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updated Fri. December 8, 2023

BP Regional President: Azerbaijan is of 'key importance' among over 70 countries where BP operates. 19:36 28 February. Ministry of Emergency Situations: Search continues for crew member of Iranian cargo ship. 19:23 28 February. Foreigners traveling to Georgia by vehicles to be required insurance.

Trump administration may cut offshore drilling rules prompted by 2010 BP oil spill: report ... Roussel connected with families of some who died in the April 20, 2010, Deepwater Horizon oil spill to build the Our Lady of the Gulf Monument to be located next to Port Fourchon's Emergency Command Center.
CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (BP) -- A half-dozen Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicles (ERVs) rumbled through the parking lot of Annaville Baptist Church .... With White and First Baptist Kountze otherwise occupied, the SBTC DR command center moved to Grapevine, Stice said, calling the operation a ...
Seven years after its Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill, BP is betting tens of billions of dollars on the prospect that it can slash the costs of offshore drilling .... In a glassed-in drilling shack on the Thunder Horse platform, operators stay connected to a new onshore command center in Houston that BP ...
CANTON, Texas (BP) -- Even before the last of six deadly tornadoes hit three counties east of Dallas on the afternoon of May 1, disaster relief teams with ... Texas, is hosting the SBTC volunteers, providing accommodations, meals and a visible place to park the DR command center, communications trailer, ...
Cathy Foerster, head of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, said her agency, which regulates oil wells, has sent an inspector to the command center overseeing the response. The command center is at an operating center at Prudhoe Bay and consists of BP, the Alaska Department of ...
The morning that news broke of an oil well's fiery explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, petroleum engineer Paul Bommer didn't know much more than what he could gather from a single photo. And what he saw wasn't good: The Deepwater Horizon rig was engulfed in flames, with plumes of smoke emanating ...
Jury selection began on Monday for the trial of the most senior BP executive charged in connection with 2010's fatal Deepwater Horizon oil disaster. ... Rainey was the second in command at BP's “unified command center” in Robert, Louisiana, where cleanup and response efforts were coordinated.
At some point, you have to wonder if the all the resources BP is devoting to fake photographs might be put to better use! Additionally, John Holland at Daily Kos performs an error-level analysis of yesterday's photoshopped image and finds that “there's an awful lot of cut-and-paste going on in those monitors, ...


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