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updated Wed. April 18, 2018

Pete Ricketts on Tuesday signed into law a bill that he said will protect Nebraska taxpayers from an inadvertent increase of nearly $200 million in state ... following the event, the governor said a special session of the Legislature called to consider property tax relief would be "a waste of taxpayer dollars.".

CBS Local --Due to technical glitches that caused the Internal Revenue Service website to malfunction just hours before the filing deadline, taxpayers were granted an extra day to file their returns. The IRS website malfunctioned on Tuesday, leaving e-filers on without a place to file their ... tax
Last-minute taxpayers unable to file their returns online because of an IRS computer problem got some welcome news Tuesday: A one day extension is ... The information put at risk included Social Security numbers, birth dates and other data that cyber thieves could use to impersonate a real taxpayer, ... tax

Early Tuesday -- the last day to pay taxes -- the online payment system at went down without explanation. Taxpayers also couldn't set up a Payment Plan on the IRS's site. The IRS said in a statement that "certain IRS systems are experiencing technical difficulties." About 5 million tax returns ...
Last-minute taxpayers unable to file their returns online because of an IRS computer problem got some welcome news Tuesday: An extension is on the way. ... The information put at risk included Social Security numbers, birth dates and other data that cyber thieves could use to impersonate a real ...
IRS website crashes, and taxpayers have an extra day to file. The IRS is giving last-minute tax filers a one-day extension because of Tuesday's massive website crash. Millions of people who tried to file on Tuesday found many services unavailable.
(ABC 6 News)--Myrna Bowie got her Bachelor of Business Administration in 1955. Six years later, "I was the third woman in Minnesota to get my CPA certificate," said Bowie. The 84-year-old is still going strong and now works out of her home in Dexter, Minnesota. Advertisement. "In addition to doing tax ... money
A stronger Arkansas Freedom of Information Act, a 2015 Watchdog Op-Ed noted, "has the potential to save Arkansas taxpayers millions of dollars." One example: records obtained from the state Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) in January 2015 showed the agency filed tax liens totaling $312 ... money
Using a pay stub and a 2017 tax return, the Withholding Calculator compares a taxpayer's 2018 income tax to the taxpayer's current tax withholding and can help them decide if they need to change their withholding with their employer. Taxpayers that need to adjust their withholding will need to submit a ... money
PARKLAND, Florida (CNN) - A hearing will be held Wednesday to determine whether Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz can afford to hire his own attorneys so taxpayers can stop paying for his public defender. Cruz killed 17 students and faculty at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland on ... money
The total number of consumers filing tax returns held steady at about 61 million. For the 572,705 taxpayers who received too little help from the subsidy program, the average amount due from the program increased 15%, to about $530 per taxpayer. For the taxpayers who received too little subsidy help, the ... money
But as it considers upcoming tax hike proposals, it must remember that individual taxpayers, not entities, shoulder the burden of tax increases. The city, with a population of about 190,000, is the economic, entertainment and business center of a metropolitan area that, when Provo and Ogden are figured in, ... money
This is a major victory for Illinois taxpayers, who are in need of relief after witnessing the largest permanent income tax in Illinois history last summer. House Resolution 975 states that the cosigners “… stand united in opposition to any measure that would allow the creation of a graduated income tax on ... money

