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updated Wed. April 26, 2017

Fox News host Tucker Carlson took aim at MSNBC and MSNBC host Rachel Maddow on his show Friday after Maddow blamed recent unrest in Venezuela on President Donald Trump.
We still have a week to go before Donald Trump's presidency reaches the 100-day mark, but the Republican president is apparently coming to terms with the fact that he's off to a dreadful start, and the 100-day coverage will be unflattering.
from NBC News and MSNBC. Chris Matthews: All eyes are on France this weekend · 8 hours 54 min ago · Conflict of interest?
When it comes to putting a price tag on Donald Trump's proposed border wall, estimates vary quite a bit. the White House started the year using a $12 billion figure, while congressional Republicans said $15 billion.
To that end, one need only look at the vast amount of coverage that CNN - and to a lesser extent MSNBC - provided to Bill O'Reilly's abrupt and salacious exit from Fox News.
As his presidency wound down, Barack Obama visited Canada to thank the U.S. neighbor and ally for its friendship. When the Democrat spoke to the Canadian Parliament, he received a rapturous welcome, which culminated in a surprisingly loud chant: "Four ...
In its latest national poll, released this week, Quinnipiac asked respondents an interesting question: "Do you think that Republicans in Congress should try to repeal and replace Obamacare again, or do you think they should move on to other issues?
As things stand, it's hard to say with confidence whether Donald Trump's White House intends to pursue a sweeping tax reform package, which would overhaul the entire federal system, or a more modest package of tax cuts.
A key aspect of the scandal surrounding Russia and its efforts to elect Donald Trump is the hacking operation, which stole Democratic materials.
NBC News president Noah Oppenheim announced that in addition to anchoring Sunday Nightly News, Snow's new 3-year deal will include reporting stories for NBC's upcoming Sunday news magazine show, which will be hosted by NBC News newcomer ...
At first blush, it may seem like an obscure, technical debate. The Associated Press reports that a four-year review conducted by government scientists of three pesticides - chlorpyrifos, diazinon and malathion - found that they "pose a risk to nearly ...
When it comes to the state's elected leaders, it's been a rough 10 months for Alabama. In June, Mike Hubbard (R), the state's former House Speaker, was forced to resign in disgrace after being convicted of multiple felonies.
Two weeks before his presidential inauguration, Donald Trump met with leaders of the U.S. Intelligence Community, who briefed him on the Russian hacking scandal.
About a month ago, Donald Trump's second attempt at a Muslim ban ran into the same legal troubles as his first attempt. U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson, a federal judge in Hawaii, blocked implementation of the administration's policy.
Donald Trump's White House has already struggled with tough questions about its credibility, but yesterday brought a rather brutal turn of events.
Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) told MSNBC's Chris Hayes last night that he doesn't consider himself a Democrat. * And in North Dakota, Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D) is likely to be one of the year's top Republican targets, but she'll apparently first have to face a ...
MSNBC counterterrorism analyst nominates Trump Towers in Istanbul for an ISIS suicide bombing In a tweet, MSNBC counterterrorism analyst Malcolm Nance seemed to condone an Islamic State terror attack on Trump Towers Istanbul.
... * More than a month before Montana's May 25 congressional special election, Republicans are pouring money into Big Sky Country.
One of the striking things about the so-called "war on drugs" in recent years is the scope and scale of the progress. By popular support, a variety of states have ...
Why is it so important for members of Congress to hold town-hall events with their constituents? Because you just never know what they'll end up saying.
After the Republican health care plan collapsed last month, beset by intra-party divisions and widespread public revulsion, Donald Trump immediately blamed Democrats.
In late February, Donald Trump sat down with Fox News, which asked the president about the vacancies in key posts throughout his administration.
With many Republican officials focusing attention on tax reform, the party is already divided over something called a border adjustment tax, which House Republican leaders support, but Senate Republicans hate.
... * Afghanistan: "U.S. forces dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb ever used in a strike against ISIS in eastern Afghanistan on Thursday, according to Pentagon officials.
