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updated Fri. October 15, 2021

Officials estimate about 45 people now occupy the camp where the fire occurred. Seattle Fire Department officials said the blaze began ... Eric Davis, an organizer and resident at the camp said Camp Second Chance received its operating permits last month. A sixth authorized camp made up of tiny homes ...

As taco serving lines dwindled and vendors started packing up Friday morning, Chuck Christian began “taking it all in.” Months of planning, with the help of clear weather, had proved successful another year as the 39th annual Cowboy Breakfast served free breakfast to thousands of early-morning ...
When Pastor John Hagee said that Jewish people don't occupy the land of Israel, they own it, a crowd of about 6,000 people erupted in whoops, ... that the heart of each of our religious traditions has to do with standing up for the marginalized,” said Judith Norman, one of the lead organizers of the protest.
All four suspects were charged with capital murder shooting into an occupied vehicle by sheriff's investigators in connection to the death of 23-year-old Paxton Kennedy. “She was his dope supplier,” ... Lawyers Eric Davis and John Steensland III represented Clark in court. Attorneys Derek Yarbrough and ...
... you see a celebrity walking into a closet that is an entire room and a whole lot of luxury,” said Marla Tomazin, a New York-based image consultant and closet organizer. ... She suggested that double bars should occupy half a closet with a shorter single bar placed high for longer garments such as coats.
Michelle Millette, organizer of the event, said the NDAA takes away freedoms of Americans including due process of law. “This is, essentially, the government saying 'We now have the right to incarcerate you without trial, we can just hold you indefinitely,'” Millette said. “A huge part of our freedom is the fact ...
In the other bedroom, now occupied by Finley, born during the midst of remodeling nearly two years ago, an exterior door to the front porch was removed and replaced by a window. His room is decorated with a baseball theme, specifically the St. Louis Cardinals, the team from Kelly's hometown. Retired ...
... Louise Harter, Eric Davis, Rob Narracci, Leslie Blatteau, Eric Staats, ... of our early past curators and organizers who we hoped to involve.
Officials estimate about 45 people now occupy the camp where the fire ... Eric Davis, an organizer and resident at the camp said Camp Second ...
“One of our requests to debate organizers,” Scott campaign ... “The two major candidates are either going to occupy a half hour apiece or, with ...


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