South Africa's tax agency has told taxpayers that cryptocurrency-related income will fall under normal tax rules and may also be liable for capital gains tax. The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has reminded taxpayers that the onus is entirely on them to declare cryptocurrency gains or losses as part ... money
Pat Cooper to School Board: Stop wasting $1.8 million of taxpayer dollars on legal fees ... He tells News 10 that the the legal fees are mounting, and that could cost taxpayers. Cooper took over as ... He says that Lafayette taxpayers are picking up the tab for $1.8 million of legal fees. "Because of the fees that ... money
EPA Head Scott Pruitt Allegedly Used Taxpayer Security Dollars For Disneyland Trip And A Rose Bowl Game. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt under fire... again for allegedly using taxpayer dollars for non-official trips. Veuer's Nick Cardona has that story. money
A Dallas City Council committee voted the right way Monday — with taxpayers in mind — when it rejected paying $800,000 to ESPN to keep the poorly attended Heart of Dallas Bowl alive. While the December event is one of the few football games played annually at the Cotton Bowl in Fair Park, council ... money
FC Cincinnati stadium project just scored $4M from taxpayers. See who else got cash. Jessie Balmert ... COLUMBUS - Futbol Club Cincinnati might not have a stadium site or a Major League Soccer deal, but its project does have $4 million in taxpayer money. The money was included in a $2.6 billion ... money
SANATOGA PA – Want to save some cash today? Pay your combined 2018 real estate tax bill from Lower Pottsgrove and Montgomery County by Saturday (March 31, 2018). Township Tax Collector Jennifer Marsteller mailed the bills Feb. 1, and taxpayers who ante up by or before Saturday earn a ... money
The Internal Revenue Service is urging taxpayers to do a “paycheck checkup” to make sure they are having their employers withhold the correct amount of taxes. It's generally advisable to check your withholding from year to year, or when you have a significant life change, like getting married or divorced. money
Like some of you, we were prepared for bad news- but, many were still shocked to see their property tax statement last week– in particular, school taxes went way up. In fact, now, there are two line items for state school taxes, where, in the past there was just one. We were warned – it's the so-called ... money
PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – Pasco County government leaders swear the infamous Ridge Road Extension “road to nowhere” is going somewhere soon. But after 20 years of waiting, and more than $17 million spent, critics scoff. “It's been ridiculous up to this point,” said Sierra Club spokesman Dan ... money
There are established procedures taxpayers should follow to return erroneous funds to the IRS. Tax Topic Number 161 - Returning an Erroneous Refund has full details about how to return the money, including the actual mailing addresses where a taxpayer should send a paper check, if necessary. By law ... money
Taxpayers can “often still deduct interest on a home equity loan, home equity line of credit or second mortgage, regardless of how the loan is labeled,” said the IRS, provided the borrowed funds are used to “buy, build or substantially improve the taxpayer's home that secures the loan” and the total debt on ... money
Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser visits a bridge replacement project in Fox River Grove on Jan. 19, 2018. (Stacey Wescott / Chicago Tribune). Robert McCoppinContact ReporterChicago Tribune. Shortly after taking office last year, Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser ... money
The IRS has warned about this fast-growing con twice this tax season, saying that any taxpayer who receives a refund that they didn't apply for should contact the agency immediately at its toll-free number (800-TAX-1040). And you should have your bank return the payment to the IRS and immediately take ... money
A Massachusetts federal judge has ruled that a private call between an I.R.S. agent and taxpayer Judith Barrigas that was broadcast on The Howard Stern Show was somehow related to collection of taxes and also wasn't "sufficiently personal or intimate in nature." Accordingly, Stern and the U.S. ... money
E-file — Taxpayers can use commercial tax software to prepare and file their tax returns. The software uses a question and answer format that makes doing taxes easier. After the taxpayer responds to the questions, the software selects the appropriate tax forms and does the calculations automatically. money
President Trump's proposal to send packaged food directly to low-income families in lieu of food stamps was criticized Monday as a "bureaucratic nightmare" by a member of the National Taxpayers Union Foundation. "The administration's proposal would create a bureaucratic nightmare that would increase ... money
Apparent design mistakes for the Del. 141 bridge renovation in New Castle have added an extra million dollars to the price of the long-delayed project, and the principal highway now is "unlikely" to reopen this month, as state officials just weeks ago had hoped. Last March, the Delaware Department of ... money