Donald Trump has spent a fair amount of time talking to China's Xi Jinping over the last week, including a summit of sorts at the president's private club in Florida, and a lengthy phone conversation with the Chinese leader this week.
MSNBC host Rachel Maddow dedicated 53 percent of her program over the past six weeks to Russia, according to a Thursday analysis from the left-leaning The ...
And Trump's former campaign chairman is also registering as a foreign agent. The Washington Post reported: Paul Manafort, the former campaign chair for Donald Trump, has signaled that he plans to register as a foreign agent for his past work on behalf ...
Before he became a politician, Donald Trump was disgusted by President Obama's reluctance to classify China as a currency manipulator.
In an interview with Fox Business' Maria Bartiromo, Donald Trump was asked about "Obama-era staffers" that continue to serve in the executive branch.
NBC's Andrea Mitchell received a public rebuke from Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Wednesday as she learned her style of shouting questions was not well received in the Kremlin.
... * Germany: "Multiple explosions went off near a bus carrying a German soccer team in Dortmund Tuesday evening, injuring a player ahead of a quarterfinal match, authorities and the team said.
After chief White House strategist Stephen Bannon was removed from the National Security Council last week, Team Trump insisted we shouldn't read too much into it.
Fox News, CNN and MSNBC each delivered double digit year-over-year audience growth during the week of April 3, due in part to last Thursday's wall-to-wall ...
... * Reflecting on Kansas' congressional special election, Donald Trump said this morning that the Republican won "easily" against Democrats "who spent heavily [and] predicted victory.
In August, Donald Trump reflected a bit on foreign policy and declared with great confidence, "[Vladimir Putin is] not going into Ukraine, okay, just so you understand.
About three weeks ago, after the House Republicans' health care bill collapsed in the face of intra-party opposition, Donald Trump delivered some brief remarks from the Oval Office, expressing his disappointment about the outcome, blaming Democrats ...
As Donald Trump's Russia scandal grew more serious late last year, the Republican's team faced all kinds of questions, including whether anyone from the campaign was in communications with Russia ahead of election Day.
One day after her network joined the rest of corporate media in cheering for President Trump's missile attack on Syria, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow was back to regular business: seeing Russian collaboration with Trump at work. It's "impossible," fellow ...
Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch was sworn into office yesterday at a White House ceremony, and Donald Trump took a few moments to tell assembled guests how impressed he was with himself.
Donald Trump's health care plans haven't worked out especially well. Neither have his efforts to create a Muslim ban. The president's tax-reform ambitions face long odds, and are already being scaled back.
When it comes to avoiding responsibility for bad things that happen on his watch, Donald Trump will go to almost any lengths. But the president is also capable of acting with equal vigor when trying to take credit for good things that happen on his watch.
It's not exactly a secret the Pentagon encouraged Donald Trump to launch last week's attack in Syria, but according to one of the president's adult sons, Ivanka Trump played a key role, too.
When it comes to Donald Trump's White House and issues related to the Nazi holocaust, the president and his team have made some unfortunate missteps.
MSNBC said on Tuesday that it was "working hard to confirm" that a 69-year-old passenger who was dragged from a United Airlines flight had a "run-ins with the ...
Asked about Russian election meddling, Rex Tillerson's point was effectively, "It'd be good if Russia didn't do this.
Paul Manafort, a central figure in the Russia scandal, ran Donald Trump's campaign for months, without pay. Why was he so eager to be part of the team?
MSNBC embraced the "fake news" moniker Friday night. Network host Lawrence O'Donnell began pushing a conspiracy theory on his twitter account Friday suggesting that Russian president Vladimir Putin "OK'ed" Syrian president Bashar al-Assad ...
On MSNBC's AM Joy, Media Matters' Eric Boehlert Calls Out The Fawning Coverage Of Trump's Syria Attack. Boehlert: "The Press Really Wants Him To Be Normal.
... * Stockholm: "police launched a manhunt in Sweden's capital Friday for a suspect who rammed a truck into a department store in a likely act of terrorism - killing four people and injuring 15 others, officials said.






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