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updated Fri. February 10, 2023

The South Central Unified District #5 School Board selected four finalists in the new superintendent search Tuesday evening. The finalists include Julie A. Otero, current superintendent of Centura Public Schools. She has also worked as an assistant superintendent of Lexington Public Schools and as a ...
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During the Gulf War in 1991, the U.S. deployed then new Patriot missile defense battery on Israeli shores when the country became the target of Iraqi scud missiles, a testament to a deep partnership between the two countries despite not a huge success. "There's no question about the commitment. We're ...
Israel has made missile defense a priority since Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein bombarded the country with 39 Scud missiles during the 1991 Gulf War. Today, the threat is far more formidable. The Lebanese militant group Hezbollah is now believed to possess well over 100,000 rockets and missiles capable ...
Post-war assessments discovered that most of Saddam's TELs came out of the war intact, although the United States and its allies helped slow the tempo of Iraqi Scud launches during the war, which may have saved lives. That alone was an accomplishment given the coalition's need to keep Israel — one ...

During the 1991 Persian Gulf War, it's possible the United States' “Scud hunt” scored hits on Saddam Hussein's ballistic-missile transporter erector launchers — or TELs. But there is little evidence that the missile hunt significantly reduced Iraq's ballistic missile arsenal. Post-war assessments discovered that ...
Starting in the 1970s, Cairo and Pyongyang collaborated to extend the range and accuracy of Soviet Scud missiles, said Owen Sirrs, a former agent with the Defense Intelligence Agency. In the late 1990s, American officials worried that Egypt was trying to buy North Korea's Nodong missile system, which ...

While assembling the coalition that would eject Iraqi forces from Kuwait in 1990–1991, one thing American military planners weren't worried about was Iraq's Scud-B tactical ballistic missiles. True, Iraq had flung hundreds of the Soviet-designed missiles at Iranian cities during the Iran-Iraq war. But the ...
One of the most infamous missiles of the modern era, the Scud short-range ballistic missile was developed as a nuclear asset for Soviet commanders during the Cold War. Today, more than six decades later, the Scud's DNA has been scattered worldwide, found in ballistic missiles from North Korea to Iran.
During the 1991 war, American Patriot missile batteries were deployed to Israel to defend against Iraqi Scud missile attacks. Lt. Gen. Richard Clark, commander of the U.S. troops, said American forces are ready to deploy in Israel at Israel's request. Once Israel gives the green light, he said American forces ...
I propose a merger with SCUD into the city of Crossville to create South Cumberland Utility Department subject to the approval by all appropriate local, state and federal agencies," Graham said. The first part of Graham's proposal is to "promote a decrease in water rates in SCUD and to decrease redundant ...


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