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updated Tue. May 30, 2017

CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO Dave Clark, commander of the American Legion Mitchell Post 281 at the Legion Hall. Dave Clark, commander of the American Legion Mitchell Post 281, has conflicted feelings about his service in the Marines, especially the months ...
JACKSONVILLE -- In the weeks after the federal government announced a multi-billion dollar compensation program for Camp Lejeune veterans exposed to contaminated water, more than 130 of those victims have reached out to GateHouse Media.
Camp Lejeune, N.C. (WNCT)-Corpsmen aboard Naval hospital Camp Lejeune held a special decontamination drill for exposure to chemical, biological and radiological contaminants.
Taking an inventory is an important part of business, especially when it comes to retail and sales. I learned the importance of this when I worked for NABISCO.
Retired Lt. Col. C. M. "Chuck" Collins served in the Marine Corps for more than two decades. Collins is the vice chairman of Marine Federal Credit Union.
On May 15, the U.S. Supreme Court decided Howell v Howell, a case concerning military divorces. The case has major impact on military divorce law, especially in those cases that are not settled by the parties.
Being distracted on the road doesn't only put you at risk, it puts everyone around you as well. While looking at your phone your eyes are off the road for an average of five seconds.
"The USO of North Carolina, Jacksonville Center provides support to Camp Lejeune, Marine Corps Air Station New River, Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, all the United States Coast Guard stations from the Virginia state line to the South Carolina ...
Cpl. Robert Piedra, a rifleman with Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force - Crisis Response - Africa, coaches a member of Senegal's Compagnie Fusilier de Marin Commando fire the M60 Machinegun during a known distance range at Thies, ...
Robert G. Gill speaks to role players at a simulated graduation ceremony during General Exercise 2 at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, May 4, 2017. the Marines conducted the final rehearsal exercise of the Marine advisor Course in order ...
children race through one of the obstacle courses at Kids Corps Day at Marine Corps Air Station New River, May 20. The obstacle course is part of 2017 Kids Corps Day, an event that encourages Marines to bring their children and spouses to play and ...
While the largest populations of alligators are found in Brunswick, New Hanover, Craven, Onslow and Pender counties, local populations are distributed in patches along the entire North Carolina coast.
The couple wed at the Catholic Chapel on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune July 17, 1943, sharing their first kiss on the front steps making their historic marriage, that would last 73 years, public.
Can there be anything more depressing than a movie about The holocaust? Well, this one about the Armenian genocide could give that a run for the money.
Marines fire the M252 mortar system at simulated enemy positions during a fire mission at Camp Lejeune, N.C., May 17, 2017.
The Department of Defense plans to spend more than $293 million on construction projects at North Carolina installations in the next fiscal year, according to budget documents released Tuesday.
JACKSONVILLE, Onslow County - The Main Gate will be temporarily closed Sunday, May 21 from approximately 8 a.m. until 12 p.m. for routine maintenance of security equipment.
ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) People rallied in Washington, D.C., on Saturday to bring attention to a certain group of veterans, people that they feel have been ignored by the government.
Michael Baker developed an environmental standards guidebook for Marines and other installation residents, Overview of Camp Lejeune Environmental Programs, as a reference detailing the camp's environmental goals and the programs in place to achieve ...
At the first ever Teen Dungeons and Dragons Night, participants will be encouraged to embrace how the dice fall as beginners are introduced to the ins and outs of how one of the oldest table game is played.
Marines parachute to the ground at Marine Corps Auxiliary Landing Field Bogue, N.C., May 2, 2017. By conducting sustainment jumps, these Marines hone their skills and maintain mission readiness.
There's a divide in Hollywood over what movies are made with which audiences in mind. Whether or not it's true for everyone, the studios believe that men like the tough and violent ones, and women like the ones with a softer side.
The local NCWorks Career Center and the American Legion have partnered to hold a veterans' job Fair, Career Expo June 13 with two preparation workshops leading to the main event starting May 25.
Lt. Col. Jeffrey Cabana prepares to pass the squedron colors to Lt. Col. James Derrick during a change of command ceremony held on Marine Corps Air Station New River, May 11.
Thomas D. Weidley, Marine Corps Installations East - Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune commanding general. "We must maintain a state of readiness both at home and in the workplace with regards to cybersecurity.
Kady Luke accepts her gifts from Lt. Col. Quentin Vaughn (left), Col. Robert Morgan (right) and Sgt. Maj. Paulette Newcomb (far right) during the Marine Corps Air Station New River navy-Marine Corps Relief Society's annual volunteer award recognition ...
