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updated Thu. February 8, 2018

His parrot, which had a silver collar inscribed with the words "Captain Pakenham of His Majesty's ship Saldanha", also survived, only to be shot a week later by a nearby gamekeeper, legend says. The new mass-grave memorial on the golf course is to be officially unveiled next Sunday December 2.

Preparations are underway to mark the 200th anniversary of the sinking of the HMS Saldanha, one of the greatest sea tragedies along these shores, with the loss of more than 250 lives. The navy ship was caught in a violent storm, and it's thought she was attempting to return her anchorage in Lough Swilly ...
This case raised the question of whether the detention by pirates of the MV SALDAHNA (the 'Vessel'), or the effects of piracy entitled charterers to argue that the vessel was off-hire in accordance with cl.15 of the NYPE form of Charterparty agreed by the parties in the Charterparty dated 25th June 2008.
The BBC's Jonah Fisher, on board a UK warship 100km (60 miles) away, said the captain of the MV Saldanha radioed that pirates had boarded his ship. The Saldanha is now heading to Somalia under pirate command after the UK navy's HMS Northumberland judged it was beyond its remit to pursue the ...


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