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The construction of Africa's second largest and Kenya's biggest Sh150 billion High Grand Falls dam is set to start at Kibuka Falls along River Tana.
The government has indefinitely put off plans for a hydropower dam in Koh Kong province's Areng valley in favor of expanding an existing coal-fired power plant, though conservationists worry that a planned transmission line through the ecologically ...

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The ROYAL GROUP in Cambodia signed an MOU late last year with the Cambodian government to conduct 'pre-feasibility and feasibility studies' on three dams on the Mekong. Will the MRC be supporting those studies for the 2600 mw SAMBOR dam, ...
COIMBATORE: Members of various political parties and farmers in Coimbatore region on Sunday decided to file a petition in the Supreme Court seeking measures to stop the construction of check dams across the Bhavani, a tributary of Cauvery, in Kerala.
Meanwhile, the water level was decreasing at Lake Oroville dam, where a damaged spillway had raised major flood concerns and forced the evacuations of more than 150,000 people in the area.

RENO (AP) - A national dam safety database indicates that about one in seven Nevada dams that could cause deaths if they fail lack emergency plans.
But some clean energy advocates worry that bioenergy - or renewable energy produced by living organisms - might be losing steam in the province thanks to big energy projects like the Site C dam, which advocates warn could ultimately drive out ...
The dam made the Oregon Water Resources Department's list of the state's seven unsatisfactory dams. The department says the dam's failure would likely cause fatalities and impact seven homes. Safety concerns were raised after the Oroville Dam prompted ...
The first word on flooding came at 2 a.m. Saturday when residents of the tiny farm town of Maxwell began calling the Colusa County Sheriff's Office.
A Syblon Reid contractor had forbidden a spillway team from capturing any activities at the dam and sharing the footage via social media.
7, during a round of winter storms, state engineers discovered a cavernous hole in the lower section of the dam's main spillway, a 3,000-foot concrete span that acts as the dam's primary flood-control outlet during the rainy season. Fearing the ...
While anxious people near Lake Oroville this past week evacuated for fear of an unstable emergency spillway failing and triggering a catastrophic flood, some ...
After receiving numerous questions about dam safety, the Oregon Water Resources Department released a list of seven "unsatisfactory" dams in the state, including Johnson Creek Dam. Unsatisfactory dams have safety issues that could cause them to fail ...
A $6 million comprehensive rehabilitation project of the Red House dam will begin this summer "in an effort to further provide safe and enjoyable recreation at Allegany State Park," said Regional Director Jay Bailey on Wednesday.

Like most visitors, Sandsh Regmi and his family couldn't wait to see the visually stunning site. The Hoover dam stands at 726 feet tall, but what visitors may not ...
Another atmospheric river closing in on California may finally push two key reservoirs over the brim on the Tuolumne and Mokelumne rivers.
Counties downstream of Oroville dam are working to stay ahead of boils along Feather River levees, just days after thousands of evacuees return home.
Want to get a great perspective of the Oroville dam and surrounding areas? Below is a 3D model that will let you zoom around and remember the main spillway as it was before the huge hole emerged.
Things have calmed down with Lake Oroville for the time being as the lake remains 30 feet lower than it was last weekend and repair work continued at erosion points over the last few days, according to the LA Times.
These three graphs show key California reservoir conditions and river stages for the upper and lower Sacramento Valley for Saturday, February 18, 2017.
State records identify 133 dams in Clark County alone, including 67 high-hazard structures, most of them flood detention basins perched above - and built to protect - residential neighborhoods.
The music was snapped off, and the lunchtime chatter at the Keg Room quieted down. Bartender Vivian Jenkins cranked up the volume on the two TVs hanging over the bar as "The Young and the Restless" ended and the real daytime drama came onscreen: ...
The troubled Oroville dam is a reminder that America's aging infrastructure is in serious need of repair.
When crews demolished the power dam on the Pigg River in Rocky Mount during the fall, it became one of 72 outdated dams removed in 21 states in 2016, ...
dam safety grants are available to private dam owners and local governments for dams that have been under a regular or conditional certificate during the past 12 months.
Turlock Irrigation District said the spillway on Don Pedro dam will be opened early next week if the forecasted rain from a large storm occurs.
OROVILLE, Calif. - The Butte County Board of Supervisors held an emergency meeting Friday morning to vote on a local state of emergency regarding the Oroville dam and held an open public forum. citizens were angry and worried about their safety, and ...
Deputies said a pair scammed a Granite Bay resident out of several hundred dollars.
On Friday, the staff at the Feather River fish Hatchery, just downstream from the stricken Oroville dam, took stock of their losses, gave thanks for their victories and girded for a long, hard recovery after being inundated with debris-laden water the ...
"The Oroville dam and areas around it will see some rain Friday, but the bulk of the rain has shifted south. ... Unfortunately, it looks like another storm will pound the region again on Monday," said CNN senior meteorologist Dave Hennen.
"The Oroville dam and areas around it will see some rain Friday, but the bulk of the rain has shifted south. ... Unfortunately, it looks like another storm will pound the region again on Monday," said CNN senior meteorologist Dave Hennen.
He added that more number of dams were being constructed between Ganeshapuram and Noolgunda. "In fact, the AP government had raised the height of a check dam at Samapallam from five feet to 12 feet. This check dam is located across the Palar and ...
GRANITE BAY (CBS13) - Authorities have arrested a pair suspected of claiming to be Oroville dam evacuees and committing check fraud.
Butte County supervisors will hold a special meeting to deal with the emergency at the Oroville dam Friday morning.
With four million solar panels covering 10 square miles of land, China's Longyangxia dam Solar Park is the largest in the world.
These three graphs show key California reservoir conditions and river stages for the upper and lower Sacramento Valley for Friday, February 17, 2017.
Ever on the lookout for good news, I was drawn to Thursday's report from American Rivers on U.S. dam removals last year and their potential to be, in these especially troubled times, "our country's best ongoing environmental success story.
The DCR describes "good" as having no recognized existing or potential deficiencies. dams in "satisfactory" condition have minor operational and maintenance deficiencies.
California has experienced a massive drought for the past five years which led to water restrictions, tough farming conditions, and the state's dams and reservoirs not undergoing the same type of strain that was put on the Oroville dam last week. Dan ...
The aging dam that controls the water level in Maranacook Lake - but hasn't been doing a great job of it - soon could be undergoing some improvements.
San Diego County's nine dams and reservoirs are all in "good working condition," according to the director of the City of San Diego's public utilities Department.
CORVALLIS, Mont. - Despite rain and some flooding, construction crews are making good progress fixing a dangerous diversion dam in the Bitterroot River north of Corvallis. The Supply Ditch diversion dam has been the site of numerous water accidents ...
The city of River Falls launched it's Kinni Corridor Project to improve the prized Kinnickinnic River and its surroundings, but it's also sparked a debate about the future of two dams. The dams produce just a fraction of the city's electricity, but the ...
Yuba City -- The words don't come easy for Mike Pomeroy when he talks about his medals of valor, including a Purple Heart. Medals that were securely hidden away in a briefcase for decades, are now gone.
Oroville dam spillway incident status summary. Feb. 16, 2017. A report prepared by state water officials summarizing damage to the Oroville dam's main spillway. Related. Story: rain runoff may have undermined Oroville dam's concrete spillway, report says.
Johannesburg - The Water and Sanitation Department says Gauteng's dam levels are decreasing as a result of residents not heeding the call to save water.
The Shasta County Sheriff's Office says the level of water in the Sacramento River will fluctuate over the next two weeks due to releases from Shasta dam. On Friday, water releases from the dam will be gradually increased so there's enough storage in ...






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