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updated Tue. April 3, 2018

The pipelines are the focus of the state agency's webpage at The pipelines include Mountaineer Gas Co.'s Eastern Panhandle expansion project, Atlantic Coast pipeline, Mountain Valley Pipeline, Mountaineer Xpress Pipeline and ...
Work on a pipeline that will transport natural gas liquids from the Permian Basin to Corpus Christi is proceeding on schedule, with the first phase officially complete. Official with Epic Y Grade pipeline LP announced on Monday the first phase of its natural gas liquids pipeline has been completed and ...

Another pipeline protester has taken to the trees. The latest person to climb up a tree in the path of the Mountain Valley pipeline -- hoping to prevent tree cutting as construction of the project begins -- got off the ground Monday on private land in Roanoke County. Speaking from a tree stand about 30 ...
China is now levying higher tariffs on US$3 billion worth U.S. goods, including a 15-percent tariff on the steel pipe that is used in oil and gas pipelines and that is manufactured in the United States, notably along the Texas Gulf Coast. Along with U.S. stainless steel and alloy pipe used for petroleum ... pipeline
The anticipated 90-day shutdown of the operation will allow for a full inspection of the iron-ore-carrying pipeline from the mine to the export terminal. This anticipated time is owing to the pipeline's length and the company ensuring protection of the natural environment. The leak occurred near another, ...
Across the provincial border, B.C.'s NDP government appealed the National Energy Board's approval of the project. It argued that the NEB's ruling over-steps "federal jurisdiction over inter-provincial pipelines." In my own analysis, I have identified three key problems with Alberta Premier Rachel ... pipeline

The shutdown could affect a network of major pipelines owned by subsidiaries, including Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company, which owns lines from Michigan to Texas, and Transwestern Pipeline Company LLC. The EDI system, designed to cut costs and boost speed, is used to conduct ... pipeline Energy Transfer
Frustrations are running high around Kinder Morgan's Burnaby facility among protesters and residents alike. While demonstrators camped out near the facility gates want Kinder Morgan to halt construction on its pipeline expansion project, the increased police presence and frequent road closures have ... pipeline Energy Transfer
The company has already been working to secure the site since the Public Utility Commission ordered a halt to the operation of the Mariner East 1 pipeline on March 7 because of its concern that the sinkholes, unstable geology, and the adjacent construction work for two new Mariner pipelines could ... pipeline Energy Transfer
(Lebanon) -- The builders of the Atlantic Sunrise natural gas pipeline have received a notice of violation from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for using an unauthorized drilling method when placing the pipe underneath Interstate 81 in Lebanon County. Transcontinental Gas Pipe ... pipeline Energy Transfer
The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, a group of five appointed people, all white and all nonresidents of northern Minnesota, will be deciding for northern landowners, native tribes and all Minnesotans whether we are to have an environmentally dangerous, foreign-owned pipeline (Line 3) going ... pipeline Energy Transfer
... the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. The denial means tree clearing has to halt until at least September, and at some points on the route, until mid-November. “They say if you give someone an inch, they'll take a mile,” Kirk Bowers, the pipelines program coordinator for the Virginia chapter of the Sierra Club, said. pipeline Energy Transfer
Fearful of large-scale protests like those that surrounded the Dakota Access pipeline, Louisiana legislators have joined their counterparts in other states to introduce legislation that specifically protects pipelines and establishes penalties for people who seek to damage them. Environmentalists consider the ... pipeline Energy Transfer
A group of 13 protesters outside Boston had their charges dismissed by a judge on Tuesday after arguing that the dangers posed by a pipeline were so dire, they had no recourse but to commit a crime to try to stop its construction. The case isn't only the first time the strategy, called the “necessity defense,” ... pipeline Energy Transfer
The ruling applied to the Southeast Market Pipelines Project, a network that includes the Sabal Trail pipeline to move natural gas across a number of states for delivery at Florida power plants. The D.C. circuit court decision directed FERC to review the climate change impacts of the Southeast Market ... pipeline Energy Transfer
They were installed by Lakehead Pipeline Co. Inc. sometime before the 1980s, when the reservation realized it owned the land. Enbridge Energy now owns the pipelines, but does not own the land under which they are installed. So in December 2015, the tribal council voted to accept $18.5 million—meant ... pipeline Energy Transfer
NEW ORLEANS—A company building a crude oil pipeline in Louisiana is asking a federal appeals court to allow it to resume construction work in an environmentally fragile swamp. A three-judge panel from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals was scheduled to hear arguments on March 13 on the Bayou ... pipeline Energy Transfer

