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Putin then compared Comey to the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden who currently has asylum in Russia for leaking state secrets in 2013.
Authorities are expecting up to 10000 demonstrators during the two-day G20 talks next month in the northern German city. Rallies at the weekend focused on ...

Authorities in France have been forced to convert former low-cost hotels around the country into temporary housing for asylum seekers as the strain on infrastructure begins to show. With 86,000 applications for asylum recorded in France during 2016 ...
The detention of asylum seekers pending the examination of their application for international protection continues to provoke heated debates in Europe.
After the election of Donald Trump, asylum Hill Congregational Church pastor Matthew Laney offered a blunt prayer for his congregation, asking the Lord to "bring the president out of darkness and into the light," and "admit the harm he has caused with ...

Radwan Ziadeh, a prominent political opponent of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, has spent 10 years in the United States and has received fellowships at Harvard, Georgetown and the United States Institute of Peace.
Back before Batman & Robin torched any hopes of continuing the Batman franchise as it existed in the 1990s, director Joel Schumacher had a different Dark Knight project in mind: Arkham asylum. While looking back at the legacy of Batman & Robin for the ...
Mark Dayton this week, Canadian Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale pushed back on the influx of asylum seekers into Canada this year, saying we need to "fully figure out" why this is happening.
"It's something prohibited, forbidden and unforgivable, and going back I can get attacked by my brother," Afef told the Thomson Reuters Foundation at a meeting for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) asylum seekers in Dublin. "That's my past ...
"Violence and persecution generated by organized crime, gang-related violence, and drug cartels are likely to be the primary cause behind the increasing numbers of asylum-seekers from Central America seeking international protection in the United ...
In 2015, Sweden became a prime destination for refugees fleeing wars in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. The Nordic country accepted more than 160,000 migrants seeking asylum in that year, the most of any country per capita, according to Swedish authorities.
According to Kommersant, Kaverov's lawyers have already applied for political asylum in Slovenia on his behalf. All this reduces the likelihood that the prosecutor General's Office of Russia will be able to achieve his extradition.
Abu Dhabi // More than 600 people in the UAE are seeking asylum status from the United Nations, the UN refugee agency has reported.

The April 7 attack in Stockholm prompted Sapo to step up efforts to find those who disappear when their asylum applications are rejected.
The issue of the U.S. citizens who took asylum in Cuba made headlines last Friday, after President Donald Trump reversed the rapprochement between Washington and Havana that began two years ago, and set the return of those people as one of the ...
asylum seekers, on the other hand, are displaced persons who are fleeing violence and persecution in their home countries, as my grandparents and parents did.
The number of Venezuelans seeking asylum tripled from 2015 to 2016, as the once-wealthy nation continues to be trapped in a punishing economic, social and political crisis.
I think people within the party and in the broader community know where I stand on the issues of refugees and asylum seekers.
Fall 2015: A group of 29 families from Central America seeking asylum in the United States fail "credible fear" interviews that could have prevented their deportation.
Berlin is to become the second German state to offer automatic residency to asylum seekers who become the victims of far-right hate crimes, Berlin Interior Minister Andreas Geisel told his colleagues from the other 15 German states this week in Dresden.
To help us understand the significance of the case, Al Jazeera spoke to Kon Karapanagiotidis, the founder and CEO of the Melbourne-based asylum seeker Resource Centre, about what it means for Australia's strict immigration policy. Al Jazeera: The ...
"By the way, if he faces some sort of prosecution in this regard, we are ready to give him political asylum as well. He should know that," he said sarcastically during the televised event.
"What's the difference between the FBI Director and Mr. Snowden?" Russian president Vladimir Putin asked Thursday during his yearly live call-in show, saying that he would offer political asylum to fired FBI head James Comey in the same way Russia has ...
By comparison, Manitoba saw the second highest influx of asylum seekers; it had a total of 477 people sneak in from January to April 2017.
Two Russian opposition figures from Aleksei Navalny's party asked for political asylum at the Ukrainian border on June 15, Ukraine's Border Guard Service said.
The Russian leader even sarcastically offered political asylum to fired FBI Director James Comey. Putin reaffirmed his denial of allegations by U.S.
A programme launched two years ago linking Madrid residents with refugees and asylum-seekers is now overwhelmed by volunteers.
The Australian government has agreed to pay 70 million Australian dollars ($53m) to more than 1,900 asylum seekers who sued over their treatment at the Manus Island detention centre on Papua New Guinea (PNG).
People, who have applied for asylum, but whose fate has not yet been decided, are known as asylum applicants or asylum seekers. The German Federal Office for Migration and refugees (BAMF) decides whether a person has the right to asylum, whether he ...
Hungary's tough asylum system has helped cause a bottleneck for up to 7,000 migrants who are now stuck in limbo in Serbia, the Council of Europe Special Representative on migration and refugees said Wednesday.
Facing Walls: USA and Mexico's violation of the rights of asylum seekers explores the catastrophic impact of a catalogue of new policies and ongoing practices that result in asylum seekers pursuing increasingly more desperate and dangerous means of ...
"Ahmad," a 34-year-old Chechen man, boarded a Polish-bound train in Brest, Belarus, last week, hoping to seek asylum there.
In California, a group of asylum seekers on hunger strike in the for-profit Adelanto Detention Center say they were violently attacked by GEO Group guards Monday morning as they waited in the breakfast area for immigration officials to respond to their ...
German media said the woman had sought asylum and had been attacked by other refugees.
He was referring to two agencies that are part of the Department of Homeland Security but, as Mr. Coello discovered, have very different missions: United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, which handles citizenship and asylum cases, and ...
Call me a cynic all you want, but I was not impressed with Spider-man on PS4. It just looks way too similar to games I can already play, namely the Arkham series.
In the early hours of May 24th, a Turkish journalist seeking political asylum fled his home country. He managed to cross the Evros, a river that slices through the border of Greece and Turkey.
It seems that Supermassive Games, the developers behind Until Dawn, has been busy lately. Not only is it delivering another social game with Hidden Agenda, ...
Barrios' attorney Erin O'Neil-Baker confirmed Monday that the Board of Immigration Appeals granted a motion to reopen his asylum case. The asylum claim initially was requested in 1993, a year after Barrios arrived in the United States from Guatemala.
The idea was to offer an often traumatized population an alternative to being held in crowded detention centers as they awaited the court process on their asylum claims to finish -- a process that can often take years. A federal appellate court ...
The court stated [SWI report] that the situation in Hungary is too insecure and argued that the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) [official website] was the only organization able to evaluate the asylum cases in Switzerland. Under the EU's Dublin ...
African asylum seekers march through central Tel Aviv to protest a law that deducts 20 percent of their wages. Photos by Yotam Ronen / Activestills.
(NEWSPLEX) -- The stars of the show Ghost asylum were in Orange County on Saturday, to investigate the haunted Exchange Hotel.
asylum-seeking minors with family members in other European Union countries are in principle entitled to safe passage under the Dublin III Regulations, which underpin the EU's asylum system. But with little more than a handful of children transferred ...
Carolina, her husband and their three kids will soon be joining the growing number of Venezuelans seeking asylum in the United States.
"asylum is not only for those who run away from war but even for those who see themselves deprived of their human rights.