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updated Tue. February 28, 2017

There are 474 unmarked graves in the Provo Cemetery - each plot is the final resting place of someone who died at the Utah Territorial Insane asylum, now the Utah State hospital in Provo. While these people have long gone unnoticed, the Utah State ...
Bizarrely, the UK immigration office states in its January 2017 guidelines on asylum claims based on sexual orientation that a gay man who "on return to Kabul, would not attract or seek to cause public outrage, would not face a real risk of persecution ...
Up to 20 people have been hurt in a fire at a shelter for asylum seekers in Sweden, officials say. Two residents were badly injured jumping from windows of the building in Vanersborg, about 80km (50 miles) north of Gothenburg.
Hundreds of thousands of people seeking asylum arrived in Germany in 2015, hoping to at least being able to live there temporarily.
Oshkosh - If you like strolling to the asylum Point Lighthouse in Oshkosh, you're out of luck. The bridge leading to it is a splintered wreck.
A woman seeking asylum has been held at Prairieland Detention Center for more than a year, according to reports. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor this month, but before getting surgery, she was "forcibly removed" from the hospital and returned to ...
"It's difficult leaving your property, your home behind," said Sipriana Morales Prudente from a seat inside of her attorney's office, fighting back tears.
Afghan journalist Habib Zahori made a cold trek across the US-Canada border on foot and on bicycle. "I remember thinking, wishing, 'Oh God, please, please send someone to arrest me!
A Salvadoran woman seeking asylum in the United States was returned to an Alvarado detention center after spending almost two weeks in a hospital, U.S.
An Afghan asylum seeker charged with raping and murdering the daughter of an EU official in Germany will be tried as an adult after the authorities realized he lied about being under 18.
Filipino asylum-seeker Vanessa Mae Rodel, who has a four-year-old daughter, also harbored Snowden in 2013 before he was granted asylum in Russia. Lawyer for the group Robert Tibbo previously claimed the Hong Kong government was retaliating ...
Germany says it has received 136 asylum requests from Turks holding diplomatic passports since the July coup attempt against the Turkish president.
The University of East London is to launch a new short course known as the Open Learning Initiative (OLIve) that will give refugees and asylum seekers the educational grounding to progress to a foundation course and ultimately a full bachelor degree.
London (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The number of people applying for asylum in Britain in 2016 was just over 38,500, falling for the first time in six years, official data showed on Thursday.

People who sought asylum in Germany have to wait an increasingly long time to find out whether they will be allowed to stay, German media group Funke reported on Thursday, citing data released by the interior ministry.
An asylum seeker charged by Austrian authorities with 20 murders in Syria has had his case adjourned until the end of March.
The Canada Border Services Agency last month saw 452 asylum seekers in Quebec. A lot of those people are crossing into Canada from the United States.
Most of the asylum-seekers in Europe now are fleeing violence in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, but in 2015 more than 25,000 Iranians also sought asylum in Europe. Once there, many are desperate not to be sent back, for fear of being jailed - or worse ...
Pretoria - The Department of Home Affairs has urged asylum seekers and refugees visiting the Desmond Tutu Refugee Reception Centre for various services to follow due process and desist from showing up without appointments and on days that are not ...
By the time Erioth came to her fourth meeting she was standing up to report on the help she had given a woman who was under threat of losing her child.
Her boat was intercepted by the Australian navy, kept at sea while a fast-tracked asylum assessment was conducted and then all 46 people on board were handed over to Vietnam.
The government has announced it will review asylum applications from child refugees in France, less than two weeks after its early closure of the Dubs programme.
This is similar to a wave of asylum seekers who made their way through Vermont in 2003 before the Safe Third Country Agreement, signed by the U.S.
Once showered and changed, he follows the correct legal procedures: he registers at a police station and carefully fills out his application for asylum at the immigration office. At a shelter, he meets Mazdak (Simon Hussein Al-Bazoon), a refugee from ...
10 asylum-seekers detained crossing U.S. border into Quebec. 10 people were detained Monday morning as they crossed illegally from the United States into Canada.
A newly released draft memo suggests the Trump Administration might be ready to "raise the bar" for those who are seeking asylum in the United States. According to the memo, the Border Patrol would be directed to only allow those who are deemed to have ...
cartoonist was on 19-day hunger strike over his detention and handling of complaints of sexual assault and abuse.
Abdal approached a police station in central London on Saturday and claimed asylum there. An officer from City of London police said the teenager had been well looked after and had been able to have a shower and some food while he was in "protective ...
Lawyers for asylum seekers in Melbourne, Sydney and regional Western Australia launch federal court challenge to new policy.
People seeking refugee status have been pouring over the Canada-U.S. border as the United States looks to tighten its policies on refugees and illegal immigrants.
The new guidelines, contained in a draft memo dated February 17 but not yet sent to field offices, directs agents to only pass applicants who have a good chance of ultimately getting asylum, but does not give specific criteria for establishing credible ...
Correa, an outspoken critic of the U.S., decided in 2012 to grant asylum to Assange based on concerns he could face political persecution for documents published by Wikileaks.
Freedom House is a haven in Detroit for asylum seekers that bills itself as the only facility in the U.S. providing temporary housing, legal aid and other services under one roof and at no charge.
Following reports of forced deportations from Manus Island, Jane McAdam, director of UNSW's Kaldor Centre for International refugee Law, explains why asylum seekers at the Australian-run offshore detention center have not had a fair chance of gaining ...
Correa, an outspoken critic of the U.S., decided in 2012 to grant asylum to Assange based on concerns he could face political persecution for documents published by Wikileaks.
asylum nightclub, a fixture of downtown Portland's Entertainment scene for nearly 20 years, is changing its name to Aura as a part of a $9.1 million expansion and makeover that will double its capacity, its owners announced Friday.
The processing of asylum requests for the family of a Syrian man living in Dane County has not been affected by a presidential executive order barring immigration from Syria, U.S.
The image associated most commonly with refugees arriving in Canada is that of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and members of his cabinet greeting Syrians at Toronto's airport late in 2015.
Owners Krista Newman, Laurie Willey and Valerie Levy opened asylum, at 121 Center St., in 1997. The venue had formerly been known as Morganfield's, a restaurant and concert venue focusing on blues and folk acts.
In a written answer on Thursday to a parliamentary question the government said the trial would take place in one of the federal asylum centres, the Swiss news agency SDA reported. It said two social workers would look after the unaccompanied minors ...
According to Merriam-Webster, an "asylum" is a place of retreat and security. But to members of the Penn State club under the same name, it means that and so much more.
Since the attempted coup, Turkish asylum applications surged fourfold in the Netherlands, from 50 in 2015 to 235 in 2016. In Belgium, asylum requests more than tripled, reaching 736. In Germany, applications more than doubled, going from 2000 in 2015 ...
And there are other terrorists who have used asylum to gain entry to the U.S. It's a perfect program for terrorists because, first of all, they knew Obama's agencies would undertake the proper vetting to discover asylum seekers' extremist backgrounds ...
Often traveling through deep snow, refugees are graciously met with coats, warm spaces and food. Under Trump, the asylum seekers feel like their lives are on the line.
protests against President Donald Trump, some peaceful and others destructive, continue to be exuberated by the media. The most recent ones are protests against Trump's travel restrictions on several countries dominated or infiltrated by radical Islam.
Sioux Falls, S.D. (KELO AM) - The Border Patrol in North Dakota says most people seeking asylum into Canada are in the United States legally.