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updated Sun. June 26, 2022

Africa as a whole remained the most violent, with nearly one of every eight of the continent's 608 million Christians facing "extreme persecution". Churchinside 703x422. Africa as a whole remained the most violent, with nearly one of every eight of the continent's 608 million Christians facing "extreme ...

(Screenshot: Ligonier Ministries)Reformed theologian and Ligonier Ministries founder Robert Charles Sproul speaks in this undated video. 2017 saw the passing of many Christian leaders and figures. Some of them were controversial, others were more widely acclaimed. Largely centered on the United ...
Derry's St. Eugene's Cathedral will be 'lit up red' tomorrow as part of a major campaign highlighting the persecution of Christians around the world. The #RedWednesday initiative calls on people to 'Stand up for Faith and Freedom' and is also designed to shine a light on the persecution of Christians and ...
In the same time frame, in most European countries -- including Britain, Germany, Italy and Russia -- Christian deaths outnumbered Christian births. "In Germany alone, for example, there were an estimated 1.4 million more Christian deaths than births between 2010 and 2015, a pattern that is expected to ...
Christians comprise the largest religious group in the world, but that is expected to change by mid century according to a demographic analysis by the Pew Research Center. The change is affected both by the number of births — Muslims have 2.9 children per woman compared to 2.6 children per Christian ...
Years ago my mother died in September at the ripe age of 85. My father died in January at the ripe age of 93. They both died of natural, normal, healthy, Christian deaths. All stories of life include death. Death is the final chapter of life on earth. My parents had prepared themselves and us for this final ...
Because the terrorists also described the attack as an example of government weakness, somehow Christian deaths were treated as subordinate collateral ... in the US's wacky primary election season, including the bombastic Donald Trump, saw fit to mention the deaths of Christians as a significant part of the action.
The US Congress is to consider a resolution calling for recognition that ISIS is committing genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. However, due to reports that the genocide finding may only apply to Yazidis, 30 bipartisan US lawmakers, led by House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed ...


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