
“Is there a deep state in the United States?” asked George Beebe in a recent essay. Yes, the former chief of Russia analysis at CIA concluded, if the definition of “deep state” holds that elements of the national security apparatus possess “the capability, albeit not the legal authority, to abuse intelligence to ... Jerome Corsi
Best Buy's Geek Squad has been discovered acting as undercover FBI informants, snooping on their customers' computers and reporting anything that looks amiss to the FBI…for cash payments! And Google is teaming up with the Pentagon to help it better analyze drone footage for targeting and other ... Jerome Corsi
A senior advisor to David Cameron claims he was warned by Tony Blair that a 'Deep State' is operating in the UK - working to keep real power away from elected politicians and close to the establishment order. For two years, Steve Hilton operated at the very top of British politics - working in 10 Downing ... Jerome Corsi
The tricky thing is, the deep state is largely undefined. This political Rorschach test is highly subjective, living in the eye of the beholder. The term typically refers to an intra-government conspiracy. Huffpost put it this way: Deep State "implies a unified force deeply embedded in the republic that has its own ... Jerome Corsi
“But it's important for the public to see the facts, that the FBI acted appropriately in seeking a warrant on Carter Page,” Schiff told Jake Tapper, referring to a former Trump campaign aide. “They're not part of some deep state, as the president apparently would like the public to believe,” he added, referring to ... Jerome Corsi
The ultimate kitsch artifact from the early days of the Trump era is a novel, “The Way of the Shadow Wolves: The Deep State and the Hijacking of America,” and it's written by two patriots deeply concerned with immigration control and the malevolent forces abetting the destruction of America: Tom Morrissey, ... Jerome Corsi
IN POLITICAL science, the “deep state” concept has been used to describe politics in countries like Turkey and Pakistan. In these places, deep-state theorists claim shadowy networks engage in extralegal and illegal activities, including bombings and assassinations, to advance their parochial interests or ... Jerome Corsi
Noisy exchanges on TV programs, tweets from the White House and magazine commentaries are extremely weak reeds on which to build a theory of the existence of a nefarious “deep state.” The more paranoid supporters of President Trump say that the new deep state constitutes organized resistance by ... Jerome Corsi
As with many long-running conspiracy theories, the idea of a Deep State as we know it today has its roots in the Vietnam War. And it's perfectly understandable that Vietnam had such a profound effect on the American psyche and their willingness to believe the government. As the years drew on, it emerged ... Jerome Corsi
"Homeland" showrunner Alex Gansa has hinted that the next installment of the successful spy thriller series will include references to "the deep state." “There was a strange sort of new alliance that was taking place between the intelligence community and the fourth estate, which we found interesting,” ... Jerome Corsi
The term 'deep state' entered public consciousness after President Trump launched a battle with the intelligence community and accused them of covering up, or being involved with, a “deep state” network of bureaucrats working to undermine the president and therefore the will of the American people. Jerome Corsi
But now Rosenstein is part of the “deep state.” He's been absorbed into a right-wing narrative designed to discredit the Russia investigation. And the fact that Trump himself appointed Rosenstein to his role as deputy attorney general isn't stopping it. The conservative organization the Tea Party Patriots just ... Jerome Corsi
You star in Deep State as a young FBI agent of your own design, which could serve as X-Files wish fulfillment until you realize that horrible things tend to happen to the agents on the show. Along with your partner, you start off investigating a murder case that quickly takes a turn for the bizarre. An influential ... Jerome Corsi
Far-right media figures are claiming that yesterday's historic drop in the stock market is part of a deep state plot to destroy Trump and that Trump is “hitting back.” The claim began with conspiracy theorist radio host Michael Savage, who said on his show yesterday that the deep state is “taking the market ... Jerome Corsi
Asked what Trump might take away from this season, Gansa replies, “I doubt he'd learn one thing. I think he might be amused just to watch an administration convinced that there was something called the 'deep state' aligned against her. Clearly that's a fear that the Trump administration feels every day.”. Jerome Corsi
After the success of the viral #ReleaseTheMemo campaign, Russian-influenced Twitter accounts are test-running other hashtags designed to stoke anger, particularly among supporters of President Donald Trump, against “deep state” forces, according to analysts at Hamilton 68, a website that tracks ... Jerome Corsi
But since then, Deep State has entered the public lexicon with a vengeance. Congressmen promise to bust it to pieces. Trump says it's taken control of the FBI. Right-wing podcasts warn it's going to kill us all. Left-wing commentators grumble that their concept has been stolen and turned into a cartoon. Jerome Corsi
For the past week, Fox News opinion hosts have seized on claims by some Republican lawmakers about a “secret society” at the FBI and “deep state actors” to fashion unproven narratives designed to protect Trump and delegitimize Mueller. On Wednesday night, Hannity told viewers, “The constitutional ... Jerome Corsi
The latest chapter in the Trumpers' "deep state coup" narrative has arrived and it goes a little like this: they're focusing on text messages by an FBI agent named Peter Strzok, while at the same time the embattled chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, apparently authored a memo in ... Jerome Corsi
The reckless offer—quickly walked back by his attorney Ty Cobb—also has a practical purpose: to flesh out the anti-Mueller conspiracy theory being hyped by Lou Dobbs, Senator Ron Johnson and the bot-assisted #ReleaseTheMemo chorus on Twitter claiming Trump is the victim of a deep-state “secret ... Jerome Corsi
Secret classified memos, texts between lovers, and deep-state conspiracies. No, it's not the latest episode of “Homeland,” just another day on Capitol Hill. House Republicans seem to believe they've uncovered the "smoking gun" in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, while House Democrats ... Jerome Corsi
So when Democrats and the media note the evidence that Donald Trump Jr. was eager to work with mysterious Russians in 2016 to defeat Hillary Clinton, those who fear the deep state roll their eyes and ask, where's the beef? And in response to the drip, drip, drip of leaks that make Trump Sr. look bad ... Jerome Corsi
Fox Business host Lou Dobbs said it is “time to declare war” against the “deep state” he says is present in the FBI and Justice Department. “It may be time to declare war outright against the deep state and clear out the rot in the upper levels of the FBI and the Justice Department,” Dobbs said Tuesday. “Yes ... Jerome Corsi


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