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updated Tue. September 12, 2023

As a result, many traditionally observant Jews will only consume processed food on Passover that is explicitly labeled kosher for Passover. The other issue is the sweetener. In the United States, soda is often sweetened not with cane sugar but with corn syrup. Corn is not one of the five prohibited Passover grains, but it does ...

26 the launch of an independent kosher food certification system for restaurants and hotels. The group stated that it did not intend to replace the Chief Rabbinate's kosher oversight body or to compete with it, but to improve religious services to restaurateurs and also to clients. This move generated angry ...
She is the author of The Holiday Kosher Baker, The Kosher Baker, The New Passover Menu and The Healthy Jewish Kitchen. She also is a freelance writer for the Washington Post, Hadassah, Joy of Kosher, and Jewish Food Experience, among other publications. Shoyer competed on Food Network's ...
(Courtesy of It began one year ago with a big idea, a passion for food and a dedication to creating a place for the ultimate kosher conversation. Sure, the team was optimistic. But nobody expected that would skyrocket quite so high, so quickly. One year later, the ...
American Jews have always gone beyond the restrictions of Jewish dietary laws, eating non-kosher (treif or trefa) food. Sometimes this has been a deliberate choice. Other times it has resulted from the challenge of acquiring meat slaughtered according to Jewish ritual law and other foods consistent with ...
Jewish students and professors make up about eight percent of the general population at the University of Kansas. Following the fall college break, they were welcomed back with the opening of its first ever entirely kosher kitchen at Oliver Hall. The kitchen is the outcome of a conversation between Rabbi ...
Millions of Jewish families all over the globe are prepping for Passover — an eight-day religious festival that, once a year, turns matzo into one of the most popular commodities at certain grocery stores. This year, Passover starts the evening of Friday, March 30 and ends at sundown on Saturday, April 7.


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