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updated Sat. April 21, 2018

In total, the company expects its three million bees to produce around 1,000 kg (2,204 lbs) of honey this year. Porsche hopes that the Leipzig bee colonies will help protect the German bee population, which has been at risk for decades. Bees are protected by German law due to their importance ... Workers
It's a question that gets asked every spring and for good reason -- it's bee swarm season. While a swarm of thousands of honey bees may seem scary, they are actually in their most docile state and can be easily managed, said Dallen Harrell, owner of Harrell's Hives & honey. Visalia resident Jessica ...

Since 2016, the village has partnered with beekeepers throughout the province to produce what it's billing as some of Turkey's highest quality honey -- sold ... honey, each kilogram of the product must contain a minimum of 300 milligrams of proline, an amino acid produced by the salivary glands of bees ...
Nature Nate's Honey Co. announced April 18 it has made a financial investment to Cornell University's Department of Entomology. ... support the university's Honey Bee Research Program and the program's research to address major questions surrounding Honey bee health and beekeeping, Nature ...
A pickup truck transporting boxes of honey bees overturned on Interstate 5 in Redding. With the help of local bee keepers, most of them were saved. At the interchange from southbound Interstate 5, to eastbound Highway 44 in Redding, the California Highway Patrol responded to a trailer, tipped on its side at 1:15 ...
While I'm familiar with the inner workings of a bee hive, I needed hands-on experience because 6,000 bees are a lot of pets, and we're still trying to get our dogs to use the doggy door. Beekeepers ... Many of the cells were capped with brood but cells along the edges of the frames were filled with honey.

The message is that in the last five years, over one-third of the nations' honey bee colonies have been lost, and they are a big part of crops in the Grand Valley. "We needed to do something about the crisis with honey bees, because this is such an agriculturally based community," Tally said. It's a simple, but ...
The female bees do all the work. (OK, ladies, I can hear your comments about your spouses now!) The “house bees” clean the hive. “Field bees” visit flowers to gather nectar to make honey. In the process, they also gather pollen and pollinate plants. The queen's “court” guard, clean and feed the queen bee.
Legislators in the Ohio House passed a bill last month, giving apiary owners legal immunity from claims of injury by bee sting. Some central Ohio beekeepers say it's a preventative measure, but more importantly, it could bring awareness to the honey bee industry. What's buzzing on one Canal Winchester ...
They were among roughly 150 beekeepers who flocked to Bryant Park for the bee delivery, to replenish hives across the city and the region: on building rooftops, in small ... Mr. Kramer said the church sold jars of honey after Sunday Mass and used it to sweeten the sacrament it bakes to use for the host.
Lindsey Lee had been thinking about taking up beekeeping for a few years when a swarm of honeybees suddenly showed up on her property in True Blue. ... Over time, if a hive is doing well and the bees are thriving, she will add “supers,” shelf-like boxes where bees will have room to make lots of honey.
“A nesting season, as well as pollination service, ends for a cavity-nesting bee if she is killed or lost due to pesticide effects, while negative pesticide effects on only some of the worker bees from a honey bee colony would not end the life of the hive nor the complete function of honey bees as pollinators,” ...
Some also argue that without beekeeping, honey bees would die out. I find it hard to believe that the reason for honey farms is conservation, or that bees didn't thrive until honey farms were created. Let's say we were interested in honey bee conservation, would there not be a way to do this without ...
PULLMAN, Wash. - Honey bee colonies could be saved from collapse in the future thanks to a microscopic particle that attracts pesticides, created by Washington State University researchers. Consider this: A grain of salt weighs 58,500 nanograms. It takes only 15 nanograms of pesticide to kill a bee. honey bees
Once the tree containing the hive was located, axes and saws were used to fell it. As you might expect, the bees were not happy to have their hive disturbed, and it was customary for the hunter to back off and let the bees calm down before proceeding. Often, a tree split upon hitting the ground, setting loose ... honey bees
The New Hampshire Beekeepers Association is looking to build a better understanding of what's killing the state's honeybees and whether beekeepers are ... 65 percent of the state's honeybee hives did not survive winter 2016-17, with Merrimack and Belknap counties reporting the highest losses. What's ... honey bees
The Detroit Free Press reports that honey bee numbers have been in decline since the 1940s and that hive numbers have fallen from approximately 6 million to 2 million. Guilford alum and ... Honeybees aren't the only pollinating insects, Wagoner and Assistant Professor of Biology Christine Stracey said. honey bees

