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The Conservatives have opened up an eighteen-point lead over Labour in the latest opinion poll. Theresa may's party would win 47 per cent of the vote if a general election were held today, according to the latest Ipsos MORI poll.
In between battling Theresa may at PMQs and recruiting his new Shadow Cabinet, the Labour Party leader has been spending quite a lot of time at the movies in Leicester Square, walking the red carpet (tie-less, of course).

Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party faces some big branding issues which could stop the party winning the next general election, a top political expert revealed on Wednesday night (19 October).
They've been nursing their bruises in opposition for over 6 years, sustained by the hope they would one day taste power again, and then Jeremy Corbyn came along to lead them. The few MPs who see eye-to-eye with Mr Corbyn have never had it so good, ...
Perhaps people like Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Shami Chakrabarti (the ex-director of Liberty), all of whom I respect for their previous views, feel that not voting or abstention will let them off the hook, but this is one of those historic ...

So much so that when she told a joke in her speech to the Tory conference earlier this month her spin doctors briefed out the gag the night before to make sure no one missed it.
I have a bit of a thing for Jeremy Corbyn - or 'Jessica Chastain' as I like to call him in company. It's much easier saying 'Gosh Jessica Chastain is hot,' than saying the same about Jeremy Corbyn. People do get surprised that I'm bringing Jessica ...
Prime Minister Theresa May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn have clashed over government policy on mental health services at this week's Prime Minister's Questions.
Broadcast regulator Ofcom has dismissed every accused levelled at TV channels for their coverage of Jeremy Corbyn's reign as Labour leader.
BuzzFeed UK editor-in-chief Janine Gibson has confirmed that the website rejected the controversial Jeremy Corbyn "traingate" story - and succinctly summed up why.
Ofcom have dismissed every complaint of bias over broadcast coverage of Jeremy Corbyn since he became Labour leader. The independent media watchdog, which regulates broadcasters including Sky News, Channel 4 and ITV - but not the BBC - said ...
Were that not the case, then members of the Home Affairs Select Committee would have quizzed Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, in a rather more detailed way when he gave evidence to them in July as part of the committee's enquiry into anti-Semitism.
British comedian Bill Bailey is back in Australia for an epic three-month tour for his new show, Larks in Transit. He chats to ABC News Breakfast about Stephen Fry, QI, and the "calamitous act of self-harm" that was Brexit.
Paul Mason has gotten himself into a bit of a pickle, after he was recorded in a bar saying that "Corbyn doesn't appeal to the mainstream working class vote" and that "he has no cultural references to the way they live".
Hunt and Jon Cruddas took part in a debate on one of the party's most respected prime ministers. Ian Silvera headshot. By Ian Silvera at the Policy Exchange think tank, London.
Corbyn pressed the prime minister on the home secretary, Amber Rudd's since-abandoned plans to make companies publish their numbers of foreign employees.

