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updated Thu. March 22, 2018

By 2025, the Navy's aircraft carrier-based air wings will consist of a mix of F-35C, F/A-18E/F Super Hornets, EA-18G Growlers electronic attack aircraft, E-2D Hawkeye battle management and control aircraft, MH-60R/S helicopters and Carrier Onboard Delivery logistics aircraft such as the Navy Osprey ...
Michols plays a key role in the health and safety of sailors on board aircraft carriers. He does everything from minor procedures, to check ups, to women's health. "I would say about 40 to 50 percent of all of our injuries or illnesses on the ship are muscular skeletal-related," said Michols. "And after that, a ... US aircraft carrier

Aircraft carriers are specifically named in the document as a prohibited weapon. Nonetheless, the Abe government argues the that Izumo-class combined with the F-35B would be considered a defensive weapon--a "defensive Aircraft carrier." But given that the F-35 is primarily a strike Aircraft, that line of ...
As McCormack explained, the Navy will use the post-commissioning shakedown to test all of the new systems onboard Ford to identify any deficiencies or fixes that might need to be made. Ford will then move into a post-shakedown availability where the shipyard will make any needed corrections and ... Gerald Ford Aircraft
A major Chinese shipbuilder posted pictures of Beijing's vision for its future navy with high-tech aircraft carriers, stealth fighter aircraft and nuclear submarines before censors removed the ... As reported by Sputnik at the end of February, CSIC seeks to complete a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier by 2025. aircraft
The images, screengrabbed and reported on by Jeffrey Lin and P.W. Singer at Popular Science, showed Chinese plans for a massive, nuclear-capable aircraft carrier with stealth jets, nuclear submarines, and underwater drones, as well as a possible "underwater great wall of China" attack and defense system to surveil and ... aircraft

On March 5, the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) made a port call in Da Nang, Vietnam. Sailors from the Carl Vinson engaged in training alongside personnel from the Vietnamese Navy, as well as onshore cultural activities. That's perfectly normal. What wasn't normal was the prestige ... aircraft
A fascinating and highly-detailed look at Taiho's construction is available at the Armored Aircraft Carriers in World War II project. The details are important, because the reason for the carrier's doom lies in the details. Six torpedoes from the U.S. Navy submarine USS Albacore headed toward the Japanese ... aircraft
About 500 miles off the coast of eastern Australia and two miles down they located the wreck of the U.S.S. Lexington, one of the United States' first aircraft carriers, which was scuttled on May 8, 1942, to prevent its capture after the Battle of the Coral Sea, as the Associated Press reports. Elaina Zachos at ... aircraft
For the first since the Vietnam War, a US aircraft carrier moored just off the Vietnamese coast. The USS Carl Vinson and its 5,000 sailors arrived in Da Nang this week for an official visit. Former enemies, now allies, the US is cozying up to Vietnam in a move to counter China's growing influence and military ... aircraft
An expedition funded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has found the wreckage of the USS Lexington aircraft carrier, which was sunk by the Japanese in ... U.S. Navy aircraft carriers are strong symbols of America's force projection, and one this week is making a friendly visit to Vietnam, the first since the ... aircraft
The era of the American aircraft carrier as the premier embodiment of military might could be ending unless the U.S. develops defenses for the next generation of highly maneuverable, super-fast hypersonic weapons under development by Russia and China, the Pentagon's top weapons researcher said ... aircraft
The USS Lexington, a World War II aircraft carrier recently discovered about two miles deep in the ocean off the coast of Australia, was built in a ... It was one of the nation's first aircraft carriers, and the first carrier built at the Quincy shipyard, said Ed Fitzgerald, executive director of Quincy Historical Society. aircraft
Wreckage from the USS Lexington, an aircraft carrier that sank during the second world war, has been found in the Coral Sea by a search team led by the Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. The wreckage was found on Sunday by the team's research vessel, the R/V Petrel, about two miles (3km) below the ... aircraft
The visit of an aircraft carrier — a more than 100,000-ton manifestation of U.S. global military projection — reaffirms closer relations as Beijing flexes it political, economic and military muscle in Southeast Asia, and Washington seeks to re-establish its influence. “Although the visit is mainly symbolic and ... aircraft
... first time a state-owned Chinese defence company has openly identified nuclear-powered aircraft carriers on its agenda”. The newspaper article also referred to a speech made in late 2017 by CSIC Chairman Hu Wenming, in which he stated that China was capable of building “any type of aircraft carrier”. aircraft
DANANG - A US aircraft carrier arrived in Vietnam Monday for the first time since the end of the war, as the former foes bolster military ties in the face of Beijing's build-up in the disputed South China Sea. The USS Carl Vinson will make a four-day port call to the central city of Danang for a highly symbolic ... aircraft

