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updated Sat. April 14, 2018

Millions of undocumented immigrants file tax returns each year, and they are paying taxes for benefits they can't even use. The best estimates come from ... program, known as DACA. With the Trump administration's anti-immigrant agenda, however, their chance of getting papers seems remote for now.
Immigrant advocates are outraged by a U.S. government decision to put on hold a program that helps tens of thousands of immigrants navigate the country's complex immigration court system. The $8 million-a-year program that provides legal orientation to immigrants in deportation proceedings is on ...

"It is disappointing to see this sort of fear-mongering from someone who wants to serve on the Commissioners Court," said Commissioner Elba Garcia, a Mexican immigrant. "County governance is about management -- competent administration and prudent stewardship of taxpayers' dollars, not ... illegal immigrants
While immigrants with serious criminal convictions would still "come first," any unauthorized immigrant would become fair game, Thomas Homan, acting director of ICE, told Congress: "If you're in this country illegally and you committed a crime by entering this country," he said, "you should look over ... Pennsylvania
"People have so many competing needs, when you're an immigrant, voting becomes a [least] priority," she said. "They are thinking about other things -- employment, access to healthcare, just being able to be legal." It is important that immigrants who become naturalized citizens make the ...

The Department of Justice will temporarily suspend funding for a legal-advice program for detained immigrants as well as a telephone help line at the end of ... The nonprofit works with a network of 18 legal aid organizations to provide information in multiple languages about immigrant rights and how ...
Less than 30 percent of immigrants facing deportation proceedings in Texas have lawyers, according to the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at ... Immigrant advocates and attorneys say that a lack of representation multiplies a person's chances of being deported, and they said that the ...
The result is heightened uncertainty for immigrants about encounters with local and state authorities who might take it upon themselves to act unofficially as surrogates for the federal immigration agency. This is especially true in the center of the state, where anti-immigrant feelings run high. "The ... illegal immigrants Pennsylvania
The code, which polarized Quebec, helped spur a loud national debate and even a provincewide commission on what constituted "reasonable accommodation" when it came to respecting the cultures and traditions of immigrants. Should veils, for example, be worn by Muslim students at school? Should ... Women
A recent case involving a couple from Guatemala raised questions of how the Gainesville Police Department handles suspects, victims and even witnesses who might not be in the U.S. legally. The Gainesville Police Department said on Tuesday it will rewrite its policy of reporting undocumented immigrants ... Women
#That's the unique part of Mississippi's policy. The "Non US Citizen" could imply that a documented immigrant is not in the U.S. illegally, although undocumented immigrants cannot obtain a driver's license at all. #"If you are a non-U.S. citizen, you must meet all other requirements for obtaining an operator's ... Women
Trump's warning this week that a caravan of immigrants from Honduras was headed toward the border hoping to enter the DACA program infuriated immigrant advocates. Castillo explained the program's purpose and why Trump's contention is an impossibility. DACA is for people brought here as children ... Women
At a sports stadium in a small city in Oaxaca state, hundreds of immigrants, mostly from Honduras, were in the process of applying for transit or humanitarian visas on Tuesday. Those granted transit visas will be allowed to stay in Mexico for up to 30 days, giving them time to reach the U.S. border or head ... Women
There's nothing wrong with celebrating an immigrant's success, but we must do so for the right reasons. If we highlight stories of immigrant exceptionalism too often, they seem less like exceptions and more like the rule, justifying the exclusion of immigrants who don't meet such lofty standards. If we highlight ... Women
The Facts Behind 'Caravans' of Immigrants. The President has used the occurrence of an annual human rights demonstration as a reason to deploy the military to the United States-Mexico border. By. Alex Kasprak. 3 April 2018. Brooke Binkowski. 116. On 9 April 2017, four months into Donald Trump's presidency, a group of ... Women
President Trump Threatens NAFTA and Foreign Aid to Honduras Over Immigrant 'Caravan' ... gets there,” wrote President Trump, referring to a caravan of immigrants reportedly traveling towards the U.S., organized by a humanitarian volunteer group called Pueblos Sin Fronteras, or People Without Borders. Women