The pipeline owned by Cenex, a subsidiary of CHS, transports refined fuels such as gasoline and diesel from Laurel, Mont., to Fargo. The company proposes to upgrade 182 miles from Sidney, Mont., to Minot, replacing an aging pipeline while also increasing capacity to meet customer demand. pipeline Energy Transfer
BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — North Dakota regulators have approved two oil and gas projects aimed at improving pipeline safety, meeting demand for diesel fuel and reducing the wasteful flaring of excess natural gas. The Public Service Commission on Wednesday approved a project by Cenex Pipeline to ... pipeline Energy Transfer
Since the protest last January, VSEC has organized fundraisers and bake sales to support the resistance against pipelines, specifically pipelines in Virginia including the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the Mountain Valley Pipeline. The organization is concerned about how the pipelines would increase the ... pipeline Energy Transfer
As if paying for food, shelter and other necessities wasn't enough, energy costs, paired with below-average incomes, can put even more of a strain on middle- and lower-income families. If we expand the state's energy production sector – onshore and off – and approve its pipeline infrastructure, we can ... pipeline Energy Transfer
Unfortunately, they found that almost every major bank is complicit in some pipeline company's financing. The organizations have named dozens of other big banks as financiers of companies behind the Dakota Access Pipeline and three proposed tar sands pipelines: Trans Mountain, Line 3, and Keystone ... pipeline Energy Transfer
These new pipelines are expected to lead to enormous increases in fracking and new threats to clean air, clean water, and the climate. They would also increase consumer costs and the use of eminent domain, whereby pipeline companies are allowed to seize private property from individual Americans. pipeline Energy Transfer
The Bureau of Investigation and Enforcement stressed, in light of three sinkholes opening up on Lisa Drive at the site of pipeline construction, and ... Add underground water and combine the area's geology with an 80-year-old pipeline, while punching though two new holes for new pipelines, is a worry. pipeline Energy Transfer
They said Trump's plan to slap a 25 percent tariff on steel imports could drive up the cost for oil and natural pipelines. Pipeline developers could then pass on higher prices to the oil and gas producers who use their lines. The solar industry is also advising Trump to not tax imported steel and aluminum, after ... pipeline Energy Transfer
... growth as well as the continued decline of domestic supply, Gazprom's share of the market is only likely to increase, with new pipelines helping along. ... As most of us already know, in much of the old world, long-term pipeline gas contracts are tied to oil prices, so in addition to Gazprom seemingly looking ... pipeline Energy Transfer
Investor enthusiasm has been waning and the most likely cause of this depression has been the pipeline. With only 1% annual top line growth in the past year something has to change. Their top selling drug Januvia/Jaumet for diabetes is under global pricing pressure after the Insulin price fixing scandals ... pipeline Energy Transfer
Ionis is a commercial-stage company, but most of its long-term value is in its platform and resulting preclinical and clinical-stage pipeline. It has a relatively large market capitalization compared to the small-cap biotechs I frequently write about. I believe that despite that, it is undervalued by the market to ... pipeline Energy Transfer
“Permitting the continued flow of hazardous liquid through the (active) pipeline without the proper steps to ensure the integrity of the pipeline could have catastrophic results impacting the public near or adjacent to the path of (the pipelines,” the agency wrote in a petition for an emergency order on ... pipeline Energy Transfer
Her order only applies to the basin and doesn't prevent the company from working elsewhere along the pipeline's 162-mile-long (261-kilometer) path from Lake Charles to St. James Parish. Sierra Club and other environmental groups sued the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in January, saying it violated the ... pipeline Energy Transfer
And now a new pipeline is on the horizon. The Bayou Bridge Pipeline is a proposed 24-inch-wide, 162-mile-long pipeline that will carry up to 480,000 barrels of oil a day through the Atchafalaya Basin to the crude oil refineries and export terminals near St. James, also in Louisiana. It will ultimately connect ... pipeline Energy Transfer
President Trump's planned steel tariffs could hit the energy industry hard, just as the U.S. is set to lead the world in oil production. The oil and gas pipeline industry is concerned that future projects to handle the booming supply won't be able to access the foreign steel they need. Alaska Senator Daniel ... pipeline Energy Transfer
The report found that between 2015 and 2017, “an estimated 9,097 Russian posts or tweets regarding U.S. energy policy or a current energy event,” such as approval of the Dakota Access oil pipeline, appeared on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. In addition, 4,334 social media accounts connected to a ... pipeline Energy Transfer
The thickest energy pipelines use a grade of steel that is produced abroad. When President Trump signed an executive order approving the Keystone Pipeline last year, he made headlines by also mandating that steel for future pipelines will need to be "made in the USA." At the time U.S. steelmakers said ... pipeline Energy Transfer