AMARILLO - A local program is helping students learn about the important roles that honeybees play in our lives. Greg Lusk ... Students get the opportunity to see a live buzzing hive, learn how honey is made, get a glimpse into beekeeping and also learn basic honeybee terminology and facts. Teachers ... honey bees
YOU might expect to hear an angry buzzing when honeybees have been disturbed. But some apiarists reckon they can also deduce the condition of their bees from the sounds they make. A steady hum could be the sign of a contented hive; a change in tone might indicate that the bees are about to swarm. honey bees
For a refresher of the Flow Hive technology: the Andersons' invention works by allowing beekeepers to insert a tool—from outside the hive—and turn it to activate a mechanism where honey cells split open, allowing the honey to flow into a jar, ready to taste. “Feedback for the game-changing invention has ... honey bees
In 2015, a magnificently clever invention by two Australian beekeepers turned into a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign, raising over US$2 million dollars in just its first 24 hours. The genius idea was to design a beehive with a tap system that can siphon honey without opening the lid and disturbing ... honey bees
DETROIT - For the past few years, national media have touted Detroit's comeback story: It endured dark days, went through the nation's largest municipal bankruptcy, and is - literally, with the construction of a new skyscraper - on the rise. The city is about to face a different kind of buzz. "We're starting to see ... honey bees
DETROIT — For the past few years, national media have touted Detroit's comeback story: It endured dark days, went through the nation's largest municipal bankruptcy, and is — literally, with the construction of a new skyscraper — on the rise. The city is about to face a different kind of buzz. “We're starting to ... honey bees
“The idea is that folks who don't have the ability or inclination to have a hive in their own yard can still enjoy many of the benefits of beekeeping,” says Waters, co-founder of Half-Acre ... American honeybees have been in serious population decline since the identification of colony collapse disorder in 2006. honey bees
The second iteration of the popular Flow Hive is a huge hit, as people look to help bees and connect more to their food–without having to wear a suit to ... to focus on supporting flowering plants than keeping bees (and those flowers can also help all of the thousands of pollinators at risk, not just honeybees.). honey bees
Imagine a mini tropical vacation; a cluster of worker bees tightly attached to this piece of a manmade hive. Throughout the ... Burkett says it takes at least 90 pounds of stored honey to keep a hive alive all winter long. ... Experts say every year the bee population is declining by nearly 50 percent. With the ... honey bees
NAMPA — Honeygold of Nampa is planning an expansion at its pollination and honey production location on Bennett Road. Co-owner Kendall Brunson said the company is building a 17,500-square-foot building to store bee hives in the winter. Brunson said the new building wasn't necessarily a business ... honey bees
This man gave a lecture demonstrating the stimulus-response in honey bees while being covered… in bees. And he did it all in a remarkably calm fashion. Tim Lawrence caught the amazing video on the campus of Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, and it's quite a sight to behold. Credit: Timothy ... honey bees
A Ministry for Primary Industries' apiculture monitoring report confirmed poor weather conditions during the 2016-17 honey harvest were some of the most challenging experienced by New Zealand beekeepers in the last five years, resulting in one of the lowest honey crops since the 2011-12 season. honey bees
Kirkland says it's possible to be allergic to a bee sting although, the only time a bee will sting you is if you get too close to their hive. He adds that this weekend at Chehaw, the Southwest Georgia Beekeepers Association will be hosting a bee school open to the public. For more information or to sign up, you can visit the ... honey bees
The program has won state funding to breed queen bees with superior honey production, disease resistance and pollination performance. ... For Elizabeth Frost, Honey Bee Industry Development Officer, based at Tocal Agricultural College, the investment is exciting for both the industry and the environment ... honey bees
DETROIT - A Detroit company that keeps bees and harvests honey is taking a stab at a billion-dollar industry. Timothy Jackson and Keith Crispen are the owners of Detroit Hives, a bee company on Detroit's east side. ... "It's not safe to go inside the hive in these cold climates right now,” Jackson said. honey bees
The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) last week published the findings of its peer review and evaluation of data from over 1,500 studies into the effect of neonicotinoid pesticides on both honeybees and wild bees. And, if the right action is taken, it could be very good news for bees. But, in the UK, ... honey bees
