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updated Sat. July 23, 2022

The package last year included AGM-88B missiles, SM-2 Block IIIA missiles, the MK48 Mod 6AT heavyweight torpedo, the MK54 lightweight torpedo, the AGM-154C joint standoff weapon, and AN/SLQ-32(V)3 electronic warfare systems. China's total spending on defense continues to significantly dwarf ...

Being developed under the SM-2 Improvement Program, the SM-2 Block IIIC is intended to upgrade existing SM-2 Block IIIA/Block IIIB missiles with an active radar homing capability. Existing SM-2 rounds use a semi-active radar homing seeker. Want to read more? For analysis on this article and access to ...
A Raytheon SM-2 Block IIIA guided missile explodes over USS The Sullivans during a training exercise on July 18, 2015. The Department of Defense has said some areas of the Atlantic coast can't have any oil and gas exploration operations without disrupting military operations. (U.S. Navy photo).
New deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2020 and will include more than 280 SM-2 Block IIIA and IIIB missiles, the latest versions. More than half of the missiles will go to Japan, according to a Defense Department contract notice. Raytheon and the U.S. Navy are using the restart as an opportunity to ...
Denmark has begun initial steps to acquire the Raytheon Standard Missile (SM)-2 Block IIIA anti-air warfare (AAW) missile through a US Foreign Military Sales (FMS) case, but final approval for the acquisition will hinge on the government's 2018-22 defence bill. The Royal Danish Navy's (RDN's) three new ...
Japan has already installed SM-2 Block IIIA/IIIB missiles on its four Kongo-class and two Atago-class destroyers, and has two intermediate-level maintenance facilities that can maintain the SM-2 Block IIIB missiles. The Raytheon-built SM-2 Block IIIB missile is a fleet-area air defence weapon designed to ...


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