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updated Fri. June 23, 2017

For me, the main takeaway from the British election June 8 was that Jeremy Corbyn, the far-left leader of the opposition Labour party, didn't win it.
A FIERY Question Time saw an audience member thrown out for repeatedly heckling and ranting about Theresa may during a tense debate.
Glastonbury bosses Michael and Emily Eavis has spoken out in praise of Jeremy Corbyn ahead of the Labour leader's appearance at the festival this weekend.
Jeremy Corbyn has overtaken Theresa may for the first time in a poll asking who would make the best prime minister. The YouGov survey for The Times found that 35 per cent of respondents thought the Labour leader would make the country's best leader.
Less than 24 hours after the Finsbury Park attack, hundreds of Londoners gathered for an interfaith vigil outside a mosque where one worshipper was killed and 11 wounded by alleged attacker 47-year-old Darren Osborne early Monday.
The Opposition Leader has declined an invitation to attend the official armed forces Day celebration in Liverpool on Saturday.
Jeremy Corbyn will be making his Glasto debut this weekend - and will appear on the main stage to introduce US rap duo Run the Jewels.
Among his many observations was that Jeremy Corbyn really had done something unprecedented: he changed the way voters saw him, for the better.
Jeremy Corbyn has said "every single one" of the Grenfell Tower deaths could have been avoided, and called for "urgent answers" following the tragedy which killed at least 79 people.
The Queen's Speech shows the extent of Jeremy Corbyn's victory. Labour didn't win the election, but their forward advance has dragged the government to the left.
Jeremy Corbyn yesterday ripped into the Tories and Theresa may after their "woefully inadequate" plans to govern were revealed in the Queen's Speech.
When Jeremy Corbyn spoke, he sounded like a man who had won the election. "My party, Labour, won almost 13 million votes at the election, and that was because we offered hope and opportunity for all.
Eager Glastonbury punters who arrived at Worthy farm on Tuesday night passed the time this morning by chanting the famous 'Oh Jeremy Corbyn' chant that's been making the rounds at live events. Since the gates didn't open until 8am this morning, the ...
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says "demonstrations are part and parcel of the British way of life.". by Taboola by Taboola · Sponsored Links Sponsored Links · Promoted Links Promoted Links.
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Jeremy Corbyn receives special Scouse t-shirt featuring THAT Anfield banner. The Labour leader was handed the gift after the now famous banner was flown in The Kop.
Cambridge students sang 'Oh Jeremy Corbyn' at their end-of-year ball last night, in what must surely be the most well-heeled tribute to the Labour leader ever.
Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis has previously said: "We're Corbyn fans, that's the thing. He's got something new and precious and people are excited about it.
Jeremy Corbyn has been criticised for failing to bow to the Queen at the state opening of Parliament, but it appears the Labour leader was actually upholding tradition.
The odds on Jeremy Corbyn becoming Britain's next Prime Minister have been slashed in half since the snap general election was first called, according to high-street bookmaker Paddy Power.
On 9 June 2017, Jon Snow began Channel 4 News by declaring: "I know knowing, we the media, Pundits and experts, know nothing".
Jeremy Corbyn has demanded emergency funding for sprinklers in all tower blocks to prevent a repeat of the Grenfell Tower fire.
Jeremy Corbyn has dismissed the Queen's Speech as "threadbare", saying the government has "apparently run out of ideas altogether".
British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has a bold proposal to house the survivors of a devastating fire at London's Grenfell Tower apartment complex in empty luxury homes.
British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has a bold proposal to house the survivors of a devastating fire at London's Grenfell Tower apartment complex in empty luxury homes.
Young voters overwhelmingly preferred Labour, with 62 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds voting for Jeremy Corbyn's party. All the swing to Labour - the "surge" we keep hearing about - was among people under 44, and highest of all among millennials (there ...
A senior Tory councillor who failed to become an MP has denied comparing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to Hitler in a tweet about the Grenfell Tower fire.
Such critiques are now commonplace among insurgent left-wing movements in the United States and Europe, like the one that anointed Jeremy Corbyn leader of the British Labor Party and then increased the party's share of the popular vote.
Jeremy Corbyn 'totally shocked' at Finsbury Park terror attack in his own constituency. The Labour leader will attend prayers at the London mosque where a man died and 10 others were injured after a van ploughed into worshippers.
Both Theresa may and Jeremy Corbyn visited the Finsbury Park mosque to offer support to the community in the wake of the van rampage.
Jeremy Corbyn has joined community leaders at Finsbury Park mosque after a man ploughed a van into Muslims leaving late night prayers, killing one person and injuring eight.
Jeremy Corbyn urges people to 'occupy' empty homes as supporters plan 'Day of Rage'. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called on people to occupy empty properties Credit: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock/Rex Features. Christopher Hope, Chief Political ...
The Jeremy Corbyn chant that has become an anthem for Labour supporters has spread across the country - but it all started in Birkenhead.
Jeremy Corbyn has called on his supporters to "occupy" empty buildings to find homes for victims of Grenfell Tower fire. The Labour leader upped the pressure on ministers to do more to find homes for families who lost everything in the tragedy in west ...
Jeremy Corbyn has attacked Kensington and Chelsea Council over its response to the Grenfell Tower disaster, saying it appeared to "lack the resources" to deal with the fire despite being the wealthiest local authority in the country.
Jeremy Corbyn is a populist: that seems to be the emerging consensus across the political spectrum. "Corbyn was the torchbearer of British populism," writes Freddy Gray in the Tory-supporting Spectator, who goes on to liken the Labour leader to Donald ...
Jeremy Corbyn has reiterated his suggestion that people left homeless by the Grenfell Tower fire could be housed in empty flats, saying the government has the means to seize property.
Jeremy Corbyn has written an open letter to the Prime Minister, calling on her to ensure that the public inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire will be wide enough to ensure that fire safety standards are improved for all tower blocks.
As the the undoubted success of Jeremy Corbyn's election campaign shows, the Labour leader has an image of principled virtue.
civil war within the Labour Party is over, an ally of Jeremy Corbyn has claimed. Newly elected MP Chris Williamson told hard-left activists that the internal battle "is over and we won".
What Jeremy Corbyn achieved on 8 June was something of this order: an underdog's moment at the top, even if that top wasn't quite the summit.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been confirmed to appear at Glastonbury 2017, having cancelled his appearance last year. Following a surge in popularity and making huge gains in the 2017 general election last week, Corbyn will be speaking on the ...
The post war Labour leader Clement Attlee is having something of a resurgence: lots of Jeremy Corbyn supporters revere him for his radicalism.
For those who question the wisdom of a progressive alliance or the morality of tactical voting, consider this: Theresa may's government is still standing, with the help of the Democratic Unionist Party, because of just two seats.
Jeremy Corbyn will appear at this year's Glastonbury, speaking to crowds from the main Pyramid stage on the Saturday afternoon of the festival.
Now: "The atmosphere is verging from on one hand relief to jubilant, and the Tories are in disarray. And Jeremy Corbyn has to take the credit for that, because he was the leader and he's gone forward," she told the same programme after the election.
Jeremy Corbyn has called for the empty homes of rich people in Kensington to be seized for Grenfell Tower residents who have been made homeless by the fire.
In July, he told Labour voters that "if your heart's with Jeremy Corbyn, get a transplant." He further added that "radical leftism was often quite reactionary," and that he "wouldn't want to win on an old fashioned leftist platform.
Just a few years ago, western liberals praised Venezuelan socialism as a template for all of humanity. They lauded former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez as a man of vision and moral greatness.




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