Jeremy Corbyn has used prime minister's questions to repeatedly press Theresa may on her plans for leaving the EU, saying she was heading towards "a Shambolic Tory Brexit" aimed more at appeasing Conservative MPs than meeting the national interest.
Jeremy Corbyn, it seems, can personally commit to the abolition of nuclear weapons, but not the 11-plus. Presumably those old political realities, or what one Tory minister described last week as "retail politics", can unsettle even the most principled ...
Jeremy Corbyn has completed a reshuffle of his shadow cabinet, giving deputy Tom Watson the culture brief and bringing back several MPs who quit in protest at his leadership this summer.
Jeremy Corbyn was speaking to the Gazette after his re-election as Labour leader on Saturday. It could easily be construed as a dig at David Cameron, who resigned as Witney MP soon after quitting as Prime Minister.
Theresa may and Jeremy Corbyn have been challenged to a televised debate by Tim Farron, the Liberal Democrat leader. PUBLISHED: 00:01, Thu, Sep 29, 2016 | UPDATED: 13:22, Thu, Sep 29, 2016 ...
In his conference speech, Jeremy Corbyn was passionate on the need to tackle all forms of bigotry. By using his platform to demand that Labour "fights hatred against Jewish people with every breath in our body", he has set a new standard that all ...
A new third runway at Heathrow airport has received a boost after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn hinted his MPs could have a free vote on the issue.
It's been a tumultuous year for Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party. A huge surge in party membership has been tempered by a rebellious parliamentary party and an attempted coup.
It's been a departure long rumoured: Seumas Milne to leave post as Jeremy Corbyn's director of communications and strategy to return to the Guardian.
Jeremy Corbyn has lost his majority on the party's ruling national executive committee, after a longstanding demand of the Welsh and Scottish parties sees the introduction of two further appointed posts on the NEC, one each of Kezia Dugdale, leader of ...
Jeremy Corbyn says he is convinced his party can climb an "electoral mountain" to general election success. Closing his party's conference in Liverpool, the Labour leader said it could build support by focusing on the "needs and aspirations of middle ...
Has Jeremy Corbyn turned over a new leaf? This time last year at the Labour Friends of Israel reception, the Labour leader pointedly refused to say the word 'Israel'.
Jeremy Corbyn is to lose his majority support on Labour's ruling body after Kezia Dugdale and the Welsh First Minister yesterday won their battle to sit on it.
Jeremy Corbyn urged to back urgent child refugee policy. Protection of child refugees to be debated by Labour conference on Wednesday in hope of speeding arrival of lone children from Calais in UK.
Phew. So Jeremy Corbyn got his expected victory. This mole, neutral in Labour party factional matters, has little opinion on the result, although I am of course heartily relieved to see the end of all that hustings kerfuffle.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had reason for a double celebration over the weekend. On Sunday he survived a coup within his own party to be re-elected as its leader ahead of Owen Smith, less than 24 hours after his beloved Arsenal hammered Chelsea 3-0 ...
If Jeremy Corbyn set out in his Marr interview to reassure his critics in the Labour Party that this is the beginning of a new era for the leadership and the wider party, he didn't do a great job.
Labour conference opens after Jeremy Corbyn re-elected leader - politics live. Rolling coverage of all the developments from the Labour conference in Liverpool, including Jeremy Corbyn's interview on the Andrew Marr Show. LIVE Updated 1m ago.
Jeremy Corbyn today backed investigations into British troops who served in Iraq and called for the armed forces and intelligence services to be scaled back, prompting a furious response from his own party.
Jeremy Corbyn was re-elected leader of the U.K.'s opposition Labour Party on Saturday, storming to victory over challenger Owen Smith with an increased mandate from party members.
It is significant and important that more people joined the party this year than all of the Tory membership combined. Labour's members and supporters have proven that Labour is the most relevant party after a long leadership campaign, where both ...
London - Jeremy Corbyn's tenure since last September as leader of the Labour Party has been bumpy, to say the least: The party now has the worst poll ratings in its history.
The Labour leadership contest is a two horse race between incumbent leader Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith, the former Shadow Work and Pensions Minster.
Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw says he still hasn't heard anything from Jeremy Corbyn after writing a formal complaint to the party leader.
Jeremy Corbyn is working with socialist leaders across Europe to devise a co-ordinated reponse to solve the growing refugee crisis.
As we hurtle toward the Labour party conference, our attention diverted only momentarily by the Liberal Democrats, engaged not so much in a conference as a seaside book festival, it is time to consider what happens after Jeremy Corbyn wins the ...
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has announced he would nationalise the Great British Bake Off during his election rally in Birmingham.
He was nicknamed 'Red Nev' after leading England players to the brink of a strike in 2004 - and now Gary Neville has furthered his socialist credentials by taking a distinctly Jeremy Corbyn-esque approach to rail travel. The former Manchester United ...
Like him or not - and The Independent did not especially care for the views of our one-time columnist - Nigel Farage changed the face of British politics.
Gary Neville has posted a selfie while sitting on the floor of a crowded train in a nod to the furore over Jeremy Corbyn's 'traingate' incident. The former Manchester United team captain wrote on Instagram: "Doing my Jeremy Corbyn selfie! 'Sitting on ...
We are told every day that Jeremy Corbyn is not a leader, from Hilary Benn's "He's a good and decent man, but he's not a leader" to the Daily Mail saying Corbyn "is the worst Labour leader in history".
A Labour government would give workers the first refusal to buy their company if it came up for sale, Jeremy Corbyn announced today (15 September).
Jeremy Corbyn says he is very confident the Labour party are coming together on Thursday, following the disunity during the party's leadership contest.





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