The US Navy made history on Monday by putting to sea for the first time ever an aircraft carrier with F-35B jets. And by deploying them in the Pacific, it's a message China and North Korea are sure to hear loud and clear. The US Marine Corps's Fighter Attack Squadron 121 deployed aboard the USS Wasp, a smaller-deck ... aircraft
Commissioned in 2017, HMS Queen Elizabeth is the newest aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy, and currently Britain's only active one as well. Queen Elizabeth is unique from other carriers in that she has two control towers, one for sea operations, and one for air operations. With a deck that is 932 feet long, ... aircraft
Although no U.S. aircraft carrier has been to Vietnam since the end of the war, other, smaller U.S. warships have made high-level visits as ties improved in recent years. That includes a 2016 visit by submarine tender USS Frank Cable and guided-missile destroyer USS John S. McCain to Cam Ranh Bay, ... aircraft
Washington (CNN) Wreckage from the USS Lexington -- a US aircraft carrier sunk by the Japanese during World War II -- has been discovered 500 miles off ... One of the first US aircraft carriers ever built, the vessel dubbed "Lady Lex" was located at the bottom of the Coral Sea -- nearly two miles below the ... aircraft
One of the first aircraft carriers ever built by the U.S., the Lexington sank during the Battle of the Coral Sea in May of 1942. The ship went down with 216 crew members and 35 aircraft. But 2,770 crewmen and officers were rescued by awaiting U.S. ships. The Lexington was the first aircraft carrier to be sunk ... aircraft
BANGKOK — For the first time since the end of the Vietnam War, a United States aircraft carrier is scheduled to make a port call in Vietnam on Monday (March 5), signaling how China's rise is bringing together former foes in a significant shift in the region's geopolitical landscape. The vessel, the Carl Vinson ... aircraft
However, a visit by an aircraft carrier is of a different level and something that government officials in Beijing will be paying close attention to. On Friday, a Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman said that she hoped that the visit can "play a constructive role for the region instead of making the ... aircraft
Prior to World War II, operating on limited funds and under the restrictions of the Washington Naval Treaty, the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) facilitated the construction of numerous ships designed for conversion into aircraft carriers. Many of these ships went on to play large roles in the campaigns of the ... aircraft
To say that there is a lot of hype surrounding the Royal Navy's new carriers would be a vast understatement. But who can blame the Brits who have longed for a proper flattop since HMS Ark Royal was retired the better part of a decade ago. The Royal Navy knows their new carriers garner major interest so ... aircraft
Liaoning is the Peoples Liberation Army Navy's first combat-capable aircraft carrier. China had bought other aircraft carriers before to use as casinos and museum ships, but it wasn't until it purchased a half-built Soviet carrier in 1998 that China seriously started its carrier program. Liaoning is 999 feet long ... aircraft
After redesigning the Liaoning aircraft carrier and building the Type 001A carrier, Beijing's military has sufficient technical expertise to construct carriers ... The roughly 1,000-foot-long carrier is roughly similar in length to the US Navy's Nimitz-class aircraft carriers and the Russian Navy's Admiral Kuznetsov. aircraft
Builders laid the keel for the Ulyanovsk in 1988, just as the Soviet empire began to break apart. The ship was such a large project that builders wouldn't have finished her until the mid '90s. Construction took place at the Black Sea Shipyard in Ukraine—often called Nikolayev South Shipyard 444. It's an old ... aircraft
Within that context, the visit should be understood as not just a one-off event but part of a gradual integration of U.S. aircraft carriers in the relationship. Last October, Vietnam Deputy Defense Minister Nguyen Chi Vinh became the highest ranking Vietnamese official to embark on a U.S. aircraft carrier when ... aircraft
NORFOLK, Va. - An aircraft carrier is sort of like a small city cruising the ocean. It has thousands of people on board, living together for months at a time. Officials with the Navy recently invited 10 News to land on a ship, and spend 24 hours on board learning to live like a sailor.
Japan's Jiji Press is reporting that a US Navy strike group led by the super carrier USS Carl Vinson is engaged in a joint exercise with Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force (MSDF) in the South China Sea. The drill in the South China Sea where China has been building artificial islands and military facilities, ...
The ships were designed, like conventional seagoing aircraft carriers, to reconnoiter the seas and search for the enemy main battle fleet. Once the enemy fleet was located, the U.S. Navy's battleships would close with the enemy and defeat them. This was a primitive and limiting use of the aircraft carrier, ... US Military
Furthermore, Hu Wenming, the chairman of CSIC, said in a recent speech that China is capable of designing and building “any type” of aircraft carrier. Li Jie, a Beijing-based naval expert interviewed by the Global Times, said that “Hu's speech indicates that China can build aircraft carriers powered by ... US Military
