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Shortly after the release of the report, prosecutors in South Korea launched an investigation into companies selling products with the chemical, including allegations that Reckitt had suppressed data showing it to be toxic. Reckitt, which has set aside ...
The explosion of the reactor took place in the Sai Priya chemicals factory in Bacharam, in the early hours of October 18th morning.

Being a band that was born from singer Gerard Way's post-9/11 trauma, My chemical Romance always possessed the potential for earth-shaking art.
If the raided grow site is one site in a larger drug trafficking network, these dangerous chemicals can end up on other grow sites in the network.
This might have been a tough week for Monsanto Co. The Environmental Protection Agency was slated to hold four days of public meetings focused on essentially one question: Is glyphosate, the world's most widely used herbicide and the lynchpin to ...
The cleanup of a chemical spill at Baker Hughes in Laurel is near completion. Friday night a 6,000 gallon tank of hydrochloric acid began leaking, forming a chemical cloud near Howard Industries. According to the Jones County Emergency Management ...

During the incident, BASF was forced to shut down 20 facilities, including two steam crackers, which produce basic hydrocarbon chemicals used to manufacture a wide range of plastics and other chemicals. Authorities gave the all-clear to nearby ...
ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. - Many people are concerned about a chemical that is already in use in aerial spraying in Duval and will be used in St. Johns County to combat an influx of mosquitoes after hurricane Matthew.
Some repeat offenders in the United States have even requested castration in order to avoid long prison terms, at times going beyond chemical treatment to request their testes be removed in surgery. human rights groups, including the American Civil ...
Officials in a Cincinnati-area township say a chemical lime spill has created a dust cloud and they are advising residents in the area to stay indoors.
Unfortunately, many of the household cleaning products we use to clean our homes are full of toxic chemicals, some of which aren't even listed on the labels.
Americans pay a hefty price for the chemicals that go into so many of our modern comforts, especially when we don't have the right regulations to protect us.
A team of researchers from the department of chemical engineering at the University of Granada (UGR) has successfully used some of the waste produced in the olive-oil industry to elaborate surface active agents, specifically biosurfactants and ...
Despite overwhelming evidence of Khartoum's use of chemical weapons in the Jebel Marra region of Darfur (western Sudan), the international community seem.
After 99 years in business, Michigan-based chemical Bank is making its first move into Ohio with its acquisition of Talmer Bank and Trust.
Divers have recovered the body of a person missing since the blast at a chemical plant in southwest Germany on Monday, raising the death toll to three.
Doctors suspect toxic chemicals found in munitions are making their way into food in east Aleppo - possibly as a result of deliberate acts - after a rise in patients suffering a specific type of anaemia.