Blue orchard bees are premier pollinators of early-blooming fruit trees like almonds. Several hundred female BOBs can do the work of a hive that contains 10,000 honeybees. BOBs are completely different kinds of bees, so they are managed differently. One of the key problems inhibiting their widespread ... honey bees
What getaway car would suit the theft of 1m bees? Oxfordshire police have been pondering this very question since last week, when they were called to investigate the biggest ever bee theft in the UK. Forty hives, each home to around 25,000 bees, were taken from a family-run business, Beekeeper Honey. honey bees
When a bee connects with nature, they go back to their hives, bringing back the pollen to reproduce more bees and honey. "If it's not a wind blown pollinate plant, typically bees will improve the crop if they are," said Carey. Southwest Georgia Beekeepers Club members said they hold this message near and ... honey bees
Whether you're interested in learning beekeeping, attracting solitary bees, building a hive, planting a pollinator garden to attract bees, macrophotography, making mead or walnut potica, tasting honey, creating lotions and lip butter from beeswax, or just getting better-informed on the subject, there are ... honey bees
GDG Bees If you've ever been curious about raising bees, there's a sweet opportunity coming up this weekend at Green Door Gourmet, where they'll be hosting Williams Honey Farm's second annual Natural Beekeeping School on Saturday and Sunday, March 3-4. Sign up for the class, and not only will ... honey bees
I have known Connor and his family for several years now — our initial connection was through honey bees and beekeeping. In addition ... He was our featured speaker at our NPBA meeting this past October where he gave a presentation about his experiences working in Brazil with the African honey bee. honey bees
Dozens of young honey bees swirled and buzzed through the air on the warm, late June day. The two undergraduates, though, weren't sure how to proceed. Collecting bees for research purposes isn't covered in most classes. UNC Greensboro's Sara Rubio Correa and Erin Estes, a Northern Michigan ... honey bees
MEPs urge the EU and its member states to invest more in protecting bee health, fighting honey adulteration and supporting beekeepers. ... The EU should increase the budget for national beekeeping programmes by 50% and set up a specific support scheme for beekeepers in the EU's post-2020 farming ... honey bees
The farm is home to thousands of honey bees. "Our bees get nectar from the blueberry bushes and from the forest that's behind us," said Ward. "So, there's a lot of wild plants from the forest that's in here including wild hollies. They take it back to the hive and when they get back to the hive there's another bee waiting to empty ... honey bees
Colorado-based honey producer Rice's Honey hopes to change that by changing the name and packaging of its flagship honey brand to 'Local Hive.' ... updated digital advertising and social media in its effort to raise the profile of local honey and help promote all pollinators and sustainable bee farms ... honey bees
... bees at risk. In New Zealand there is some use of the pesticide, but it is controlled by the Environmental Protection Authority. Professor Phil Lester from Victoria University is one New Zealand's leading insect experts, and said the findings were concerning. "It is worrying, no one wants to see honey bees ... honey bees
One million bees have been stolen from a honey farm in what is believed to be the biggest theft of its kind. The thieves took 40 hives, each weighing 20kg, from a farmer's field in Oxfordshire some time last week. Beekeeper Honey, based in Brackley, discovered the theft on Saturday. Each hive is thought to ... honey bees
Police are investigating the disappearance of a million bees from 40 hives in what is reckoned to be the largest theft of its kind. The hives, each containing an average of 25,000 bees, were taken from a family-run business, Beekeeper Honey, in Oxfordshire. The family noticed the missing hives on Saturday ... honey bees
The cops have been called in to investigate a major bee heist after 40 hives were reported stolen from an Oxfordshire farm. The thieves made away with about one million bees, which is likely to make it the biggest theft of its kind. According to The Times, Brackley-based Beekeeper Honey had 40 hives, ... honey bees
GRAHAMSVILLE -- A presentation on beekeeping and honey making will be held at 2 p.m. April 22 at the Time and the Valleys Museum on Route 55 in Grahamsville. Son of a Bee, fourth generation honey makers in Grahamsville, will show actual honey hives, combs and frames, how to make ...
There were also games, live music, a bounce house and food, but the main idea of the event was to encourage others to own honey bees in their neighborhoods. The owner of Olivarez honey Bees, Ray Olivarez Jr., said that bees are declining and the event is a great opportunity to save the bee population.
Researchers at Washington State University have developed a particle that could save honey bee colonies from collapse. The microparticle works when ingested by a bee and absorbs pesticide toxins in the bee's body. As the particle passes through a bee, there is significantly less pesticide residue, which ...


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