A naval aviator is in the running to become the Navy's first female commanding officer of an aircraft carrier in the service's history. Capt. Amy Bauernschmidt is the executive officer of the carrier Abraham Lincoln, one of 11 aircraft carriers stationed around the world. She reported to the Lincoln in September ... US Military
The USS Carl Vinson, home to 5,500 American sailors and 72 aircraft, is the first U.S. aircraft carrier to visit a Vietnamese port since the Vietnam War ended over four decades ago. Yet, while the visit may seem startling to some, it actually reflects longstanding trends in U.S.-Vietnam relations that have been ... US Military
While Japan's Ministry of Defense (MoD) has repeatedly denied plans to retrofit the Izumo-class into full-fledged aircraft carriers–euphemistically classified as helicopter destroyers by the JMSDF to downplay the ships' offensive warfighting capabilities– a JMSDF executive said that a consensus was ... US Military
The USS John F. Kennedy, the second of the US Navy's Gerald R. Ford-class advanced nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, has reached 70% completion, according to the shipbuilder Huntington Ingalls. Like the first-in-class Gerald R. Ford, the Kennedy is being constructed using a modular technique, ... US Military
The US Navy has requested the delay of planned shock testing on their newest aircraft carrier in order to fast-track the ship into combat duty. The Pentagon's ... The USS Gerald R. Ford was commissioned in July 2017, the first US aircraft carrier to enter service in eight and a half years. The Navy used it to ... US Military
The Royal Navy's largest-ever warship is taking another step towards deploying on operations, and is training at sea with military aircraft for the first time. HMS Queen Elizabeth, the first in a new class of British military vessels, sailed out of Portsmouth Naval Base on Friday to learn how to work with ... US Military
She doesn't mention, not here anyway, that she used to take time out from monitoring the nuclear reactors aboard the aircraft carriers to organize Passover seders. Speaking to a JTA reporter later at the mermaid shop (really) that she owns and runs, she explains the seders — like she explains much else ... US Military
The Ulithi respite was soon over, and by Thanksgiving Day Halsey and Task Force 38 were dodging Japanese kamikaze assaults off the Philippines. Three aircraft carriers were damaged, including the veteran USS Intrepid. The volatile “Patton of the Pacific” had initially dismissed the suicide planes as “a ... US Military
Chinook helicopters have landed onboard HMS Queen Elizabeth for the first time as the Royal Navy's new aircraft carrier heads to sea on her next round of trials. The UK's future flagship sailed from Portsmouth this week for the first time since being officially commissioned into the Royal Navy in December. US Military
The Ulithi respite was soon over, and by Thanksgiving Day Halsey and Task Force 38 were dodging Japanese kamikaze assaults off the Philippines. Three aircraft carriers were damaged, including the veteran USS Intrepid. The volatile “Patton of the Pacific” had initially dismissed the suicide planes as “a ... US Military
NORFOLK, VA – The U.S. Navy invited Fox San Antonio along for a rare opportunity to spend the night on an aircraft carrier where sailors from South Texas live and work for months and even years at a time, fighting for our freedom. We first saw the USS Abraham Lincoln at her home part in Norfolk, Virginia, at the world's ... US Military
Gerald Ford was clumsy even as a sailor — and now the aircraft carrier that bears his name has a statue immortalizing it. Daniel Brown. 1h; 1,984. facebook · linkedin · twitter; email; print. USS Gerald R. Ford Daniel Brown/Business Insider. Gerald Ford had a reputation for being clumsy. As we learned during our tour of the ... US Military
“Missiles costing (much) less than half a million pounds [$642,000] a unit could at least disable a British aircraft carrier that costs more than £3 billion [$3.9 ... The ability of a missile or a computer virus to destroy or disable expensive Cold War–era weapons like aircraft carriers or tanks, or the satellites and ... US Military
The £3.1bn aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth has been hit by another flood after a sprinkler system misfired. The mishap comes just weeks after the ... The 65,000 ton carrier was delivered with the defect by ship building partnership the Aircraft Carrier Alliance. Millions were expected to be spent fixing ... US Military
In that sense George Washington, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, may not be "superior" to USS America, the U.S. Navy's latest amphibious helicopter carrier, or to Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force "helicopter destroyers"—a.k.a. light aircraft carriers—despite a far more lethal air wing and other material ... US Military
Navy's new £3.1bn aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth hit by another leak after mystery sprinkler system sparks flood. A wall of water gushed down inside Aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth after a mishap with the ship's sprinkler system, coming just a month after The Sun revealed it was leaking 200 ... US Military


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