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updated Fri. March 3, 2023

But during Passover, there's an additional rule — for those who keep kosher and those just observing the annual Jewish holiday. For eight days, observers are basically on a gluten-free diet as well and have to avoid all unleavened breads. It can be tough to tell which foods are and aren't kosher for ...

Jews celebrated the holiday of Purim from the evening of Feb. 28 through the day of March 1, which was the 14th day of the month of Adar. Like many of the Jewish holidays, Purim is a celebration of deliverance of the Jewish people from a wicked person who sought to kill them. If you have read the Biblical ...
Ilene Klass, an occupational therapist at the school, says that since showing up late one spring day following a Jewish holiday, she has been ... time for religious observance as she had in the past, and scolding her for missing nine days in 2017, many of which were Jewish holidays, according to the suit.
Schwersenski said, “In our early childhood program, Jewish holidays are incorporated into the daily activities in the classroom. The approach is always hands-on with many opportunities to interact with Jewish artifacts and concepts through play. In this way, children make meaning of the concepts at their ...
There may be more fun holidays on the calendar than the 48-hour Jewish celebration of Purim, which ended March 1, but not many. Orthodox Jewish communities tend to be in full party mode, with children wearing rabbinical beards or flamboyant costumes. But Mark Abramson, who spent this Purim taking ...
VESTAL (WBNG) -- Students and members of the community celebrated Purim Wednesday night at the Binghamton University Events Center. The 27th annual Purim carnival had game booths, carnival attractions, food, live music and many dressed in costumes. "Everybody here is just really excited about ...
Purim begins each year on the 14th day of the Hebrew month of Adar, which generally falls in late winter or early spring. In 2018, Purim is celebrated on February 28. Purim is considered one of the most joyous and celebratory holidays in Judaism, as it marks the salvation of the Jewish people in ancient ...
If you live near a Jewish community, you won't be able to miss Purim. The festival allows even the most buttoned-down orthodox sects to let loose for a day of costumes and carousing, fuelled by religiously mandated alcohol. Here is what it is all about: ...


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