The First Unitarian Universalist Church, which has campuses in Hillcrest and Chula Vista, has voted to become a sanctuary for immigrants who are trying to fight their deportation ... At the end of March, the Washington Post tallied about 40 known cases of immigrants living in churches to avoid deportation. Women
In two recent cases in which Border Patrol faced public blowback over its arrests, the agency said those arrested were tied to human smuggling cases. But it never turned over the cases to federal prosecutors, and the immigrants arrested were never charged with crimes tied to smuggling. At the same time, ... Women
... vetting of potential immigrants and visitors by requiring all U.S. visa applicants to submit their social media usernames, previous email addresses and phone numbers — information that was previously sought only from applicants identified for extra scrutiny. The department estimates 710,000 immigrant ... Women
Mukhi suspects she slipped through some interviews because of how American she sounds, but when an employer would ask for details and discover her immigrant status, she was knocked out of the running. (This is technically illegal but very difficult to prove.) And even if you get in, filing with a certain job ... Women
Feeding into the President's narrative that immigrants make the U.S. a more dangerous place, last week, national news featured a story about a “violent deportee” who escaped custody at Kennedy Airport. Mohamadou Lamine Mbacke was being deported back to Senegal when, while waiting to board the ... Women
(AP) — President Donald Trump on Sunday declared "NO MORE" to a deal to help "Dreamer" immigrants and threatened to pull out of a free trade agreement with Mexico unless it does more to stop people from crossing into the U.S. He claimed they're coming to take advantage of protections granted ... Women
... to Denise Gilman, a University of Texas law professor. Gilman is a co-director of the school's Immigration Clinic and an immigration attorney. She was contacted by organizers since she provides legal advice to immigrants in Texas, where some of the caravan's migrants could end up in detention centers. Women
The group United We Dream wants to help persons at risk of being detained and, potentially, getting deported through the Notifica app. The group United We Dream (UWD), the largest organization of undocumented young immigrants in the United States, wants to help persons at risk of being detained and, ... Women
A large caravan of Central American migrants is snaking its way through Mexico and heading toward the U.S. border, and President Donald Trump is not happy about it. He tweeted his feelings on the topic Sunday morning. “Mexico has the absolute power not to let these large 'Caravans' of people enter ... Women
Nirva, left, a Haitian immigrant in the United States under temporary protected status, helps care for 96-year-old Isolina Dicenso. Nirva is among many direct-care workers who face deportation over the next 18 months because of President Donald Trump's policy changes. Kaiser Health News photo by ... Women
Luis Bolanos immigrated from Mexico in 1996. He is building a better future in the United States for his family, teaching the same welding courses at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College that changed the course of his life. Shelby Le Duc | USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin. Women
A proposal favored by a number of Congressional Republicans and the Trump administration would replace the current family-preference immigration system, which critics call “chain migration,” with one that favors skilled immigrants, while reducing admissions over all. Democrats have balked at the plan, ... Women
“Expecting taxpayers to provide money for illegal immigrants to fight immigration authorities is wrong,” he said. Jan Callison, the board chairwoman, said she disagrees with the Trump administration's immigration policies and sympathizes with the immigrant community. But she doesn't think the county ... Women
It's important to me because I am in immigrant. I came here four years ago from Venezuela. My whole family are immigrants and in South Florida we have a large population of immigrants and undocumented immigrants. To step out and use my voice as a documented immigrant to speak and help them, and ... Women
Poor immigrants facing deportation in New Jersey could get access to legal aid under a $2.1 million cash infusion in Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy's ... Murphy also campaigned on the promise of setting up an Office of Immigrant Protection, but his budget proposal, at least so far, does not include that. Women
Nirva, left, a Haitian immigrant in the United States under temporary protected status, helps care for 96-year-old Isolina Dicenso. Nirva is among many direct-care workers who will face deportation over the next 18 months because of President Donald Trump's policy changes. Must credit: Kaiser Health ... Women
ROANOKE — A lot has changed in this hilly railroad city since the early 1990s, when Bob Goodlatte was the go-to guy if you were an immigrant who needed ... In Roanoke, Goodlatte's transformation — from the guy immigrants used to call to the one leading an effort to keep them out — is a cause for painful ... Women
