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updated Thu. March 22, 2018

HHS argued that its double-digit payment reductions in the 340B Drug Pricing Program "were justified by developments in the market" due to the program's overexpansion, according ... The AHA told Healthcare Dive it did not have a comment on the government's filing, noting that its response is due April 2. hospitals
Using the pandemonium in the Parliament as the justification, the government passed these bills (as money bills) without any discussion whatsoever (through ... It would, therefore, appear that the average tax payer will continue to pay for decisions that governments do not take in respect of ...

One study, cited recently in the Washington Post, concluded we tried to change other nations' governments a mind-blowing 72 times between 1947 and 1989. Most of these efforts were justified under the aegis of the domino theory, i.e. that we had to step in to prevent the cancer-like spread of communism.
Jordanian government officials opposing legislative reforms repeatedly cite political and demographic considerations as justification. But the Jordanian government needs to recognize that these arguments, based solely on grounds of the Jordanian parent's sex, are not only highly specious in fact ... Mothers
Sound familiar? The precautionary principle is to chemical safety what the Waters of the United States Rule was to land management: a justification for the federal government to interfere with people's lives. A smarter approach to regulation is asking, "Is a product safe and effective when used as intended?". agricultural
According to our government, the government of Syria is one of the worst governments in the world and they are oppressing the people, they are killing the people, and we can't confirm this and so there aren't any plans from our government to send back any refugees because Mrs Merkel invited ... Syria

A three-judge Ninth Circuit panel partly reversed in 2016, finding Alsup shouldn't have forbidden attorney's fees for work on a number of issues for which the government had shown its position was "substantially justified" under the Equal Access to Justice Act. The panel cited the Supreme Court's ... War
Tuesday night was their chance to talk to the government agencies face-to-face. "I'm upset with how things went down as far as notification, how late notification was. I want to hear what their justification was," said Laura Hallett, who manages the Arbor MHC. Neighbors even broke into small groups to list their concerns. government officials
The IG's office cleared Mnuchin for his travel, though it criticized the secretary for failing to adequately justify the use of non-commercial flights. "In almost all cases a single boilerplate statement constituted the whole analysis and justification for designation and use of military aircraft, despite the fact that ... Government
Those Nigerians who put pressure on the President to rescind his decision to hire Ali, a retired army colonel, if they are true to themselves, will agree today that they were wrong; that indeed, the 'old man' has more than added value to not just the NCS but also to Buhari's government. Ali's appointment as ... Government
The purpose of Mr. Guterres' visit is to take stock of achievements that followed a peace agreement between the Government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People's Army (FARC-EP) in November 2016, which ended 50 years of conflict. ... “There is no justification for armed violence. Government
The South Korean government has shown some confusion in the measures it's taking to reduce speculation in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. ... not blocking cryptocurrency trading, and US regulators have even approved cryptocurrency futures, which also weakens the justification for imposing a ban. Government
I joked on Twitter about what Donald Trump's Evangelical Advisory Council would say after his “shithole” comments — or, more accurately, what they probably wouldn't say — and I haven't been surprised yet. So far, no one has resigned over the word or the sentiments behind it. Some of the advisors ... Government
Critics of the new policy point to both the 9th and 10th Amendments of the Bill of Rights as justification for Colorado and the other states that have legalized marijuana for everything from medical purposes to recreational consumption to prevail in the case of a disagreement with the federal government. Government
In recent years, the GOP has repeatedly struggled to reach deals that will avoid a government shutdown. .... In 2016, Trump told beleaguered blue-collar whites their problems stemmed from governmental incompetence, lax immigration policies, and bad trade deals such as the North American Free Trade ... Government
As CBS News has reported, "Interested and eligible applicants can only apply electronically – which often means long lines at Internet cafes in developing countries during the weeks-long entry period – and they are not, as Trump argues, 'the worst of the worst,' handpicked by their country's government. Government
The program is used to collect electronic communications from American companies, but has repeatedly come under fire from privacy advocates for being invasive and without legal justification. The government maintains that no domestic citizens can be targeted without a court order. This year, a bipartisan ... Government

