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updated Fri. March 30, 2018

In 2010, fitfluencer Jenelle Salazar Butler paid cash to get silicone injections in a hotel room. Now a 36-year-old mother of three, she's had them removed in a surgery that left her fighting for her life. As told to Elizabeth Narins. Mar 30, 2018. When I woke up, there was a row of stitches along each side of my butt crack ... Market
Stubhub's Aimee Campbell believes it will drive punters to black markets. She told the Irish Sun: "The Government passing a law doesn't change market dynamics so what you might see is people going back onto the streets for their transactions or taking them to other platforms where regulations ... black market

Hails. This is…gonna be long. Sorry. If you want to skip to the tunes, do a find for "10." In 2014, Steve Albini gave the keynote address at Melbourne, Australia's Face The Music. The speech, which you can read as an edited version here that I'll be using as a source for subsequent quotes, is still interesting nearly four ...
BERKELEY (CBS SF) -- Cannabis buyers in Berkeley are getting a tax break as the city has dropped its taxes on marijuana from 10 percent to five percent. The main reason for the drop is to fight a booming black market. Berkeley is one of the only cities in the state to make the move. The buzz ...
PHILADELPHIA -- As opposing factions in Philadelphia and the beverage industry continue to wage a legal battle over the city's sweetened-beverage tax, a soda black market is slowly gathering steam, according to reports. Unmarked white vans and other vehicles are cruising Philly streets, the drivers selling pallets ...
The chief beneficiaries of the city keeping marijuana businesses illegal will be the black market and other cities which will get tax revenues from Riverside residents buying marijuana in their cities. Rather than deal realistically with marijuana, it appears a majority of the council just wants to be over ...

California marijuana sellers contend with online black market. Marijuana ... Why it matters: "The dispute over the online ads goes to basic economics for an emerging market sprung from what was mostly an illegal one: Lawful operators will struggle if they're competing with a robust black market that can undersell them.".
Federal prosecutors announced Monday that they've charged two members of the Gardena Police Department with illegally purchasing guns and selling about 100 firearms on the black market. Carlos Miguel Fernandez, 42, and Edward Yasushiro Arao, 47, were arrested Friday for allegedly selling ...
It's just after 2 a.m. March 17 at J. Wakefield Brewing in Wynwood. Though the place has been closed for over an hour, five guys are seated in folding chairs just steps from the front bay door. They're huddled around a cooler filled with bottles of barrel-aged beers, fruit-tinged wild ales, and ... Market
A loaf of Kingsmill 50-50 will set you back £8 on the black market - or should that be white market? - while two litres of milk is going for £100 in Bellshill. A Warburton's Toastie, advertised as being "from a smoke free home" and "kept in a bread bin", is going for £45, though its best before date is tomorrow. Sports
PASADENA, Calif. — A lieutenant in the Pasadena Police Department was arrested this morning on suspicion that he illegally sold more than 100 'off-roster' guns to the public. According to the U.S. Attorney's Office, 48-year-old Vasken Kenneth Gourdikian is accused of using his official status as a police ... Sports
HAUL: The Eastern rock lobsters seized by NSW Fisheries officers in Mayfield last week as part of an undercover surveillance operation in the Hunter. Picture: NSW Department of Primary Industries. A SPECIAL flying squad of fisheries officers have seized the vehicle of a commercial fisherman after he was ... Sports
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A hypodermic needle is not what you would expect to find if you reached for a worn copy of Harry Potter from a library's bookshelf. And the last thing you would expect is to find a 25-year-old man dead in the bathroom. But for some guests at the Denver Public Library in Colorado, this was the reality. People ... Sports
A group of vendors gathered at city hall in New York City in 2017 to urge city council to pass a measure to increase the number of food vendor permits. - Beenish Ahmed/ for Marketplace. Listen To The Story. Marketplace. Download download; Embed embed. Embed Code. Sports
Ministers have decided to set the minimum price of alcohol in Scotland at 50p a unit despite warnings that the policy will encourage black market sales and cross-border smuggling. The announcement followed a consultation that found strong support for the move from health campaigners. However, the ... Sports

