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At every turn, Clinton linked Trump to the economic problems she bemoaned. "He embodies the risky behavior that crashed our economy, that brought us the Great Recession, the quick-buck culture that still rules too many corporate boardrooms," she said.
A new poll by Hoffman Research Group has Oregonians soundly rejecting Measure 97 and overwhelmingly supporting Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in the presidential election. The survey ... The ballot measure would hike taxes on Corporations with ...

Hillary Clinton gave a speech on the economy in Toledo, Ohio on Monday. Her primary topics, corporate predation and a broken economy, leaned left.
As part of a broad statement on corporate regulation, the presidential campaign of Democrat Hillary Clinton on Monday criticized the use of mandatory arbitration agreements in higher education.
That's what makes Hillary Clinton's new comments about corporate power and antitrust law important. Her campaign has embraced an emerging line of thought in left-of-center economic circles: that a big part of what ails the United States economy is ...
Hillary Clinton has made short-term thinking in corporate America - also known as "quarterly capitalism," a reference to the pressure companies feel to meet quarterly earnings predictions - a central issue in her campaign.
Clinton to Hit at Wells Fargo, Mylan in Speech on 'Bad Corporate Actors'. by Reuters. Share; Share · Tweet · Share · email; Print; Comment · advertisement.
Hillary Clinton on Monday will rebuke certain companies for allegedly putting profits over people while she pledges to take on bad corporate Actors. And the Democratic presidential nominee plans to name names. At the top of Clinton's list of accused ...
Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusettes, both of whom she mentioned by name as she bashed corporate irresponsibility in general and Trump in particular. "Today I want to send a clear ... "After taking nearly a month away from ...
Check out who Hillary Clinton's slamming in 'bad corporate Actors' speech ... Today, Hillary Clinton will take some Corporations to task. Among the .... Even she realizes that any company that would pay her 6 figures for a speech is a horrible corporation.
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton went after corporations she said were hurting the American economy and taking advantage of workers in an intense economic speech on Monday.
Hillary Clinton slammed Wells Fargo today, holding up the bank's ongoing accounts scandal as an example of "egregious corporate behavior," and pledging to strengthen consumer protections and further scrutinize corporate America if elected. The remarks ...
At last Monday's presidential debate, when Hillary Clinton suggested Mr. Trump was refusing to release his tax returns so voters would not know "he's paid nothing in federal taxes," and when she also pointed out that Mr. Trump had once revealed to ...
The line of attack centers around questions the RNC raises about the propriety of longtime Clinton aide Justin Cooper being involved in purchasing Roger Clinton's home in California through a limited liability corporation at a time the former president ...
Hillary Clinton wants you to serve your country. The Democratic presidential ... Clinton plans to work with corporations and universities to ensure "reservists" get paid time off to volunteer or, in the case of students, college credit. "The Reserve ...
WASHINGTON: Democratic party progressives intent on reining in Wall Street are pushing Hillary Clinton to choose people to head the Treasury, SEC and other agencies who will crack down on big banks if she wins the White House on Nov. 8. "Do they have a ...

