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updated Tue. February 28, 2017

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development calls on countries to begin efforts to achieve the 17 SDGs over the next 15 years. The goals address the needs of people in both developed and developing countries, emphasizing that no one should be left ...
The newest technology and intimate storytelling combines with the BBC to bring us the most cinematic nature documentary to date.
My nine-year-old self was so thrilled to learn of the newly discovered, potentially inhabited planets." - Katy Hax Holmes.
Buried in the flood of congratulatory messages that the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) received after its recent space feat is one discordant note raising some concern.
Though mountains cover one-fifth of the earth's surface, a relatively small amount of animals can survive these brutal conditions.
On Wednesday, Trump-weary America was treated to some out-of-this-world news from scientists at NASA. Astronomers discovered seven Earth-sized planets ...
After premiering with "Islands," planet Earth II returns Saturday night on BBC America with a breathtaking "Mountains" episode.
If you're in the business of buying and selling crystals, all roads lead to Tucson, Arizona. That's because, since 1955, the Tucson Gem Show comes to town for a few weeks at the beginning of each year, 60,000 attendees in tow.
(CNN) Astronomers have found at least seven Earth-sized planets orbiting the same star 40 light-years away, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Nature.
Last weekend marked the premiere of planet Earth II, the BBC's sequel to the iconic nature documentary series of the same name.
planet Earth II is a show about islands, and bears, and glass frogs, and the leopards that live in Mumbai, and, in one astonishingly funny moment, the courtship dance of bower birds.
VANT come from planet Earth. It seems an obvious statement, but that mantra represents everything the band stands for. They believe in unity, that our similarities are vastly more powerful than our differences and that they speak for the majority of us ...
Even if you've never watched a full episode of the planet Earth series, you've probably still seen one specific scene from an episode of planet Earth II. Back in November of 2016, planet Earth II hit the airwaves in the UK and brought with it a truly ...
From jungles to deserts to mountains, the BBC's epic nature series "planet Earth II" takes viewers around the world - and around many genres of television.
scientists could discover whether life exists outside of planet Earth within the next 20 years, answering one of the most "fundamental questions" facing humanity, a senior NASA official has said.
Donald Trump's election has already had negative implications for immigrants, Muslims, women, and people of color, but it is also a threat to the very future of our planet - to life on earth as we know it.
Nature photography has rarely been as spectacular as it is in "planet Earth II," yet at the same time the reverent, nonjudgmental approach embodied by David Attenborough seems too dispassionate for the cultural and environmental moment, at least to an ...
NIS America is bringing Birthdays the Beginning to the West and this game takes players back to the beginning of life on Earth. With help from an alien who can make mountains rise and dig down to the planet's core you can see life evolve from plankton ...
The original planet Earth, we felt there were some amazingly memorable, iconic sequences in there. Some of them we thought, we won't go there again, because they are so memorable and so iconic.
Andean Flamingos dance to their own beat, and that beat is the instinctual pressure to mate. In PEOPLE's exclusive peek at the BBC America premiere of planet Earth II, viewers are treated to the bird's mass mating ritual. Each breeding season, Andean ...
Zimmer led the charge from behind his keyboard as his planet Earth II co-composers - Bleeding Fingers music' Jacob Shea and Jasha Klebe - and an orchestra of over 25 members crammed onto the Ed Sullivan Theater stage to provide the theme while ...
Valentine's Day is a hot holiday, romantically speaking. So why not take your beloved on an adventure to a sultry destination?
The Milwaukee Public Theater, in collaboration with the Grand Avenue Club (GAC) in Milwaukee, present The Best Place on planet Earth, a set of staged readings and original works on Wednesday, February 15. The Club provides a safe place for people with ...
It's time. Nearly ten years after the original planet Earth documentary showed us what our HDTVs were for, planet Earth II is arriving Sunday night. Even better, if you have Dish Network, you can watch it in 4K (everyone else will have to wait for the ...
If you're on Dish but don't get BBC America, you can watch a free preview of the channel from Feb. 14 through March 30, which includes the 4K and HD versions of "planet Earth II." To watch the 4K (or Ultra HD) version, customers need a 4K-enabled ...