ORLANDO, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) - A Central Florida veterinarian is warning pet owners about buying flea, tic and heart worm prevention drugs on the black market. "The safety issues and risks posed are very real," said Dr. Sarika Patel of Shaffer Animal Hospital who added it could have fatal consequences. Sports
Moose and caribou antlers sit in a corner of the Alaska Fur Exchange in Anchorage. These large, high-quality antlers are unlikely to be cut down into pet chews and are mostly purchased by collectors. Zachariah Hughes/Alaska Public Media hide caption. toggle caption. Zachariah Hughes/Alaska Public ... Sports
The latest increase in tobacco taxes puts B.C. cigarette prices among the highest in Canada, prompting concern about an increase in smuggled smokes. The B.C. government budget adds 56 cents in tax to the price of a pack of 20 cigarettes, effective April 1. That brings the total provincial tax to $5.50 per ... Sports
Buying the butt of your dreams in 2018 seems almost as common as getting Botox these days, and if you're willing to forgo going to a board-certified plastic surgeon and take a gamble on illegal booty shots, even faster and cheaper. But what about removing your new derriere when it's no longer in fashion? Sports
Ever since Washington legalized recreational cannabis, law enforcement officials have focused more on the traffic of weed across the state border. In 2017, Idaho confiscated almost three times the weed that they had the year prior. Part of the problem has been faults in the tracking system implemented by ... Sports
The overproduction and black market sales problems are also compounded by recent sting operations at licensed retailers, in which 16 pot shops were caught selling weed to minors. In an audit of the local cannabis industry from Oregon's Secretary of State, released February 7th, state officials confirmed a ... Sports
(Markets Edition) Bond yields on the 10-year Treasury note are at their highest level in four years. On today's show, we'll look at whether their rise will continue. Afterwards, we'll talk about Venezuela's decision to pre-sell a cryptocurrency known as the "petro," which is backed by the country's oil reserves. Sports
A group of vendors gathered at city hall in New York City in 2017 to urge city council to pass a measure to increase the number of food vendor permits. - Beenish Ahmed/ for Marketplace. Listen To The Story. Marketplace. Download download; Embed embed. Embed Code. Sports
Black market demand for expensive pet fish is believed to have inspired a break-in at a popular Melbourne fish store. China Southern says passenger demand rose by 10% in 2017. 1:58 · China Southern says passenger demand rose by 10% in 2017 · Manufacturing buoyed as focus shifts to rate hikes. 1:48 · Manufacturing ... Sports
But new statistics show that arrests for the production of black market pot increased by 380 percent in the 2014-16 time frame, and Colorado law enforcement agencies say they are battling a boom in illegal marijuana cultivation by sometimes violent groups of criminals who rake in millions of dollars by ... Sports
A Most Unholy Man will debut on Mar. 8 and the Winchesters will find themselves in the religious black market for a special relic to save Mary and Jack. Supernatural may be on a break, but The CW has already released the synopsis for Episode 15. Yes, the episode a week after the show returns. Season ... Sports
TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Industry Ministry and the Communications and Information Technology Ministry are preparing a system to prevent the smuggling of cellular phones. Industry Minister Airlangga Hartanto said that every mobile phone entering Indonesia must be registered before it can be used. Sports
The Twitter account of Barcade Philly, a popular Fishtown bar equipped with retro arcade games, was taken over by Spanish-speaking hackers Thursday afternoon. As of late Thursday night. Barcade social media mangers were on the way to recovering the account. But at first, the hackers attributed the ... Sports
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan police have arrested a gang accused of extracting spinal fluid from swindled victims, officials said Tuesday, the latest case involving the country's notorious medical black market. Police in Punjab province's eastern Hafizabad district arrested five suspects after being tipped off by ... Sports
Robots equipped with artificial intelligence technologies could become the “Kalashnikovs” of the future after entering the black market, a report by the technology think tank ThinkTech has suggested, state-run Anadolu Agency reported on Feb. 13. ThinkTech is an offshoot of Defense Technologies ... Sports
The South Sudan government is cracking down on black market money changers to try to prevent the South Sudanese pound from falling any further against the U.S. dollar. A combined force of police officers, military and national security service operatives were seen moving through several Juba markets ... Sports