There was no federal immigration department and no border patrol. Visitors were not expected to carry passports or visas. To most Americans, the notion of an "illegal immigrant" would have elicited confusion. Young Trumpf likely faced a cursory examination to make sure he was not a "convict, lunatic, idiot. Women
You hear anti-immigrant pundits on television talking about how farmers want “open borders” so they can keep wages low and exploit immigrants while denying jobs to Americans. It's one of those colossally ignorant statements that comes from city folks who think that milk comes from the supermarket. Women
“The exploitation of immigrants is nothing new; what has changed is the magnitude of the problem. As the Trump administration continues to persecute immigrants, we are hearing of more and more cases of workplace abuse,” said Kica Matos, the Center for Community Change's director of immigrant rights ... Women
A civil rights group is suing an Alaska police department over what it says was the unlawful arrest and detention of an immigrant last summer. Listen now. On Thursday, the Alaska chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union filed a complaint in state court on behalf of Palmer resident Andres Alexander ... Women
She is one of three people who admitted they requested and collected bribes – up to $5,000 per victim – from several immigrants in Broward and Miami-Dade counties. All three pleaded guilty to bribery conspiracy charges in federal court in Fort Lauderdale earlier this year. They admitted they received ... Women
But because many saw “alien” as offensive, the term “illegal immigrant” was pushed forth. This is a total misnomer. The traditional, legal definition of “immigrant” is someone who comes here legally for the purpose of staying here permanently — that is to say, a “green card” holder. The Internal Revenue ... Women
Ship's Serviceman 2nd Class Juan Quiroz is getting ready to deploy this summer. At the same time, his immigrant wife, Irais, faces a deportation order, raising fears she will be kicked out of the country while he is underway. They are shown here with their two sons. (Photo courtesy Juan Quiroz). As summer ... Women
I guess at the future of the immigrant by applying probabilities of death or returning to a home country. I guess at the future descendants by using fertility rates for immigrants. I guess at the tax and benefit flows by taking some projection of government tax revenues and spending, and then applying the ... Women
The undocumented immigrant said he had no criminal record and had lived in the U.S. for 19 years, with a wife and three children. He's one of 1,570 non-criminal immigrants in Michigan and Ohio deported by ICE in Fiscal Year 2017, a 117% increase from the year before. Photo taken March 28, 2017. Women
There's finally a way to fly nonstop from Philly to Mexico City — a change that will make a monumental difference in the lives of Mexican immigrants living here. American Airlines and Philadelphia International Airport announced the new route last week. The once-daily service, which begins July 5, will ... Women
Long Beach City Council to vote on providing undocumented immigrants with extra protections from federal authorities ... “I value protecting students as dreamers, keeping families together, exploring legal resources for those who need it, and advocating for laws that are fair for immigrant families,” he said. Women
A major argument used by proponents of last year's tax-cut legislation was that it would boost the economy. Regardless of how that turns out, partisans on both sides generally agreed that growing the economy over the long term was an important goal. It is, therefore, odd that the debate over immigration ... Women
Immigrants in Houston have an extra resource because a hotline that provides information is expanding its services starting Monday, March 12th. The hotline used to answer calls in the afternoon from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., but now will be available all day, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Women
He noticed that beginning in September or October, any type of contact with law enforcement could land an unauthorized immigrant in ICE detention even if there were no criminal charges. One of his clients called the police because his wife had hit him. The wife told the responding officers that her husband ... Women
The legal struggle over immigrant “sanctuaries” is escalating, and deep-blue California is ground zero. ... The raids in Northern California in the following days still resulted in arrests of more than 230 undocumented immigrants, but the administration blamed Schaaf, a Democrat, for helping an additional ... Women
Abdalla and many other local immigrants have gained access to much-needed legal resources through the Immigrant Protection Project, a coordinated regional initiative on the part of the American Civil Liberties Union of Western Massachusetts, local lawyers, volunteers and community organizations. Women


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