"Saying we stand with our ally, having the two men appear on camera worldwide to all of planet Earth was a statement that will be understood very well by North Korea.
Good news, nature nuts: planet Earth II is now available to pre-order in 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray.
Ron Garan, a former NASA astronaut, believes we should not be abandoning hope for continued life on planet Earth in favor of rubbing shoulders with Martians.
Horizons regional councillors at Blue Duck Lodge. It's one of the many good things happening in the community, many powered by volunteers.
BBC America's critically acclaimed and jaw-dropping nature documentary, planet Earth, is back with an all-new series featuring six brand new episodes, exploring cities, grasslands, deserts, jungles, mountains and islands, plus a behind the scenes look ...
Actually, describing a young marine iguana's capture and improbable escape from scores of racer snakes as a "performance" slights the stakes of this scene from the nature documentary "planet Earth II," which arrived in Britain in November and makes its ...
Aired a little over a year after Genesis II, planet Earth hit TV screens in April of 1974. Most critics felt it was the better of the two efforts, comparing John Saxon's interpretation of Hunt favorably to Captain Kirk and praising its improved pacing ...
This is the hidden message in the last episode of the BBC's planet Earth II, throatily narrated by David Attenborough and broadcasting in the United States this month.
The upcoming BBC America series planet Earth II offers audiences glimpses of some pretty remote places. One of them is Zavodovski Island, a tiny island in the Southern Ocean that is uninhabited by humans but home to an abundance of chinstrap penguins.
Each episode has been repurposed into 4 to 6-minute chunks and optimized for Snapchat's portrait mode-only navigation, and features the same categories from the original show, including Islands, Mountains, Jungles, Deserts, Grasslands, and Cities.
Snap and the BBC are bringing six exclusive episodes of planet Earth II to Snapchat. The short run of mobile episodes will debut on February 17th, one day before the full series runs on BBC America.
"What planet Earth II is doing is saying 'Let's get ourselves into the lives of the animals, and see it from their perspectives," executive producer Mike Gunton says.
planet Earth II's footage of newly-hatched marine iguanas escaping racer snakes was voted the Timeline TV Moment of the Year by guests at the Broadcast Awards 2017.
Cape Town - A male macaque readies himself for a turf fight. It's an age old battle between the males of the species but there's one big difference, this fight will happen on the rooftops of Jaipur, India.
The first planet Earth series was groundbreaking with its awe-inspiring footage of our planet, showing us animals and sights that most of us will never get to see in real life.
Sandesh Kadur, director of Felis Creations, a visual-arts company based in India, was one of the filmmakers behind planet Earth II's gripping shots. His team helped capture footage of rhinos, elephants and tigers in India's tall grasslands, and monkeys ...
scientists have long been seeking answer to the mystery of how planet Earth got its water. Among the popular theories is that collision with ice-rich comets brought water to our planet.
The British TV series "planet Earth" was able to bring amazing footages of animals and ecosystems around the world as it was the most expensive nature documentary series BBC has ever developed in 2006.
Joel Churcher, Vice President and General manager of BBC Africa, said that "planet Earth II was a sizeable investment, but one where the BBC feels it is well invested.
Anyone who's ever tried filming his dog catching a Frisbee knows how tricky it can be to get decent animal footage. But few know this better than Justin Anderson, one of the segment producers of planet Earth II, the highly anticipated sequel to the BBC ...
"planet Earth II" hit the headlines last month after the BBC revealed that young people had been tuning in to this natural history programme produced by Sir David Attenborough and its TV rating was higher than rival shows like ITV's "X Factor".
Ten years ago, BBC's planet Earth astonished with breathtaking and rare footage of animals and ecosystems around the globe.
Our planet may be blue from the inside out. Earth's huge store of water might have originated via chemical reactions in the mantle, rather than arriving from space through collisions with ice-rich comets.
Launched last November 19 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, the satellite now known as GOES-16 can now observe planet Earth from a geostationary orbit 22,300 miles above the equator. Its Advanced Baseline Imager captured this contrasting view ...
The planet moved significantly closer to a catastrophic event this week as Donald Trump assumed the U.S. presidency, according to a new report.