A bill has passed the state Senate which will outlaw the sale of products like baby formula, aspirin, and ibuprofen by anyone not licensed to sell them. Sen. David Carlucci (D-Rockland/Westchester), who introduced the bill, says these products are in high demand and selling them on the black market has ... Sports
Authorities have busted a ring they say used stolen credit card numbers to buy diesel supplying Miami's thriving black market for fuel. It's believed to be the most expansive case brought against illegal fuel sellers — and buyers — who have helped make underground diesel sales a lucrative underground ... Sports
Police say they've shut down a major underground internet forum that helped cybercriminals steal over $530 million from victims. The Department of Justice on Wednesday announced the indictments of 36 suspects allegedly responsible for the black market Infraud forum, which sold stolen credit card ... Sports
The deputy mayor of the City of Cape Town has warned that authorities will crack down on the flourishing black market in water trade. Ian Neilson said water shops have sprung up and in many cases people are simply using municipal water to sell on. "We are acting in these cases and have raided these ... Sports
Domenic and Tina Betters, owners of Black Market Deli and its sister operation, Black Market Jerky, launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to open their brick-and-mortar shop in late 2017 at 740 East Warrington Ave., adding to the growing list of new business along Allentown's main street. Sports
YOUNG Brits are facing an addiction “crisis” after figures showed the UK is the second-largest black market for Xanax in the world, after the US. Up to 22 per cent of all anonymised trades on the dark web are made in this country, according to figures obtained by The Guardian. The UK is now the world's ... Sports
Patients who received black market injections are dealing with the painful results years after the cosmetic procedures. Silicone fillers to the breasts and buttocks are leaving patients deformed and maimed, according to doctors. Alexandra Carvajalino says she's still suffering years after getting bad butt ... Sports
Sessions gave U.S. Attorneys in states that have legalized recreational marijuana latitude to exercise their discretion on enforcement. Williams has already made clear his concerns about what he characterizes as a substantial amount of Oregon-produced marijuana seeping into the black market and across ... Sports
An illicit market for human blood has mushroomed in Venezuela amid economic collapse and a desperate shortage of safe supplies in hospitals. Selling blood is illegal but a combination of desperate patients and impoverished doctors — many of whom earn less than £3 a month — means that the practice ... Sports
HAVANA TIMES — The black market exists everywhere, but in Cuba, an exception of a country under a so-called “socialist” authoritarian government, shortages determine the specific features of this form of trade. Carlos Alberto Montaner has repeated that “Communism is the kingdom of shortages.” Cuban ... Sports
On the last episode of Black Market, Doug Moore left us. He said he was going out to pick up an award while muttering “fly, Doug, fly” under his breath. He never returned. Over the past month, we've tried to fill his absence by building a Doug robot programmed to compare things to Metallica's lifecycle, but it ... Sports
KHARTOUM, Jan 30 (Reuters) - Sudan's currency hit about 37.5 SDG per dollar on black market trading on Tuesday, currency traders said, a roughly 10 percent fall from a week earlier, when the central bank widened the band at which banks could trade their scarce supply of dollars. Sudan's currency has ... Sports
Over the weekend, we learned that hackers were using YouTube ads to take over computers and force them to mine cryptocurrency. These types of attacks (known as cryptojacking) are only becoming more common, but a closer look at the practice reveals that it's usually tied to one particular currency: ... Sports
If you want to gain thousands of followers on Twitter overnight, it is not that hard. A company called Devumi can do just that for you — you just have to pay for it. A group of investigative reporters from The New York Times went inside social media's black market to examine the process and effects of fake ... Sports
Governor Charlie Baker plans to meet with US Attorney Andrew Lelling next month, and the governor thinks state and federal law enforcement priorities could converge on cracking down on the illicit marijuana market. At the state level, where marijuana has been legalized for medical and other uses, ... Sports
Allegedly, a few hostel welfare officers created a syndicate to divert this rice into the black market. With the help of rice smugglers, the rice is shifted to the neighbouring Maharashtra state and other shops in Nizamabad district. Speaking to this correspondent, a senior officer said on condition of anonymity, ... Sports
A proposed excise tax on medical marijuana in Canada could push even more patients to the black market and curb demand in the regulated market, executives, economists and patients told Marijuana Business Daily. The federal government plans to apply the same 10% excise tax on medical users as ... Sports


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