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updated Fri. April 26, 2024

Mid-March, you may recall, was when I last devoted a column to analyzing gold-market sentiment. Bullion at the time was trading around $1,320 ounce, and I concluded that gold market timers were not exhibiting “the widespread despair and pessimism that typically precede tradable gold rallies.”.

Gold markets initially tried to break above the $1350 level during the week but turned around to form a bit of a shooting star. I think that the market is in a massive uptrend channel, or perhaps even an ascending triangle. Either way, the market should continue to go higher, and if we can break above the top ...
Gold markets rallied significantly on Monday after initially pulling back, reaching towards the $1350 level. This is an area that has a little bit of a cluster just above, showing signs of exhaustion and perhaps resistance. If we can break above the $1353 level, the market then should go to the $1360 level above ...
Examining Trends Over the Last 40 Years in the Gold Market. Gillian Kemmerer: Welcome to the broadcast, I'm Gillian Kemmerer. The gold industry has changed significantly over the past 40 years, with new technology and exploration trends impacting investors. Here to tell us more is Joe Foster, gold and ...
Some analysts have been concerned that the gold market will not be able to withstand rising real interest rates. In the past few years, gold has had a strong negative correlation to real interest rates, ashigher bond yields increase gold's opportunity costs as a non-yielding asset. But, that correlation has ...
If we look at the historical performance of precious metals compared to markets, we see that gold has been closely tracking market volatility. The recent upheaval in the markets, led by Syria tensions, supported precious metals. Also, the earlier trade war fears with China lifted precious metals higher.


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