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updated Tue. May 30, 2017

BENGALURU: For Nicole Marielle Joseph, a science student of Mallya Aditi International school, grabbing the top position in ISC in Karnataka was something she had not expected.
Applications from homeless people to the council in Cambridge have doubled in the last four years.
As a Professor of Biochemistry at Cambridge University, he developed phase display technology that became the foundation of his first company in 1989.
29-05-2017Educatieve media Cambridge University Press en VSNU akkoord over open access De Nederlandse universiteiten, verenigd in de VSNU, hebben een driejarig contract afgesloten met Cambridge University Press. Onderzoekers van de ...
Brainbox students will soon be able to learn about Lego after bosses at Cambridge University appointed a professor to teach the subject for the first time - on ...
Cambridge University has been slated by language students who were given the answers to their Spanish exam during the test.
Professor Paul Ramchandani, an expert in child mental health for Imperial College, will lead a team examining the importance of play in education globally.
Three weeks ago, a picture of 14 black Cambridge undergraduates went viral as it highlighted the lack of representation of ethnic minority students at Cambridge University. The picture, taken by the African Caribbean Society, was picked up by the media ...
Opened to the public in 1846, the Cambridge University Botanic garden (CUBG) offers year-round interest and is home to over 8,000 plant species from across the world.
Recently reissued in paperback, pianist/author Marilyn Nonken's book The Spectral Piano is a fascinating examination of the history of piano music beginning in the mid-1800s that leads to its use in a spectral context from the 1970s to the present ...
Cambridge University's sports ground expansion plan is 'too much development'. Campaigners fear Anglia Ruskin University's plans for Girton will make their lives a misery with noise and light pollution.
Rick Edwards is an English TV presenter who has appeared on a number of Channel 4, E4 and ITV2 shows. He studied natural sciences at Cambridge University, during which he performed stand-up and sketch shows. Rick hosted evening radio show The ...
The paper was published int he journal Current biology by scientists with Cambridge University, the British Antarctic Survey, and the University of Durham.
22 mei 2017 - Liepen de gesprekken met Oxford University Press onlangs nog vast, met de collega's van Cambridge doet de VSNU nu wel zaken. De komende drie jaar kunnen onderzoekers verbonden aan Nederlandse universiteiten direct via de gouden ...
Study finds most are worried about leaving the EU, and want to stay in the single market.
The railway station was due to open in 2015 and features a design from maths model Game of Life.
The study was published Thursday in Current biology, by Amesbury and colleagues with Cambridge University, the British Antarctic Survey, and the University of Durham.
The University of Cambridge has announced its sponsorship of the Target Oxbridge programme, an access scheme which seeks to help students of black African and Caribbean heritage in their applications to Cambridge and Oxford.
A Cambridge University student was stabbed by his Oxford University girlfriend but she may be spared jail because of worries it would damage her promising medical career.
The Cell Atlas, a subcellular map of the human proteome, shows the spatial distribution of 12000 proteins, enabling the definition of 13 major organelle ...
After you "like" just 10 facebook pages, advertisers (or political campaigns) can get to know you as well as a colleague, according to research from Cambridge University in the U.K., and after 70 "likes" as much can be deduced about you as a close ...
When you think about a chef's duties, you probably think about working in glamorous restaurants, experimenting with a variety of different foods to produce a mouth-watering menu that's crying out for a Michelin star.
SoftBank Sinks $500M Into UK Virtual Reality Startup. A British startup founded five years ago by Cambridge University computer science graduates has received $502 million from a Japanese tech firm to develop large-scale virtual reality projects.
Two Cambridge University professors have been given Papal Knighthoods by Pope Francis for their outstanding work for the Holy See and the Catholic Church.
I'm a participant at the Judge Business school Executive MBA (Master of Business Administration) programme and I'm due to graduate at Cambridge University this year. After the call I read up on the course material and participate on the live chat at ...
A Cambridge University poetry expert who shared child rape fantasies and abuse images online has avoided jail. Professor Simon Jarvis, 53, was found with almost 2,000 illegal images on various computers and in online accounts when his city home and ...
Cambridge University is a prestigious school located in the United Kingdom, and the men pictured represent the only 15 Black men in their undergraduate class.
'Letters of Intent' are due to be signed and the aim is for the students to get the opportunity to "carry out research with renowned scientists" from Cambridge University, while PERMATA is still 'exploring for cooperation opportunities" with the Oxford ...
A Cambridge University academic who admitted a string of charges relating to indecent images of children has been given a suspended jail sentence.
Extending NHS weight loss programs from one session per week for 12-weeks to one session per week for a year helped people who are overweight to lose ...
Being poor is far more likely to cause anxiety in women than in men, one of the largest studies of its kind has shown. The research from Cambridge University shows that women living in the most deprived areas are over sixty per cent more likely to ...
Amazon is expanding its R&D facilities in Cambridge, UK, with a plan to move into a new 60,000sq ft site in the city with capacity for more than 400 staff.
A Cambridge hospital trust which holds thousands of confidential medical records has been targeted with cyber attacks, it has emerged.
An "exceptional" student who died in a fall at a Cambridge University college had evidence of LSD in his system, a pre-inquest review heard.
An "exceptional" student who died in a fall at a Cambridge University college had evidence of LSD in his system, a pre-inquest review heard.
The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the national association for amateur radio, connecting hams around the U.S. with news, information and ...
The report, which has been published in the journal Trends in ecology & evolution and is the result of a meeting of 17 global experts at Cambridge University, found 14 major issues related to the management and spread of invasive species in the next ...
Last month, we reported on the viral photos of young Black men from Yale University representing diversity on campus, while also encouraging Black students to apply to the prestigious Ivy League.
A group of 14 black male students who attend Cambridge University got together to pose for an epic group picture, which they hope will inspire black men to apply for the elite institution.
... / Luke Sproule, education reporter covering Rose Hill, Iffley and Littlemore. Please call me on (01865) 425422 / @OxMailLukeS.
Plans for a brand new punt station in a Cambridge University college have been launched - but the way the bid has been handled by river managers has been branded a "farce".
Definigen, a stem cell spinout of Cambridge University, licensed additional research from the institution's tech transfer arm Cambridge Enterprise yesterday in the form of cholangiocyte liver technology.
They alerted soon-to-be famed American Conservative Rabbi Solomon Schechter, who rushed to Cairo to ensure that Cambridge University, where he taught Talmudic studies, would beat rival Oxford in the race for ownership of the documents. Now ...
A hacker is facing jail for setting up a global computer hacking business targeting colleges including Cambridge University, which caused chaos on the world wide web and cost millions of pounds. Adam Mudd was just 16 years old when he created his ...
Cambridge has topped The Complete University Guide league table, published today (Wednesday 26 April), for the seventh year in a row.
A teenage West Herts College student hacked the websites of Microsoft, Sony and Cambridge University before selling the software he created to cyber criminals for hundreds of thousands of pounds.
In the fall of 1962, I had traveled to England to undertake post-graduate work in English literature at Cambridge University. From breakfast seminars to daytime lectures, then afternoon readings and evening tutorials, I was immersed in English literature.
Edwards, who was born in England and is a naturalized citizen, earned degrees in engineering and business administration at Cambridge University. He is a retired Chief Executive Officer of QVC, Germany, where he built the cable television sales company ...
Higgins attended Cambridge University where she received a BA in natural sciences followed by a Ph.D in physics. She later received a masters in international education at Stanford University.




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