“Or of course, that particular location may have been poorly constructed from the very beginning. Whoever did the pipeline may not have followed all of the specifications. This is a problem within the entire state. We can't just ignore it. You have to do the proper research. You have to have the proper data." ... pipeline Energy Transfer
If approvals move ahead, pipeline construction would begin in the summer of 2019 and finish the following November. The upgrade would take place along a pipeline known as the North Seattle Lateral. It supplies Puget Sound Energy, which provides natural gas service to much of Snohomish County from ... pipeline Energy Transfer
The company said the pipeline will generate an estimated $1.5 million in tax revenue annually for counties along its route. Founded in 1952, Dominion Energy Carolina Gas Transmission operates approximately 1,500 miles of transmission pipelines in South Carolina and Georgia and delivers natural gas ... pipeline Energy Transfer
The governor's target to cut state greenhouse gas emissions significantly by 2030 is on a collision course with 10 major natural gas pipeline projects planned for the state, according to a study being released Tuesday by the national environmental group Earthworks and a clean energy not-for-profit with ... pipeline Energy Transfer
Jason Kenney says the Notley government blinked first in the battle with British Columbia over pipelines — and the wine ban should not be withdrawn. The United Conservative Party leader said Friday that B.C. is attempting to drag out the conflict over the Trans Mountain pipeline by referring a proposed ... pipeline Energy Transfer
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has denied a request for a stay in a case concerning a natural gas pipeline that runs through Boyle County. FERC, the federal agency charged with regulating all natural gas pipelines in the country, ruled last year that energy company Kinder Morgan could stop ... pipeline Energy Transfer
An agreement for an easement for a water pipeline to cross Washoe Tribe lands goes before Douglas County commissioners for approval on Thursday. The pipeline to serve the Clear Creek project and to connect the east and west portions of the county's water utility has been in the works for years. pipeline Energy Transfer
“The permitting process for these pipelines has been the most rigorous for any pipeline in Virginia history, and, should they move forward, our environmental compliance program will be the most vigilant,” DEQ Director David Paylor said in a written update Friday. State inspectors will join officials from the ... pipeline Energy Transfer
In February 2016, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo commissioned a study of the risks of running a gas pipeline through the Indian Point nuclear plant site. Seven months later, the state told the consulting firm preparing the $275,000 assessment to complete it by Dec. 31, 2016. More than a year after that ... pipeline Energy Transfer
Afghanistan: Work on Asia gas pipeline begins. The project ... Construction has begun on the Afghan section of a major gas pipeline linking four countries in Asia. ... The pipeline will run 1814 km and carry 33 billion cubic metres of natural gas each year and is expected to be completed by January 2020. pipeline Energy Transfer
But no matter what the status of the pipeline, the desire to shift away from almost total reliance on Russian gas appears clear. Currently Russia's Gazprom is the sole exporter of gas to Bulgaria and supplies nearly 90 percent of the Balkan nation's annual gas consumption. In 2009, Bulgarians shivered and ... pipeline Energy Transfer
On Tuesday, Marina Coast Water District and Monterey One Water officials will hold an official groundbreaking for the $22.6 million project, which is set to add 8 miles of 24-inch pipeline from north of Marina to Seaside where it will connect with two more miles of existing pipe along Gen. Jim Moore ... pipeline Energy Transfer
Imported steel trade actions under review by the Trump Administration could limit U.S. job growth from pipeline projects, the Association of Oil Pipe Lines (AOPL) has warned. The trade group issued the admonition after the U.S. Department of Commerce on Friday released a report on its probe of steel ... pipeline Energy Transfer
BAKU, Feb 20 (Reuters) - The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development plans to allocate loans worth up to 1.2 billion euros for the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) this year, part of a $40 billion project to bring new gas supplies to Europe, an EBRD official said. The European Union is trying to ... pipeline Energy Transfer
Atlantic Coast Pipeline is seeking possession of several properties in Augusta, Bath, Buckingham and Cumberland counties for the natural gas pipeline, which would run through West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina. The judge declined Monday to postpone a Feb. 26 hearing regarding land in Bath ... pipeline Energy Transfer
Despite the tough stance from Alberta Premier Rachel Notley about Kinder Morgan Canada's pipeline expansion, a prominent Alberta academic is taking British Columbia's side in the dispute. David Schindler, professor emeritus of ecology at the University of Alberta, says he thinks B.C.'s concerns about ... pipeline Energy Transfer


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