He's within striking distance of Hillary Clinton because he was smart enough to hijack an issue that the Democrats had the advantage on for decades.
While the interviews were not technically conducted "under oath" - lying to federal agents is itself a crime, as is obstruction of justice - they do open a uniquely candid window into how the decisions around Hillary Clinton's email server unfolded ...
Virtually every one of our industries has been consolidated into fewer and fewer but ever larger corporate structures. The power of ballooning Corporations grew in both economic and political terms. One result is our hollowed-out, flaccid domestic ...
If you were an exec at a big corporation that mass-produces food or farm chemicals, who would you rather see prevail in November's presidential election?
He continued: "The large Corporations who support terrible trade deals that offshore jobs - they are donating to Hillary Clinton... The Wall Street investors who have rigged the regulations against the middle class - they are donating to Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton countered Trump on the debate stage with an appeal for profit-sharing models and "closing corporate loopholes." On her website, Clinton addresses deferment by proposing an "exit tax" on companies that want to take their headquarters ...
Honda is apologizing for a pro-Hillary Clinton tweet that was sent from its corporate account during last night's presidential debate.
The Department of Justice said last month that it planned to eventually stop using private prisons. Now, Hillary Clinton wants all states to follow suit.
Hillary Clinton countered Trump on the debate stage with an appeal for profit-sharing models and "closing corporate loopholes." On her website, Clinton addresses deferment by proposing an "exit tax" on companies that want to take their headquarters ...
Aiming to accelerate the slow-but-steady economic progress of the last several years, 2016 candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have offered a variety of proposals to increase job creation and jumpstart economic growth.
In the Cold War era, Eastern bloc countries prevented their citizens from leaving. The Berlin Wall was the most iconic symbol of the Eastern bloc's no exit policy.
Many voters feel former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton represents the interests of corporate America, moderator Anderson Cooper told the Democratic candidate on Wednesday.
Additional state corporate taxes bump the official total rate on businesses up closer to 40%, but the statutory rate doesn't reflect the write-offs in the tax code that reduce the "effective rate" on corporate profits - what Corporations actually pay ...
Hillary Clinton's proposed exit tax "on the untaxed overseas earnings of multinational companies that leave the U.S." falls short of being a Berlin Wall for U.S.
In contrast, Hillary Clinton has suggested there is no need to lower the corporate rate. advisor Neera Tanden recently suggested that Hillary would oppose any effort to lower the corporate income tax rate because "the U.S. has been doing pretty well ...
former President Bill Clinton voiced support for a lower corporate tax rate and said the geopolitical reasoning behind the Trans-Pacific Partnership is clear.
Hillary Clinton continues demonstrating an unusual willingness to call out corporate bad Actors by name, even as she courts big business support for her campaign.
Hillary Clinton, Democratic presidential candidate. Hillary Clinton's campaign unleashed a barrage of questions for Donald Trump on Wednesday following a report about potential conflicts of interest for his business empire should he be elected president.
WASHINGTON - The Boston arm of the Clinton charitable empire will shed ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton and continue to work as an independent non-profit if Hillary Clinton wins the presidential election. The organization will continue to take the ...
The corporate elites across the political spectrum, Republican and Democrat, have gleefully united to anoint her president.
As Donald Trump points the finger at Hillary Clinton's Foundation, he has four more pointing back at him. Trump has used his foundation, which is funded with other people's money by the way, to pad the pockets of or attack attorney generals who were ...
Hillary Clinton caused quite the stir when she recently remarked "you could put half of Trump's supporters in what I call the basket of deplorables.
On Monday, Johnson spoke with KIRO Radio's Dori Monson on multiple issues, including his recent gaffe about Aleppo and Hillary Clinton's health. .... Johnson: I think if we had zero corporate tax - and let's not kid ourselves, we pay for corporate tax ...
Another NTU-supported analysis states that Hillary Clinton has proposed $198 billion in annual spending increases that would cost $209 billion in added revenue.
I have switched from the corporate world to work for what I deeply believe in: entrepreneurship and women's opportunity.
Republicans from the presidential ticket on down pounced Saturday on Hillary Clinton's remarks that half of Donald J. Trump's supporters fit into a "basket of deplorables," saying it showed she was out of touch with an economically hard-hit electorate ...
Listening to the Clinton campaign, and its public relations employees masquerading as corporate media journalists, one would think that World war Three had already begun on the battlefield of US electoral politics.
Republicans on Saturday seized upon a remark Hillary Clinton made that called half of Donald Trump's supporters "deplorables," arguing that it is a slander similar to one made by 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney that dogged him in the final weeks of the ...
Had Donald Trump had to pay his debts as a citizen rather than renege on them as a corporation, how rich would he really be?
From left, Jeff Immelt, chairman and CEO of GE, whose 2015 compensation was $26,637,142, Marillyn Hewson, chairman, president and CEO of Lockheed Martin, 2015 salary $28,566,044, and Leslie Moonves, president and CEO of CBS Corporation, 2015 ... And ...
I don't necessarily believe that at all, and Hillary Clinton still holds a lead in all of the swing states, and her lead has gotten so big in states like Texas, and Arizona, and Nevada that she might actually end up flipping those states, but here is ...
The collective intelligence of the American people is about to be insulted even more shamelessly than it has already been - as the sales campaigns for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump rev up, seemingly without budget constraints. Now would therefore ...
I've spent nearly all of my life, it feels like, being disinterested in Hillary Clinton's handling of classified information and use of a private email server.





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