Marines from Company F, 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment responded to simulated combat-related emergencies during a Squad Overmatch course at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, May 1 through 4. The course integrates instruction in the classroom ...
Often times in today's culture we hear: "Be who you want to be." We put a high degree of emphasis on individuality and the right to do what you want, as long as you're not hurting anyone else.
Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C. - A multinational exercise is taking place aboard Camp Lejeune. The 2nd Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (ANGLICO) is hosted a live-fire demonstration during exercise Burmese Chase on Wednesday.
The toxic water crisis at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, that left 750,000 Marines, sailors, spouses and their families exposed to contaminated drinking water between the 1950s and the 1980s may face a renewed investigation by the Centers for Disease ...
A drive to serve his country was the motivating factor that brought retired Sgt. Maj. Tim Manchester to join the Marine Corps more than three decades ago.
During that event Nunez met James Jarvis, retired Marine and manager of the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, Marine Corps Air Station New River and Cape Fear Area chapters of the American Red Cross, who introduced him to the Home Fire Campaign.
Cpl. Austin Hardin verifies the frequency on the Tropospheric Scatter Microwave Radio Terminal, or the AN/TRC-170, during the Weapons and Tactics Instructor Course near Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Ariz.
MARINE CORPS AIR STATION CHERRY POINT, N.C. - U.S. Air Force Maj. Robert Riggs, U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations Command air mobility liaison officer (AMLO), assists in loading cargo aboard a C-17 aircraft at MCAS Cherry Point.
There are no dues or secret handshakes to gain entry to the While We Wait Club: Kids in Deployment hosted monthly at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. Facilitated by the Readiness and Deployment Support Team with Marine Corps Family Team Building, ...
Tap, tap, groan! A young Jedi briefly sparred with a member of Vader's Fist 501st Legion before thrusting his plastic light saber into the chest armor, defeating his enemy inside Tarawa Terrace Community Center during Star wars Day, Saturday.
Faith formation begins by taking an account of the tenets of your faith, or the main principles that hold your faith together. The first step toward growing your faith is by looking at it objectively.
World War II was the source of dozens of instances of benevolence and bravery. But few top the actions taken by the Polish couple who risked retaliation from the Nazis for hiding 300 Jews at the Warsaw Zoo.
Marines with 10th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division celebrated the unit's first Reunion at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, April 24 and 25. The guests at the reunion were retired field artillery cannoneers who had previously served with the unit at ...
The Department of Defense announced yesterday that Camp Lejeune is a recipient of the 2017 Commander in Chief's Annual Award for Installation Excellence in recognition of its performance in Fiscal Year 2016.
Camp Lejeune has been named a recipient of the 2017 Commander in Chief's Annual Award for Installation Excellence, according to announcement by Secretary of Defense James Mattis.
GateHouse newspapers in Eastern North Carolina have reported recently about the VA's decision, finally, to compensate victims of Camp Lejeune's water contamination more than 30 years ago. These newspapers -- the StarNews, Jacksonville Daily News, ...
Warrior women is an original theater piece about the challenges of being female while on active duty in the military. Two multi-talented women, Angelique Richelle Pinkston and Michelle Sims, confront their power and vulnerability as they tell their ...
Even though nearly 3 million people visit the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C. annually, veterans and supporters are unable to make the trip to see the iconic wall.
Couples from Marine aircraft Group 26 and the surrounding area attended a one-day Chaplain religious Enrichment Development Organization marriage Enrichment Retreat on Marine Corps Air Station New River, April 29.
An F-35B Lighting II aircraft prepares to land during a training exercise with Airborne Tactical Advantage Company aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, April 14.
Marines board a C-130H Hercules from the 123rd Airlift Wing, Kentucky Air National Guard, during the annual African Lion 17 exercise at Agadir, Morocco, April 13, 2017.
Marines swim to shore after disembarking their F470 Combat Rubber Raiding Crafts during a weeklong training exercise at Marine Corps Outlying Field Atlantic, N.C, April 26, 2017.
Michael L. Scalise, deputy commander of Marine Corps Installations-East Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. "Camp Lejeune is very fortunate in having a lot of Vietnam veterans (in the area.)" Hundreds gathered for the ceremony. Among the crowd were ...
The Alzheimer's Association of Eastern North Carolina will present a Head injuries, concussion and TBI: veterans and risk for dementia, May 10, 2017.




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