The former CEO of DuPont DD 1.22% hinted that she thought DuPont's $60 billion deal to merge with rival Dow Chemical is a mistake, speaking Tuesday at Fortune's annual Most Powerful women's conference, which you can watch live here.
DENVER -- An Air Force base in Colorado said Tuesday it accidentally released about 150,000 gallons of water containing toxic chemicals into the sewer system of the adjacent city of Colorado Springs, but the potential health hazards weren't immediately ...
Indonesian president Joko Widodo has defended the introduction of chemical castration for paedophiles, saying in an interview published Wednesday there can be "no compromise" when it comes to tackling sex crimes.
In an extended interview with one of the first people arrested in the resistance movement against the Dakota Access pipeline, Dr. Sara Jumping Eagle explains, "as a physician, I'm very aware of what the health effects could be of a pipeline spill ...
October 17th, 2016 - Singapore - Newcastle, Australia natives, Trophy Eyes, have officially released their new album 'chemical Miracle' with Hopeless Records! Fans can now purchase the album on iTunes here: & MerchNow ...
New research, published online in The FASEB Journal, suggests that activation of a chemical called Beta-LGND2 by the estrogen receptor Beta (ER-Beta) reduces obesity and metabolic diseases in mice by converting bad fat (white fat) to good fat (brown fat).
Eight years after a natural gas pipeline spilled 500 gallons of a potentially toxic chemical into Eight Mile, Alabama, residents continue to face health problems including seizures, nosebleeds, nausea and vomiting.
Ampac Fine chemicals LLC, a locally-based maker of pharmaceutical ingredients, is growing organically and by acquisition. Earlier this month, the company bought an idled 180-acre Chemical Manufacturing facility in Virginia, and it is expanding on its ...
New Delhi: government has initiated a dumping probe on imports of a chemical used in foam industry from three countries including China to guard domestic ...
companies planning to ship chemical-based products to the United States should have a basic understanding of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), the ...
chemical bonding enables scientists to take the 100-plus elements of the periodic table and combine them in myriad ways to form chemical compounds and ...
Dow Chemical's and DuPont's moves will provide improved top-line growth, and synergies of approximately $3 billion are expected by the second year after ...
Last month, the FDA banned the antibacterial chemical triclosan from soaps after findings that suggest long-term exposure could "pose health risks, such as bacterial resistance or hormonal effects.
With the introduction of SKYPLETE from SK chemicals, it becomes much easier and safer to 3D print various objects with highly functional properties required in various real-life applications.
More than 150 nations signed an amendment to the Montreal Protocol to reduce the production of HFCs. They had a few unlikely allies: chemical corporations that have resisted past climate change regulations.
For decades, a class of chemicals called chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs, were used widely in air-conditioners and refrigerators, as well as in aerosol sprays and cleaning products.
A partial evacuation took place at a local chemical plant after a bomb threat was found written on porta potty.
FILE--In this July 9, 2014, file photo, a sign warns of radioactivity near a wind direction flag indicator at the "C" tank farm on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation near Richland, Wash.
The Environment Agency is investigating after 1700 fish died in a stream near Witney, with Thames Water saying 'high ammonia levels' have been found in ...
The plaintiffs allege the vapors and chemicals would become trapped under the canopy of banana leaves and they would become trapped in its fumes, exposing them to the chemical and cutting off their ventilation. Because of the exposure to DBCP, the ...
PFOA, a carcinogenic chemical formerly used to make DuPont's Teflon, contaminates drinking water for at least 7 million Americans and is in virtually everyone's blood.
ABOUT ONE in five toddy depots are selling a deadly cocktail of chemicals in the name of toddy in Maharashtra's urban belt, a survey by Maharashtra government's Excise department has found.
Erbil - The radical group of Islamic State (ISIS) may use chemical weapons to protect its main Iraqi bastion of Mosul, officials said on Wednesday.
This infrared image from ESA'S Herschel Space Observatory shows the dusty side of the Sword of Orion. ESA/NASA/JPL-Caltech. scientists have found that ultraviolet light from stars is more important in creating molecules necessary for the building ...
rights group deplores passage of chemical castration law Members of the National Commission on Violence Against women (Komnas Perempuan) discuss the sexual assault bill draft with President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo at the State Palace in Jakarta on ...
At a community meeting Tuesday night, Dartmouth contractor Jim Wieck shows neighbors a map of wells being tested for the chemical 1-4, dioxane, and the nearly 1-mile distance between the Rennie farm burial site and a third contaminated property.
chemical castration, unlike surgical castration, involves the administration of anti-androgenic drugs to reduce sexual interest, fantasies and sexual arousal, according to medical experts.
Govt drafts regulation to support chemical castration law women Empowerment and child Protection Minister Yohana Yembise gives a speech during the opening of National Meeting on Prevention against human trafficking crimes in Jakarta last year.
"Previously we were spending a lot of money on chemicals and labour. Now it's just one person to put a trap in place, and that could be me or my wife.
Johannesburg - The crisis that has gripped the chemical and paper union Ceppwawu is deepening, with calls from at least one provincial leader for the suspension of general secretary Simon Mofokeng.
There are explanations for the high levels in the Chinese estuaries: "chemical manufacturers in the US and Europe have phased out local production, and instead moved its manufacturing to China, since regulations are less strict there," says Thanh Wang, ...
Convicted pedophiles in Indonesia could be subjected to chemical castration after the government approved a set of laws to better protect minors against ...
Member states of the international body responsible for monitoring the use of chemical weapons must trigger an investigation into the alleged chemical weapons attacks in the Jebel Marra area of Darfur, revealed by Amnesty International last month.







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