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updated Mon. February 27, 2023

Through them, the moderate Republican foreign-policy establishment endured. Schultz, in particular, helped convince Reagan to embrace the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and—while conservative politicians and pundits screamed appeasement—to negotiate the most far-reaching arms control ...

The worst moment for Reagan, for example, was the Iran-Hezbollah-Contra scandal, originating from the fact that the administration had to find a way to circumvent the limits and prohibitions imposed by Congress on the financing of anti-Sandinista guerrillas: a completely illegal intercontinental fraud ...
AMY GOODMAN: Before you go on, Stephen, I wanted to go to a part of a trailer from an upcoming documentary titled Coup 53 about the 1953 British-American coup in Iran and the overthrow of Mohammad Mosaddegh, directed by the Iranian physicist-turned-award-winning-documentary-filmmaker Taghi ...
The first thing to note is that Bolton would, according to a trio of foreign policy experts from different political affiliations that I spoke to, be a disastrous choice. ... op-eds and public speeches all suggest that he would push Trump to take extremely dangerous positions on issues like North Korea, Iran, and ISIS.
When the exchange was revealed in a Lebanese newspaper in November 1986, Reagan initially denied the report, but later admitted it was true. He justified his about face by claiming that he wanted to appeal to moderates within the Iranian government in order to undercut support for the Ayatollah ...
By the 1960s, according to I.M. Destler, Leslie Gelb, and Anthony Lake, “a revolution was taking place in the structure of America's foreign-policy leadership. ... And let's not forget one of former President Ronald Reagan's national security advisors, William Clark, who never completed college at all.
Jimmy Carter tried to end the Iran hostage crisis shortly after the Iranian revolution in 1979 with a daring and misguided rescue attempt, leading to a failed ... Reagan's watch the Iran-Contra affair cast a pall over what at the time was perceived to be his administration's overall effective foreign-policy record.
Following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the Iranian Revolution in 1979, the Reagan administration hoped to sell $8.5 billion worth of these planes to ... the proliferation of conventional weapons in the Middle East, and even the belief that oil-for-arms is no sound basis for a coherent foreign policy.


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