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In politics, such figures include Privy Council President General Prem Tinsulanonda, "Pa Prem", and former minister Sanoh Thienthong, "Pa Noh". In the Entertainment industry, there are "Pa Thep" (comedian Thep Phongam), the late comedian "Pa Tok" ...

Later, the management of the temple sought to transfer ownership of the land but former deputy interior minister Sanoh Thienthong blocked the move in 1990. A foundation was set up to handle the plot which was later sold to Mr Sanoh's family company ...
From ya khayan (energy pill) in its early days to ya maa (horse medicine), the drug was named ya ba (crazy pill) in 1996 when veteran politician Sanoh Thienthong was the public health minister. The labelling since then has delivered a threatening ...
They came from the so-called Wang Nam Yen faction led by Witthaya's older brother, Sanoh Thienthong, known in those days as a political kingmaker.
One day, when Thaksin made a Skype connection from abroad, he and Sanoh Thienthong, another senior party member, told him it was not yet time to come back.




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