These school districts got their money - from taxpayers. Does it matter to the taxpayer whether this money was funneled through Austin or came straight from Amarillo? It is still coming out of your wallet. The bottom line is this money came from taxpayers - and always will. What lawmakers and public officials ... money
BATON ROUGE -- Louisiana taxpayers who saw increased take-home pay last month from changes to the federal tax law will soon start giving a bit of that money back -- to the state. Louisiana's income taxes are tied to federal income tax policy. The federal tax cuts passed by Congress in late 2017 ... money
With tax filing season in full swing, experts at Notre Dame Law School are advising taxpayers to look into the qualifications of any tax preparer used. The IRS does not require any particular licensing to tax return preparers. The director of Notre Dame Law School's Tax Clinic, Patrick Thomas, says because ... money
Taxpayers should also be advised of Indiana's Taxpayer Bill of Rights. • Threaten to bring in local police, immigration officers or other law-enforcement to have the taxpayer arrested for refusing payment. • Threaten to revoke a taxpayer's driver's license, business licenses or immigration status. Threats like ... money
Between 2014 and 2016, the sheriff of one Alabama county pocketed more than $110,000 worth of "excess" taxpayer dollars his office received to feed .... "Its pretty clear that when every year taxpayers are asked to spend their hard-earned dollars on any purpose - including feeding people in jails - the ... money
Administrative leave for thousands of Maui County salaried employees cost taxpayers more than $1.3 million in fiscal years 2016 and 2017, with most of the expense tied to the longtime practice of granting discretionary leave for county workers to take half days off on Christmas and New Year's eves. money
... braces, arm braces, and a back brace. When I asked if she ordered any of it, Janiese quickly said, "No!" She doesn't know why or how any of it showed up at her house. But Janiese didn't have to pay for any of the equipment either. Medicare got the bill and that means you are paying for it as a taxpayer. money
The scammers are using stolen data – including Social Security numbers, dependents information and bank account information – to file refund claims on behalf of the victimized taxpayers. If the victimized taxpayer's erroneous refund was direct deposited into their bank account, the scammer will call ... money
The latest revelation of unseemly business emerged Wednesday, when an inspector general alleged that Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin used taxpayer dollars and department staff to pay for and help plan a summer 2017 trip abroad. According to the report, Shulkin's chief of staff altered language ... money
"The taxpayer should not be picking up the bill for carmakers' deliberate decision to cheat the air pollution rules by disabling exhaust emission controls when cars are on the road," Julia Poliscanova, a clean vehicles and air quality campaigner at Transport & Environment, told DW. "Instead of the German ... money
Appropriations for the CAT fund, which helps counties pay for the costliest cases when Idahoans who can't pay their catastrophic medical bills turn to local property taxpayers for help, had been growing for years, but that trend turned around when the Your Health Idaho insurance exchange was established ... money
Such significant spending increases have come on the backs of increasingly burdened California taxpayers. Brown has stressed to the Legislature the importance of fiscal discipline, given the likelihood of a recession in coming years. Along similar lines, the LAO has advised the Legislature to consider the ... money
If you're looking for a way to do it for free, there are tax assistance sites and online software to help eligible taxpayers, according to the state Department of Taxation and Finance. Taxpayers with adjusted gross household incomes of $66,000 or less in 2017 may use free, user-friendly software at these sites ... money
Democratic candidate for governor, J.B. Pritzker greets patrons of MacArthur's Restaurant in Chicago following a press conference on Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018. (Jose M. Osorio/Chicago Tribune via AP). Hide caption. Democratic candidate for governor, J.B. Pritzker greets patrons of MacArthur's Restaurant in Chicago following ... money
American taxpayers must be wondering what just happened to them. Faced late last week with yet another government shutdown showdown, Congress rallied to a deal supported by both Republicans and Democrats to not only keep the doors of government open, but to substantially increase its size. money
Taxpayers calling the IRS last year waited an average of 17 minutes with only 53 percent of callers receiving services, despite how much taxpayers are shelling out for those calls, according to officials. “Right now, for us to field a phone call, on average it costs $41per call,” said Michael Lin, IRS' chief of user ... money


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