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The first option is a pipeline from the Burdekin Falls dam to a Townsville water treatment plant. Associated with the proposal is the raising of the dam wall an additional 2m, increasing its storage to 590,000ML. "Importantly, raising the height of the ...
Wake County Emergency Management had issued a warning Tuesday evening to approximately 45 residents that there was a potential for a dam breach, said Wake Forest spokesman Bill Crabtree. Residents were told they could evacuate as a precaution if ...

"It was really just calling Bert out for putting the dam on other council members when he voted for the dams as well.
The National Weather Service has issued a flood advisory for Placer, Nevada, and a part of Washoe County through Tuesday May 2nd after releasing water from ...
CRAWFORD COUNTY (KFSM) -- Heavy rain means flooding for many parts of Crawford County, including the Natural dam area. "This is a troubled area that always floods," Chris Keith with the Crawford County Highway Department said.
This photo was taken in 1928, days after the St. Francis dam collapsed east of Santa Clarita. (Photo: STAR FILE PHOTO).

Walk into dam Donuts in Bellefonte and you'll instantly be hit with the mouthwatering scent of fresh doughnuts, frying right behind the counter and perfectly iced before being slid into the colorful display case.
The municipality is currently enforcing level 3B water restrictions prohibiting the use of potable municipal water for anything other than human consumption.
KURESOI, Kenya, April 26 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A dam being built on the edge of Kenya's largest water catchment is drawing criticism from experts who fear it could threaten water supplies in the country as much as supplement them.
Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) will begin work on upgrading its grandfather Falls hydroelectric dam this week after receiving the necessary approvals from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the Public Service Commission of ...
After heavy rains threatened a breach at Lewis dam, Wake Forest officials say the water flow has subsided and no evacuations will be necessary.
(UPDATE 9 p.m.) The Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency identified two men killed in a fishing accident at the Pickwick dam in Hardin County.
New Zealand will spend $5.4 million in the latest phase of a project that will this country's expertise to help ensure dam safety in Vietnam.
California will be racing to finish $275 million in repairs to the Oroville dam spillways to prepare for the next rainy system, top wat...
Federal officials will be hosting a public meeting on the operations of the Libby dam in May. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will hold their annual operations public information meeting in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, on May 18.

The Kouga River flows into the Kouga dam northwest of Patensie and clearing teams are working through a whopping 282 000ha from Haarlem in the Langkloof downriver to the dam, the board's western region manager Edwill Moore said yesterday.
Westminster - John Ragonese uses three words - "lengthy," "complicated" and "expensive" - to describe the federal government's licensing process for hydroelectric dams. But he is promising that Great River Hydro, the new owner of the Vernon, Bellows ...
With rainfall exceeding normal amounts since January by 2.5 inches, according to the National Weather Service, the temporary dam at Lake Park in Grandwood Park, an unincorporated area west of Gurnee, partially failed as the water flowed over it and ...
Anyone want a dam? The Woodland Pulp Co. in Baileyville, Me., says it will give away its dam on the upper St. Croix River, along with the land and water rights associated with it.
Alewives netted in Togus Stream on the other side of the dam are released into Lower Togus Pond on May 16, 2014, in Chelsea.
A viewer living in Lacey's Spring called WHNT Tuesday afternoon to ask about the Guntersville dam, which they live downstream from, so we decided to take action and create a list of all the dams across Northern Alabama and Southern Tennessee.
"This is a priority and rightfully so. dam safety is paramount." The upcoming project, set to begin in late spring or early summer, is part of Ohio's ongoing effort to repair old dams across the state and is one three underway or planned in the Portage ...
Following a record-setting weekend of rain across East Tennessee, the Tennessee Valley Authority decided to open the spillway gates Tuesday afternoon at Norris dam. A crowd of spectators gathered nearby to watch the rare occurrence get underway.
California lawmakers pressed state officials Tuesday on the repair effort at Oroville dam, demanding to see contract details to make sure the bulk of the work will be completed in time for the next rainy season.
The Board of Commissioners of Public Lands approved a State Trust Fund Loan totaling $1 million to Beaver dam to finance TID development incentives.
A double tragedy has struck a Riebeck East family after two young cousins drowned at a farm dam outside the small Eastern Cape village on Sunday afternoon.
Knoxville, Tenn. (WATE) - The Tennessee Valley Authority Tweeting out an amazing photo of water spilling from the Kentucky dam. "Currently we're at maximum turbine capacity and spilling excess water at Kentucky dam at a rate of 1.1 ...
The Water & Sanitation Ministry says average dam levels have increased slightly week-on-week and are up by 0.5%to 73.5%. Last year levels were at 54.9% ...
Even the lower flow rate agreed after his consultation would need the existing dam to be enlarged, and a proposal to do that was still being debated, he said.
The Chinese firm Sinohydro has offices in more than a dozen African countries where it is either planning or building dams.
A new study examines the effects of heavy dam discharge on water flow in the Guadalquivir River Estuary in southwestern Spain; the findings could help inform navigation and flood risk management in the area.
... now secret photos taken by the Germans of the dam Busters raid are being sold in Nottingham. The operation, which took place on May 16 and 17, 1943, saw RAF bombers attack and break two major dams in Germany using experimental bouncing bombs.
Eels were once the most plentiful fish in the Ottawa River, but they've become endangered because of dams. Now biologists are working on ways to provide ...
BEAVER FALLS -- Officials at the Beaver Falls Municipal Authority called the work involved in fixing a leak in the Eastvale dam "significant" and said the repairs will be costly. Last Monday, a state Department of Environmental Protection safe drinking ...
The City's lowered the daily water consumption target by 100 million litres per day to 600 million litres with dam levels now standing at just 23,3%.
This year water will start filling the vast reservoir behind the east African country's major new hydroelectric development on the Blue Nile.
Responding to criticism about secrecy around the Oroville dam repair effort, California officials released two redacted reports Monday from outside engineers ...
A massive feat of engineering, the dam was opened to the public for the first time in 25 years yesterday.
You probably don't need to be concerned if you see smoking rising from McAlpine Locks and dams sometime between May 1 and 15.
These five dams have a combined capacity of approximately 3.5 megawatts (MW) (data from OTP website). All are run-of-the-river plants where the volume of water flowing into the reservoir equals what is flowing through the dam and out of the reservoir.
The province estimates the final cost of the Site C dam on the peace River - the third hydro project on the river - at $8.8 billion.
The closure is necessary to repair damage to the dam of the 565-acre lake, said MDWFP fisheries Bureau director Larry Pugh.
Townsville City Council expects to start pumping water from the Burdekin Falls dam into Ross River dam within weeks.
KENNEBUNK - Kennebunk selectmen voted unanimously April 11 to file as an "intervener" in any and all federal action on the three Mousam River dams in town, but only after a protracted debate on wither a letter sent to the Federal Energy Regulatory ...
... Beaver Falls Municipal Authority said the coffer is now high enough to withstand any rain that could come through this weekend.
Over six straight days, the operators of the Oroville dam had said there was no immediate danger after water surging down the main spillway gouged a hole the size of a football field in the concrete chute.
The sale of 13 TransCanada hydroelectric dams along the Connecticut and Deerfield rivers is a done deal. | April 21, 2017, at 10:01 a.m.. MORE. LinkedIn · StumbleUpon · Google +; Cancel. Deal Completed to Buy 13 TransCanada Hydro-Power dams.
EXETER - One of the most visible infrastructure projects in New Hampshire's Seacoast region in recent years, the Great dam Removal and River Restoration project - located in the heart of Exeter's historic downtown - was recently honored with an ...






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