But that Brazil's announcement closely follows very similar efforts unveiled last week by French President Emmanuel Macron strongly suggests a trend in which governments are now exploiting concerns over “fake news” to justify state control over the internet. In his New Year's speech to journalists at the ... Government
Amid concern in Jordan about the presence of pro-Iran Shi'ite forces on the Jordan-Syria border,[1] and following the November 19, 2017 Arab League statement calling Hizbullah an organization "that supports terrorist groups in the Arab world," Fahd Al-Fanek, a senior columnist in the Jordanian ... Government
As things stand, the government is likely to cite 'safety' concerns as justification for resettling refugees in temporary internment camps with ... Government
The inevitability factors are no justification for prolonged stays on ... The sources said that several federal government officers have been ... Government
Speaking at a walking and cycling safety conference on Tuesday, Mr Norman did not rule out the possibility that a forthcoming Government ... Government
But that suggestion, he says, was the government's justification for ... The federal government established the Qalipu Mi'kmaq First Nation in ... Government
No justification for terror tactics ... and who justify it in whatever way will find no sympathy from the Government of Trinidad and Tobago”. Government
No justification for a new home-rule study .... changes to the home rule charter that is the founding document of Luzerne County government. Government
Lista also said the company has to justify its plans to monetize the ... We are answerable to the government and money of the people,” the ... Government
Much like Pharaoh, Jefferson condemns the government he ... (if they care) there is substantial historical intellectual and moral justification for ... Government
I see the justification of the California municipal government expending our tax dollars into a budget which extends the power of the various fire ... Government
From California's “defiance” of the federal government on climate change to ... and used states' rights as justification for his cause, Maher noted. Government
The Bluegrass Institute Center for Open Government asserted that the House's closed meeting violated the fundamental mandate of the Open ... Government
“The requested records would shed light on the justification for Secretary Mnuchin's use of a government plane, rather than a commercial flight, ... Government
Lawyers for a photojournalist on Wednesday attacked a Hong Kong government claim that it had merely been exercising its “private rights as a ... Government
“The requested records would shed light on the justification for Secretary Mnuchin's use of a government plane, rather than a commercial flight, ... Government
... in which he called out the government's health secretary Jeremy Hunt for “cherry-picking” scientific evidence to justify changes in the NHS. Government
It was the justification for the British colonial policy of preventing free Black ... Governments have turned the support for the sugar industry into a social ... employment and farmers can always lobby government to bail them out. Government
The Afghan was rigorously vetted by the U.S. government, awarded a ... back to Afghanistan, with zero justification, if not for the last-minute ... Government
KINGSTON – The Jamaica government says it is moving to clear all ... were not criminal, but were acts of liberation with moral justification. Government
Perhaps most relevantly, The Government Inspector (2005) and The Promise (2011) dealt with western interventions respectively in Iraq and ... Government
“Articles” or “declarations” refer to the justifications for secession included ... “We affirm that these ends for which this Government was instituted have .... “We hold as undeniable truths that the governments of the various States ... Government
Since 1980, this detailed data has been essential to the justification of ... The latest: opposing ethnic data collection by state governments. ... such as allowing for the justification of government investments in programs ... Government
His letter noted requests from senior government officials, unlike ... “Of those requests, only one offered a justification that was not boilerplate.”. Government
That law, adopted overwhelmingly in 1972 states, in part, “full access to information concerning the conduct of government on every level must ... Government
The US government is seeking to unmask every person who visited an ... “I can't conceive of a legitimate justification other than casting your net ... Government
Barth takes pains to demonstrate that Paul is not calling for theocracy or a government controlled by the Christian Church. Quite the contrary ... Government
"I believe that quite frankly there's just no factual or legal basis or justification to have this complaint previously filed go forward," said David Himelman, chairman of the ethics board, at the meeting. Government
If there ever was a justification for the wall, it is now belied by these numbers. With border crossings at such a significant low, how can the expense of a wall be justified any longer? After all, Mexico is clearly not paying for the wall, and Trump's ... Government
Gyampo opined that the size of the new government is too large for a country such as Ghana. Speaking in interview with Kasapa FM, Prof. Government
White House spokesman Michael Short said the justification for the travel ban is "not in any way diminished by these selective and potentially criminal leaks being carried out by disgruntled government officials. The president is 100 ... A Department ... Government
The White House budget offers no specific justification for ending it. But the Heritage blueprint says the LSC should be "abolished because it is not a duty of the federal government to provide defense in these types of cases. Many state and local ... Government
But speaking to Accra-based television station, TV3 on Wednesday evening, the NDC General Secretary rubbished government's justification of the large size of the executive and described it as insulting to Ghanaians. "When I heard the list of ministers ... Government


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